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Mob Personalities

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Sup nerds! Today I'm hitting you with a blog about what kind of personalities I like to think mobs have. These are the top nine mobs I think have the most personality. Hope you enjoy!


This mob is definately hiding something. No doubt that behind those tiny black eyes lies a a brain constantly conjuring up new ideas on how to destroy minecraft. We first learned of his sinister intentions in 1.7 when he started letting baby zombies and zombie pigmen ride on his back and deliberately targeting players.


This bag of bones is a true A-hole. Countless players have been shot too death while mining due to their sneaky ability to shoot long ranges from the dark where no one can see him. He is even more dangerous in water. A player starting out in a new world who has just survived their first night and is trying to swim across a lake to get some wood will get shot up to they point of being a porcupine if they don't have a bow.


Fido is your best friend. This reliable companion would do anything to protect you. He would take on a zombie and skeleton at the same time by himself so that you won't die when you're having a huge lag spike. He's a bit adventurous so make sure he's on a leash when you're near lava so he doesn't get roasted while attacking a zombie that fell in after you pushed him.


You can tell that squids aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer just by looking at them. Those dead eyes stare directly into your soul trying to take over your body so he will no longer be confined in his weak flimsy form. In a desperate attempt to be like other mobs he will swim up to the surface but end up suffocating to death trying to achieve their dream.


This mob must have had a bad childhood. Constantly crying and trying to kill anyone who comes in his path, the ghast is the world's biggest sociaphobe. He always loves setting innocent noobs aflame and watch them running in circles begging for mercy. This helps him cope with the tragic story of his childhood. He was once a cloud floating along like any other. Then one day he smote down a player and his father banished him to the nether realm for all eternity.


These green former humans are some of the most social mobs in the game. Whenever they take damage from a player they call their friends and they just pop out of the ground and tear you apart. Good luck Rick Grimes.


This mob is much like the ghast, he has social problems. Whenever he sees a player he attempts to talk to them but chickens out at the last second. When the player turns around and sees him the pressure gets too high and he spontaniously combusts.


This fuzzy creature loves attention. To catch her master's attention she will tend to hop on top of chests and meows until her master comes and punches her off. She also has an intense hate for creepers. Back in the days of the royal cat empire the creepers destroyed the royal family's castle. Then they retaliated and almost wiped out the entire creeper race.


This theiving thin guy has the power to teleport and pick up blocks. When you finally have enough diamonds to make a block to put on a podium this klepto-maniac will just pick it up and bring it to his secret lair where he keeps his stolen bling.

Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry if I sound like I was writing like I was high I wrote this at 11 pm. Hope you enjoyed!

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