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Nightmare in the Shadows: Herobrine Mythos

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Chapter One: The Dark Oak Forest

> Logging In...
[Single Player]
>The White Walls (cheats off)
> [Select World]
> Loading world
> Building Terrain
> 0%
> 100%

Rain was falling in my world, the night made even darker by the moonless sky. It's still raining? I was returning from the zombie killing grounds when I logged off last time; it wasn't too far from my home, a few minutes walk across a dark oak forest that led me to a large clearing with a high zombie spawn rate. The zombie drops helped me trade with a village I created near my home.

Visible even from here was my home: a high tower lit up all around with torches and glowstone. Clearly visible until I entered the forest. I wasn't to fond of it in there, it's dark and hard to move around, all types of things spawn under the trees. I hit my sprint button and booked it to avoid confrontation; running through the dark oaks like a rat in a dark maze, you can see but don't know which way to go. I've gone through here enough times, I know I made a path. Frantically looking around I spotted some leaves that had been chopped away, I must have come from that direction but the torches were missing. *woosh* An enderman? That's the last thing I need right now.

I took off towards what seemed to be my way out: running around trees and ducking under the leaves until I stopped dead in my tracks. "Another dead-end?" I spun around doing a 360 looking for a way out. I looked back to my right, "A sign?" Walking up to it I read, [DON’T LOOK… OR HE WILL TAKE YOU.] This wasn't something that I placed, and my world isn't connected online. How did it get here? Confused and the sign and angry that it was taking so long to reach home I pulled out my stack of dirt and made my way up to the tree tops, as I was just reaching the top I heard an enderman teleport. The rain must be messing with them badly, I had been hearing ti since I logged on. I reached the forest canopy only a moment later, the teleport particles were still fading away into nothing: white and cloud like, not the normal purple ones you see. Paying no mind, I made my way home jumping from one tree top to the next.

Chapter 2: Onward to The End

Home at last. I walked over my front door pressure plates and entered my cozy warm home. I passed by a large window on the east side of my home and saw the sun rising, the rain had finally stopped. Putting away my zombie loot I remembered my trip to the End, and not to forget, I quickly grabbed a bucket of water I kept in my mining chest and promptly put it in my hotbar.

I had already found my way to the end once by pure accident: I was mining my way down when I ran into the cracked and mossy halls of the Stronghold. Didn't take me long to find the large open room with lava centered under strange blocks I'd never seen. I completed the portal not long after that and through the portal I went. Not knowing to expect my first time there I died faster than I care to admit. All the white eyes staring at me all at once; I panicked and ran only to find myself on the edge of a never-ending cliff, what made matters worse.. There was a dragon flying over head: not paying any mind to the endermen or me. I dug myself into a hole, safe from the surface. The only way out was back where I came, right? I didn't know any better, I had run so fast too quickly. building a tower around me to keep safe I made my way upward. As I peered out to where I spawned I saw nothing: no portal of any kind not so much as a block. A moment later the dragon dove, destroying my tower and knocking me of the map.

I knew then, he would be my foe. A few months have passed since then, now acquainted with the End I wouldn't be so easily beaten. I was ready. Walking down my Mineshaft, into the empty halls of the Stronghold, face to face once more with the shimmering portal. I was ready this time.
> Entering The End
> Downloading Terrain
> 100%
Looking up from my phone I saw the last percent load. As the black turned into brown and green the sound of rain returned, "No, how am I here?" I was back in the Oak Forest... "Did I lag? Maybe something is corrupted" I did a quick look around, my dirt pillar was right there next to me, I was back in this spot with the sign. The sign I read earlier was still there, however walking up to it I noticed it had changed: it was no longer a riddled phrase, but the same word over and over. [No, no ,no ,no ,NO, NO]. This wasn't me. Pulling out of cobblestone that I brought for my End trip I made my back up to the forest canopy. Upon reaching the top I saw legs behind a clump of leaves, blue legs, it was there for a moment then vanished in a puff of white. "Zombie? How did you get up here?"

