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Minecraft : OneBlock

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Warning : This was based on my experience and some might not be accurate.

  It seems minecrafters slowly forgetting so called "One Block Skyblock". This went trending on youtube but it seems slowly decaying away; you only discovered this "One Block" today and
you don't know what to do first. You can get this map right here.

  This is almost like Normal Skyblock but you only start just only ONE block that constantly regenerates and change. This also has phrases and slowly upgrades and get better resources but also mobs spawn randomly, Yes... creepers spawn too. I would recommend you to watch WadZee's Series.

  So. You loaded the world and as expected you're in one single block. Don't worry you wont fall and the items either if you break the block.

- Grab materials. I mean to break the block.

  • Its very important to NOT lose your stuff in the void even though the block is infinitely regenerates.

- A platform.
  • Big or Small I don't care as long as you have more living space.
  • Begin crafting things in your platform.
  • Make sure to put your stuff on a chest just in case you fall.

- Make a tree farm and a mob farm.

  • Don't lose your animals and saplings they're really important(obviously).
  • This will take time. Recommend you to make a separate platform from each one.

- Better platform.

  • Make your platform/island a little bit better. Like, use your things.
  • Storage areas or should I say chest monsters.
  • Maybe make some buildings if you'd like.
  • Improve your farms and make new farms.
  • You should be able have access to water.

- Crop farms are next.

  • Make every kinds because why not.
  • Wheat and carrots are important.

- Mob Grinder.

  • Everyone does this and you should to.

  Your place must be really nice at this point and Im surprised that you made this far and you can also continue to read if you want.

- Get access to villagers.

  • Villagers has different types of trades and they will be very important.
  • Make a place for them?
  • Keep them secure.
  • Villager breeders acquired.

- Enchantments and better gear.

  • You should be able to get access to enchantments.

- Nether time.
  • If possible you can make a portal that leads to the nether.
  • You have access to summon a wither.
  • After you defeat the wither. You can make a beacon.

- Do your things and beat the game.

  • Sadly this is the end. I would really recommend you to watch WadZee's Series because its just so good.
CreditWadZee and IJAMinecraft

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