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Oooh look I used my last creative brain cell to make this:
(I did all of him today and now my brain is dead)
enjoy this poorly colored drawing of the main character (of this part—not the whole storyline)

Lore time!

~How It First Began~

“I bet you ten diamonds you step into that thing,” Clipper playfully punched Lando’s shoulder as they stared at the swirling purple portal.

“And if I don’t?” Lando asked.

“Then I go in… and I get ten of your diamonds.”

“You know I hate caves, and I only have 6 diamonds left. I really don’t want to go mining for more….” Lando was freakishly afraid of the dark, and hated the feeling in the caves that something knew about him before he knew about it.

“Hey, a deal is a deal, mate. Bless you, you little forest sprite,” Lando’s best friend replied, “your chariot awaits,” and he motioned towards the humming purple portal. “Unless of course you want to go mining…..”

Lando stepped up to it. Then he turned back.

“But what’s on the other side? What if it’s dangerous? I have a son on the way, you know.”

“Lando, I know you- you stare into the heart of danger. And you could take on any number of monsters at once… besides it looks harmless! And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a whole new dimension that no one knows about! This might be your last great adventure before you become a father.”

Lando exhailed, “gee thanks.” He put on a helmet just in case and grabbed a shield and sword. “Here goes! If I don’t come back in five minutes…. It was probably a bad idea…Wish me luck!”

The humble Lando jumped into the portal and turned to look back at his friend as the magenta swirls distorted his vision and sent a prickly feeling over his body. The sound of the portal pounded in his ears, and he winced as it became nearly unbearable. He tried to jump out at the last second- but it was too late— the teleportation was in full effect.

Clipper smiled back at the portal with not a drop of worry. He was extremely headstrong, and often pushed his friends into new situations. In all reality he had no idea what doom and perilous fate he had just sent his best friend into…

Lando emerged slowly from the portal. His vision was still obscure and he couldn’t see where he was going. The ground felt hard and rocky, and it was extremely warm. He held his hands out in front of him and walked forward. But when he took the next step his foot caught on nothing but air and his momentum sent him sprawling downwards. As he fell, his sight cleared and he landed hard on an even stiffer, smooth surface.
“Agh—oww” he grunted picking himself up.
After wiping himself off, he gazed at his surroundings. He was in shock, awe, and fear instantly. It was like every nightmare he could think of. The whole place was huge and ablaze. Red, coarse rock (which was on fire) was the only terrain he could see for miles. Pillars of this rocky substance supported levels of an ever raising ceiling of even more rock. Below him he could see jagged cliffs, caves, and several other odd-looking biomes. Lava, tons and tons of lava poured from somewhere in the ceiling and gathered in massive pools below— it was hot— so hot.

This place, undiscovered to a majority of the Overworld dwellers, was the Nether. This hell hole full of every nightmare you could think of, was where he landed after he ventured into that mysterious swirling purple portal. Above him he could see it, which was conveniently located right on the edge of a little drop off.

Lando, disappointed that he had no way of reaching the portal, decided to explore his new prison. He stumbled in many dizzy circles attempting to take in this vast new land. He found most interesting, the surface he had landed on. It was like brick, but dark, and deep red. He leaned down and stroked it. It was slick. He turned around and saw that a straight path of it continued into an open area, and seemed to form a sort of structure.

He followed the path over a large lake of lava, hoping to find some hospitality, oblivious to his fate ahead.

Moments later…

“DEFINITELY NOT HOSPITALITY!!” He screamed as a giant cube of lava sprung towards him. He dodged past it and into a covered area of the structure. The magma cube was too large to pursue him. “What the he— Ohh, yeah, that makes sense.”

2 hours in….

