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Minecraft : Ultimate Base Plan

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Warning : Some things might not be 100% accurate.

  Have you never been on full survival before because you've been concentrating making things on creative?
Then you might want to take some tips on this blog if you're still not an expert of basic survival.

  So, You made your own survival world with no cheats. You grabbed wood, made tools, grabbed stone and made furnaces but you don't know where to start for your very own starter base.

- First things first, you need to find your location for your starter base
  • You need a nice flat land for a house. This house will be temporarily a storage for your items and blocks.
  • Nearby water sources will be very handy. If you're in a dessert world you must find a village for resources.
  • Different types of forests is a must. You'll be needing different types of blocks for you to build and craft.
  • Different types of environments is very important sometimes. Having a river that leads to an ocean is a win win and a mountain with lots of gravel is like winning in a cheap lottery.
Plains biomes are most common to build bases/villages.
plains biome

- Once you found your base location its time to think about your first house so called "Starter House".
  • Definitely have some decent living space. This means you have some space to walk and navigate properly.
  • The Starter House must require cheap materials in order to build with. Having rare blocks or hard obtainable blocks will take you weeks or even months to finish.
  • A room that's called "Storage". This is so important because I really don't want you to put random chests everywhere outside.
  • A space for your furnaces. Everybody need to smelt and cook.
  • No doubts... A bedroom. To skip the night and avoid phantoms too.
- Now you have your vicinity. Now you need a simple farm that can be done in minutes.
  • Don't just build here and there, you must find a nice place for it. Like hills, under a nearby cliff or just next to your house.
  • For your recommendations, you will be farming potatoes. "Why can't I farm wheat" because a full grown wheat plant gives you only 1 wheat and a fully grown potato plant can drop up to 4 potatoes and have a 2% chance of additionally dropping a poisonous potato.
  • Passive Mob Farms is very important in every survival world. Not just for food but also different types of materials for you to obtain.
  • As time pass by you might want to farm different types of crops. I have no problem with this, this is all good because you can have different types of items, food and blocks to use with.
A small potato and carrot farm.
small farm

- I think you might want upgrade your gear by going into the mines or caves.
  • Some people have time to make "Mines". These mines will take you to a cave or mining areas with various materials for you to break and obtain.
  • Enchanting your gear to make them immortal. I prefer having an enchanting table if you found your first couple of diamonds. Having unbreaking, efficiency and mending is very handy because you don't have to make new sets of tools and waste materials.
  • The better the set of tools and armor the easier to build and explore. Some people prefer having diamonds/netherite gear before making complex redstone contraptions or making huge buildings.
    Endgame inventory by u/dsteel23
    endgame inventory
    Mine entrance by u/LazyPhoenixx.
    mine entrance

    - After that now your going to mess around with villagers.
    • Villagers have lots of different types of professions and trades. Having these guys makes your base somewhat unique.
    • Having Librarians is a must. This type of profession has a trade for emeralds
      and a book for just an enchanted book. Librarians trades all kinds of enchantments in the game.
    • For more info check out the wiki. These guys aren't simple, I'm not gonna talk about all of them.
        A villager trading hall.
        trading hall

        - You got a nice gear and villagers and now time for automatic farms.
        • Automatic farms are builds that can be set up by players to constantly gather new resources and items for them. Sounds exciting right?
        • Make all kinds of auto farms! This means this will be your entertainment.
        • Make an area for all of your items and blocks. Many people call this "Storage Area", "Storage Room", and "Wall of chests".
        Mega wheat farm by u/Unblestdrix.
        automatic farm

          So now you have unlimited resources now you can make your base even bigger or make a new base for you to live in, store things, and build things.

          All of this is all my plan and some might be confusing/ineffective for some players and I would love to see some of your bases.
        starter base example 1
        starter base example 2
        starter base example 3
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