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avatar dogfan101
Level 22 : Expert Pony
are you afraid you have a boring skin? well your worry's are over with my skin shop!!! my personalty for skin making began when i downloaded a skin maker app. i have been practicing skin making and i think i am good at making skins. my skins have all the personalty your looking for! i have made a few skins for fun and i decided to make my own business. the best thing is that its 100% free! if you don't like my skins then please tell me on my profile. also I'm looking for new ways to make skins. i also like to chat so you might find me in the chatting area. please no bad comments or bad words. i will also ask for a username. please tell me your Minecraft username. i look forward to your request for an awesome skin. and don't forget to diamond if you like this! thank you for your time,
Crediti just found some thing out i need a passward! i will try my best to uplode some stuff

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Update #1 : 08/01/2012 6:14:32 pmAug 1st, 2012

hi there i need a custormer so bad so plz check this out

07/31/2012 8:06 pm
Level 22 : Expert Pony
10/21/2012 12:23 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Archer
tip use the reply button or the comment won't be in the reply box. Look at my shading tutorial it's simple!
07/31/2012 7:44 pm
Level 24 : Expert Caveman
hi :)
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