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Opinions about Roblox

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avatar FinDaniel
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
Roblox is a videogame based off from blocks and games. Roblox was published 2006, which is 3 years older than Minecraft, but let's not get on that one.

Let's get on that, what do you think about Roblox? Is it good game, is it bad game?

You can say your own opinion about Roblox. Since this post was released, there weren't any comments, so I'm going to say my opinion about Roblox.

Roblox is a pretty decent game, but the probelm is that ODers and simulator games just pretty ruin much a great game. I aswell don't like simulator games, since they're very boring. ODers is a big deal, since Roblox is supposed to be kid's/children game.

If you wan't to know, what is ODer, I would search that from Google.
I wouldn't really search it up, if you're sick about these ODers

I would rate Roblox 7.5/10

Now don't please spread hate to others opinions, because it's their opinion about Roblox.

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