Chapter 3: Sound

*Beep Beep Beep*

I opened my eyes. I was tucked in bed with the alarm sounding. My eyes still fuzzy from waking up; my eyes catch the last glimps of a shadow leave my room. I snapped awake and my heart started racing. "Hello!? Anyone?". Must have been my imagination. Looking outside, the rain was pouring down: the sky still thick with dark gray clouds. That's 3 days straight. Looking back to my room, my laptop still open on the Minecraft menu. I don't remember logging out, or going to sleep rather. Hopping out of bed I sat back down at my desk. Minecraft music was playing softly in the background. [No, no ,no ,no ,NO, NO] The message on the top right read. Why was I seeing this again? Confused and curious I logged back onto my world.

[Single Player]
>The White Walls (cheats off) > [Select World]
> Loading world
> Building Terrain
> 50%
> 100%

What was that? It was there, I saw it.

The black abyss slowly loaded "What-" I was in the End, but not the end I remember. There were towers reaching up to the blank dark sky and paths winding every which way. How did all this get here? Walking down the winding paths only accompanied by the one recurring sound: an enderman teleport. Over and over that's all I heard. After walking for a few moments I came across a large tower built of solid Diamond: the blue offset by the deep black of obsidian was beautiful, windows on every floor, they curved with the buildi- Wait, who is that? I saw it only for a moment. A face, a white face staring down at me. I blinked a few times in confusion.

That Sound. An Enderman teleport, there it was again. Running quickly towards the tower door trying to open it, knowing what could be behind me "Locked? I turned around. I almost jumped out of my chair. A white face was staring at me. His eyes, whiter than snow: glowing like a pure white fire. His face, his face... Where was the rest of his face!? He only has eyes! I closed the game, my heart was beating so fast; I had to make myself breathe.

Chapter 4: Shadow with Eyes

Sitting down on my bed looking over at my Laptop's background, a forest at dusk. Wait, I don't remember setting that. Sitting back down at my desk, inspecting the background. There was nothing odd about it, but I wasn't the one who put it there. After a few moments of staring at it the background changed. Eyes? They weren't there before. I looked too long, the eyes, they were there. Moving, getting larger, it was headed towards the screen itself. Standing up, my heart racing inside of me; I felt like it would push its way out of my chest. "No, no no no, NO! THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE!". I stammered away from the desk, my eyes fixed on the screen. The Minecraft figure walking closer, his blazing white eyes fix directly at me. Breathe, just breathe. The unknown figure stopped, he lifted his left arm to the screen, almost to test its strength of glass as animal in a cage. Then he pressed, at first nothing happened, then a crack. The screen shattered outward, reaching forward with his left arm to the edge of my desk; his arm no longer blocky but actual human flesh. He was pulling himself out.

The hand was thin and pale: complete bone with a layer of skin on top; his fingers where long and his nails were like needles but clear and clean. His other hand reached through, and as he pulled himself forward his eyes were still fixed in the same spot. On me. Without any struggle his head was through he grabbed the desk and with one last pull, he was free from his prison. His face was thin and white: a complexion perfect almost like glass. His cheek bones jetted out underneath his skin: scares under them almost like something was removed. Whe- where is his jaw? It wasn't there, he has no mouth. Only those eyes. Yet I could tell he was smiling. He reached out to touch me. I darted for the door and ran into the living room, hiding under the desk, I listened. No sounds it was dead silent. I watched the wall opposite the door, there was a light in the hall right behind it. If someone was there I would see a shadow. "Ahhp-" No noises, be quiet. There was an outline. The tall slender shadow cast from the doorway, I watched: my eyes fixed on it. Then the eyes, his shadow had eyes! This was a dream it had to be! *Woosh* And just like that the shadow was gone. Poking my head out looking to where he would have been standing all I saw when the remnants of fog: like in the game back in the Oak Forest. Right.