He somersaulted as a Blaze fireballed a shot past his head. The fire blocked his path, and the Wither Skeletons had him cornered now. The Blazes ignited and puffed smoke into his eyes as the Skeletons hissed in his face. With his shield, he blocked the swords and smashed his stone axe through the Skeletons’ heads. He dodged the Blaze’s attacks, and crammed his shield up against it’s rotating body. With his axe he shoved it inside the blaze, cranking out the rod and destroying it.
The warrior turned around and heaved a relieving sigh. His green attire was halfway burnt, and his brown hair, which now looked black, was leaking with sweaty soot. To this he grunted and muffled something about his mother and disappointing laundry. Lando gazed up and down the strange, dark red structure with a worried look on his face.

He could see a magma cube with more Blazes on the passage to his right, and he spotted multiple pairs of Wither on his left.

So he went straight.

He found a covered enclosed area that seemed to be clear of monsters. Here he paused for a gulp of water and to clean his black mask which covered the right side of his face.
He hadn’t stopped for two minutes when a shrill screech filled the air. A deafening explosion followed shortly after. Lando clutched a wall as the structure shook beneath him. “The heck was THAT??” He yelled to nothing in particular. The little sprite peaked outside and immediately wished he had just gone mining for the stupid diamonds. A large….no a huge white ghastly-looking creature was just floating around outside the structure. It was freakishly gigantic, and it had tentacles dangling beneath it. To not much of Lando’s relief, it wasn’t firing directly at him, but just the sight of it was disturbing.

Then the thought hit him— ‘If it’s not firing at me… who’s it attacking then?’ This suddenly intrigued him, and he peaked outside once more to see the victim. After scanning the rest of the fortress, he finally saw what he believed to be two other humans.

This gave him a gleam of hope.

He made a mad dash around the fort to gain a better vantage point. He could see and hear them better now.

It was indeed two humans, or at least they appeared to be humans. One of them, appearing to be a female, darted in and out of the fort carrying a wrapped bundle of something. The other, a male, was shooting back at the Ghast while also chopping away at several Wither Skeletons. The pair seemed to be swearing and arguing loudly at each other whilst battling.

Lando could hear the female scream ever louder as a Wither Skelton grazed her leg. Her skin started to fade from natural, to black, to nearly transparent. She ran with her bundle into an enclosed area.

Lando peeled his eyes from the fight and decided to follow her. He could hear her eating something and was nearly in the same room when he heard a Blaze fire away inside. Through the laconism there were crashing noises, a thudding sound, followed by the final shatter of some glass bottle. The door crashed open as the girl bolted out with the Blaze hot on her tail. Lando met it at the doorway, smashed his axe into it, and finally destroyed the fiend. He turned to see the girl, but she had vanished.

So there he was, enclosed in a small red brick room. The place looked like it had been previously lived in; there was a leaky furnace with something forbidden cooking inside it, a flipped table, a halfway broken chandelier, burnt out torches, and several other disorderly necessities.

He flipped the table over back on its legs, and gave a sort of screech. There was shattered glass with some strange orange substance leaking all over the floor. But what shocked him the most wasn’t the glass, or the liquid….

Hey guys! I did it, my first official lore/story post! I hope you guys have a feel for my style and enjoyed it! I know, I know, I left it as a cliff-hanger, but the story continues. I’ll post more once I’ve finished writing and proofing everything :) Stay tuned!

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06/01/2022 8:34 am
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05/23/2022 9:20 pm
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Fireboy_404 avatar
WOW. You said it was good, you didn’t say it was freaking AMAZING! Noice job, Trotty, looking forward to seeing more!! :D
05/23/2022 9:22 pm
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Trotelot avatar
Ty, ty
05/22/2022 8:23 pm
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This was pretty good! It was like reading a Minecraft fantasy novel! Really enjoyed it!
05/22/2022 8:21 pm
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Very very cool! C:

No, this is awesome, and I'm excited for more!
05/22/2022 7:49 pm
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. . . .woah. . . .just woah (loved ittt!)
05/22/2022 7:54 pm
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Thanks!! :DDD
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