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My first and probably last rant [Maybe?]

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The_Odd_Mexican's Avatar The_Odd_Mexican
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All right, here's to get started. You've probably seen many rants about lack of originality or quality. These are one of those rants. It only took ONE skin! Just ONE to set me off like a block of TNT, and, as far as the physics of Minecraft go, TNT explodes violently. Anyway, on to the rant. I'll sperarate it so it's easier to read.


Unoriginal skins are skins that have been hardly based on or even completely copied off of another user. For a rough example, Teen skins. These skins have been all around Planet Minecraft since almost the beginning. Unless for parody (such as my "Teen skin" which can be seen on my profile) these skins almost overpopulate the entire Skins section and push away the skins that actually took time. From what I've seen, these teen skins include a pair of headphones, a creeper hoodie, ripped up jeans/short shorts, Justin-Bieber like hair (not to be offensive but I mean, come on), a bandana covering their mouth, a hood on the back, checkered clothing items (can include the gloves, bandana, etc.) and gloves or some other overused accessories. Plese refer to the diagram below, which, in my opinion, portrays a PERFECT example of this blasphemy:


For the skinner's sake, I wont say names, but this is a true example of no originality. If you make skins like these, please, come up with new ideas. Ask around, see if anyone has any idea. Don't go and make a skin that you're stealing or copying off of someone. And, for everyone's sake, do not upload many skins at a time. It floods the skins section and leaves actual good and original skins in the back. Next category.


As everyone knows, skins take lots of hard work and effort. Some people spend hours shading, painting, and getting their skin ready for people to view. Apparently, some think that the simple task of coloring Steve's eyes white and calling it "OMG HEROBRINE" will attract viewers. That's a good way, right? WRONG! First off, if you've got nothing nice to post, don't post at all! It just floods the skins section and leaves the better skins behind in the dust. Occasionally, people use the tactic of recoloring blank skin templates or Steve templates and calling it "Green man" or "Blue man". This takes no effort, other than to upload it to Planet Minecraft, which takes a mere half minute. As the other section, this section has a diagram, too. Take a look:


This also goes for the Steve reskins, Herobrine skins, Ninja skins, and anything else I could think of that's overused. Solution? Try to learn how to skin properly. Ask a friend, ask on Planet Minecraft. If that doesn't work, Youtube's always there to save the day. If that doesn't work, then you just suck and you shouldn't skin (no offense, by the way).


So, you've read through the different types of "no-no" skins. This is just a quick overview of stolen, effortless, or just plain bad skins on this here website. I do also understand the fact that there are many of these rants around, and many people are trying to stop these skins. Yet the bad keeps coming, and we have to put up with this bad with GOOD. To all of my great or popular skinners out there, keep going! Don't let the trolls bring you down. I may update this in the future with more categories (when I find them, and I definitely will). Good day, and I hope you enjoyed reading this, and agree with me. Thank you.

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02/11/2017 5:58 pm
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i agree with everything u said
01/06/2016 8:38 pm
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i hate that '-'
04/10/2013 11:47 pm
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So true...
10/14/2012 5:35 pm
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