The front door was down the hall, but there was no telling where this intruder was. Looking around for anything that would be useful I spotted a blanket. I could cover him maybe, make a quick escape. Carefully peering out into the hall. I took one, maybe two steps out into the hallway, then realized- looking down at the floor. Hardwood: a little beat up over the years but there was something wrong, Where is my shadow? I glanced up at the light, it wasn't on. Panicking I hit the switch, the hall lit up, relieved that the light worked I looked down again. "No.." I swore under my breath, my shadow was still missing. Glancing at the wall where the shadow was before. My eyes widened and my heart started to race, the shadow was back. It was his, the eyes glowing, staring, almost like he could see through me. I let out a yell and ran into the kitchen


I know what that means now, no! I turned around, nothing there. Relieved I turned back to the kitchen. His face, it was blaring down at me! His eyes almost blinding; so hot it seemed like you could see steam escaping from inside them. Reaching my hand out and pushed his face almost instinctively. His skin was cold, not like the cold you feel when the temperature drops or when the wind is howling. It felt like glass that had just been taken out of the freezer: it had a moist layer on it, almost like condensation had built up around it. A shiver ran down my spine, suddenly felt like I had been walking around a damp house. My body was soaked to the bone yet completely dry. I froze for a moment, stunned at what I just felt. I blinked rapidly a few times, Wait- what was that? A door, I saw a metal door. No, that isn't real concentrate and just move!!!

Chapter 5: The glass nail

I darted to the front door, only a few feet away from the handle! *Woosh* I stammered to a halt, he was in front of me now, blocking my way to the outside hall. His eyes still fixed; he reached out his left hand to grab me. I backed up as he walked slowly forward, I needed to get around him but how?! The blanket, use it, it's the only way. Turning and running back to the kitchen, hiding on the side of the door. I tried to calm my panicked breathing as I waited for him to turn the corner. Watching as his shadow slowly crept into the room, I knew he was there even if there were no footsteps. As quickly as he turned I threw the blanket on top of him and darted for the door to the outside, opening it I ran straight into a padded wall.

Sitting there, looking up at this padded wall with confusion. The pure shock of it. What would happen now, what would I do? *wooosh* I had no words I knew what it meant. Paralyzed from fear: I tried to move my arms to cause any type of commotion to free myself, but I was trapped. Wrapped in the blanket I used earlier, almost like someone had tied it around me. My arms stuck underneath, unable to get free.

The long slender hand grabbed me on the shoulder, the cold glassy skin sent a cold shiver down my arm. I didn't know what else to do but scream. "GET OFF OF ME, NO, NO , NOOO" Over and over I said this but it did nothing. He looked down at me his cheek bones moved upward and his eyes curved. He was smiling. "No, no, no!" I said under my breath. He put his other hand up waved of his finger, almost scolding me. Frozen in fear, I heard the words. "I told you not to look". My eyes widened, I was speechless, frozen in shock and terror, he had no mouth but I heard him speak. With those words, and with his faceless smile, he pierced his long fingernail through my skin into my arm. It felt like glass, almost like a needle going to the bone. At first I was terrified, but then it faded. I wasn't afraid anymore. I was happy.

Chapter 6: White Walls

Opening my eyes: I was looking upward at a white ceiling. My arms wouldn't move: they were strapped down with the jacket. I struggled to get myself up and after failing several times success was mine. Looking at the wall in front of me was a metal door: one without a handle, or a window.The rest of the room had words written all over the the white walls.The same word written over and over. I found this funny, and as my laughter started to I couldn't contain it.

The words on the wall you might wonder? The same one, over and over? Its scratched on. HEROBRINE. HEROBRINE. HEROBRINE.


Please comment and let me know what you thought about the twist in this story. Thank You!
Nightmare in the Shadows: Herobrine Mythos
CreditChip for the cover photo, Imgur for being my bud.

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i had made the skins for people if they wanted other prefrences on colours!!!!!!!
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hello every one did you know that you can shear a pumpkin of a snowmans head and then you can see the REAL head.
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hello i understand why you decided to get rid of my skin but i did change 50% of the skin shur it might not be an origanal idea but there was no legitiment reason to delete it.
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Remixed content isn't allowed on skins. Even with permission and even if you changed 90% of it. Its not allowed in the skin section.
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why did my project get removed it was not spam at all
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why did u report my map ? :(
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Hello, Midnight. It is kurt, and I do apologize for my actions of the outlast 2, but may I ask, how exactly is it a duplicate? I can remove the trailer if you want, I just want to get it reuploaded.
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You have two of the same submissions. They both had the same name, description, and photos. So I removed one.
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sweet story actually
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