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Mr Creeper by eeke344

Mr Creeper was a very lonely creeper, he had no friends because all of the other creepers just wanted to blow up Steve. But Mr Creeper wanted to make friends with Steve but whenever a Steve saw him Steve would run away.
"One day" Mr Creeper said, "one day all the creepers in the world will stop killing Steve."

Mr Creeper heard some blocks being placed on the ground. "Steve!" Mr Creeper thought.
Mr Creeper Quickly ran over to the Steve "hi Steve!" he said. Steve looked around wondering where the voice came from.
"It's me, Mr Creeper". Just then Steve saw Mr Creeper and quickly ran into the nearby forrest.
Mr Creeper walked slowly back to his Creeper home. "One day" he said.

"Huh?" Mr Creeper was reading the newspaper. "There's going to be a new city in the forrest and they say that it will bring with it over 100 Steves!" Mr Creeper had a bad feeling because he knew that at least a few of the other Creepers will be reading the newspaper and when the news gets around to the creepers the city will be taken over by creepers! "Oh no!" Mr Creeper said nervously.

10 years later..
Mr Creeper sat on his sofa. "All I ever hear from creepers these days are just about blowing up the new city and AFL ."
The next day.
"Here's your weekly newspaper, Mr Creeper!" "Oh thanks Greg"Mr Creeper said. " You're welcome," Greg replied.
Mr Creeper sat back down on the sofa and started reading. "The new city is finished, I must check it out!"

Mr Creeper walked through the city door. "Hay you! Get out!" a Steve shouted. Mr Creeper quickly ran into a building that was called JOBS. The man at the desk looked rather friendly, "are you here for a job?" he said. "umm.. yes!" Mr Creeper said. "We usually don't employ creepers but as long as you don't explode you're good." The man behind the counter said. "Never will!" Mr Creeper replied. "Ok you will work Mondays to Saturdays!" "SATURDAYS!!!" Mr Creeper yelled.

Mr Creeper got so angry that he let out a nuclear creeper explosion and blew up the entire town and everything around it! When Mr Creeper respawned the cops quickly arrested him and put him in a bedrock prison.


Please DIAMOND!!!
By the way this is my first ever story.

Remember to check out my maps, Prison Break, Skyhouse, Parcore MADNESS!!!, Pyramid Puzzle, test your Parcore!, Tree Survival and Starter House.
I also have a skin Colour Crazy.

Read the sequel to this story here www.planetminecraft.com/blog/mr-creeper-2/

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12/27/2012 6:01 pm
Level 23 : Expert Princess
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Aw! Mr.Creeper did nothing wrong! They need to let him go!
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