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Minecraft HG kit review #1; Hermit

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What's up crafters?!?!? It's Badartist back again with a new spin on the reviews this week; today we look at a kit for the mc-hg.com series of Hunger games servers. Starting this week, along with a server review, I will also bring a Hunger Games kit review. Today's kit is the Hermit kit, one of my personal favorites. Its description is: "When the tournament starts, you will be spawned at the outer ring of the map beyond 284 blocks." While it may not seem as great at the start, such as others like the Urgal, or the Demoman, it is a kit of pure epicness. This kit WILL give you a head start in the game, as you will most likely spawn EXTREMELY far away from other players (unless there are otehr hermits). If you use this jumpstart to your advantage, you will most certainly not get killed in the wave of kills in the first couple minutes, as you will be nowhere near the spawn point. if you use this time to quickly find a ravine, swamp, NPC village, Dungeon, etc. this kit can be absolutely game-changing. However, it also has some cons.


1. You will most likely be nowhere near the feast, so don't plan on going to it.... (Trust me; the only good things are diamond pieces of armor, and chances are, you'll most likely be killed there anyways.)
2. If there are otehr hermits, you will spawn right by then, so you will have to befriend them so that you get the full benefit of your kit.
3. There are no other special abilities.


1. You will most likely not be killed in the first 50 people (unless you are a noob at surviving).

2. Chances are, if there are any land formations that allow you to easily get resources (like temples, NPC villages, etc.), you will get to them first

3. Nothing else... but you do get the pleasure of telling people that it is a good kkit and having them not believe you XD

Tips For This Kit:

1. Move fast; get coal, stone, and iron as fast as you can. Even though you have a head start, you are still in a survival competition.

2. Find a ravine or cliffside/other good place to camp and mine until you have ebough iron for a bucket, an iron helmet,chest plate,leggings,and a sword. (trust me; if you find lava, the bucket will help)

3. Don't stop to type. just today, I was caught off-guard while i was typing. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID

4. Befriend other hermits, and don't gravitate back towards spawn. there may still be players there waiting for people to come back.

Overall, I would give this kit four stars out of five, because while it is my faorite and best kit to use, it is not good for inexperienced players or teams.

Well, That's it. Have a happy Hunger Games, May the odds be somewhat in your favor (I need to win too), and tune in next week for the second kit review, when I will be reviewing Gambler.

Thanks for reading; if you liked it, don't hesitate to drop me a diamond, subscribe, or comment on future kits that i should review.

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