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This interview was our 16th PMC Weekly Interview, featured in Volume 87! In this weekly, we interviewed Awhikax! Awhikax has been a member of PMC technically since 2017 (he was previously known as reddemoon). During his time here, hes submitted 69 data packs, all of which have quickly risen to the top and have received thousands of views on the site, and millions of views on YouTube. We discovered his OP Ores pack a couple of week back and found that the pack was requested by a famous YouTuber. Upon further investigation, we found this to be the case for many of his packs and were intrigued to learn more. We hope you feel inspired after you read his interview, as we sure did!

Minecraft/Personalized Questions
How did your Minecraft experience begin?

I started playing Minecraft in 1.5.2, firstly in Creative Mode to discover the game and then quickly on servers, mainly Mini-Games and PvP-Faction ones. Besides PvP, I was already enjoying one of the technical parts of the game: redstone (however I wasn't creating anything, I was just copying tutorials on YouTube).

From the 1.7 version, I gradually moved to Survival servers where I accumulated more than 5000 hours of playing and where I started to make real redstone systems that I created myself.

The 1.8 was then released and with its lot of new features came many commands including the famous /execute which quickly became one of the basic commands for the realizations of many creations including the “One Commands” which already allowed to do a lot of things and corresponded approximately to the datapacks of that time. That's when I started to be interested in commands but without abandoning survival.

When 1.13 came out with the complete overhaul of the command system and the arrival of datapacks, I really got interested in commands and left survival aside. Creating datapacks now takes most of my time on Minecraft.

Do you still play Minecraft?

I don't play Minecraft anymore since I started creating datapacks. The main reason is that I don't have enough time to make as many datapacks as I want and play in survival on the side. Another reason is that I had done everything that was feasible in survival.

I could split my time between both, especially since I still like survival and the recent updates are very interesting, but I prefer to create datapacks at the moment. I obviously still run Minecraft to test them out (even though I don't always) but I haven't really played the game since 2018.

Are you working on any Minecraft projects?

I always have projects, even too many, way more than I have time to do them so I try to limit myself to 3 projects maximum at a time (even if I often do 5 projects at the same time).

First of all, there are my usual datapacks which are more or less advanced that I plan to continue to create but also two other datapack projects kept secret which are progressing very slowly and which I don't know if they will be released one day.

Besides that, I also participate in the creation of maps with a MapMaking and project incubation team called Gunivers where I mainly take care of the different technical parts using datapacks.

I am also in the process of redesigning my website which is currently only a landing page. This is something I'm particularly concerned about so that I can publish several versions of the same datapack without having to go through external websites like mediafire. I would also like to put a small message indicating to think about the credits when downloading. But don't worry, I don't intend to leave PlanetMinecraft, my website will serve for players who want to download a different version of a datapack.

Finally if I find enough free time in the next months, I would like to make some tutorials explaining how to create basic datapacks. However, this project is still at the idea stage and I don't guarantee that it will ever happen.

The majority of your submissions are data packs. What inspired you to start making data packs? How did you learn?

I've always been interested in the technical part of the game, while remaining in vanilla. As said in the first question, it started with redstone and then I quickly got interested in commands in 1.8. At that time I was mainly inspired by TheRedEngineer and IJAMinecraft who were creating and publishing “One Command” on their YouTube channel. I was making small systems for fun but it never got very serious.

However, the introduction of datapacks in 1.13 was very interesting to me and I immediately started to work on them because I saw them as a new way to push the limits of the game. There were only a few tutorials at that time, so I mostly learned on my own by testing in-game and got help on a Discord server dedicated to datapacks where most of the members were beginners like me. I also occasionally decomposed the code of other creators' datapacks and watched some YouTube videos.

A lot of your data pack submissions state that your packs were made for some pretty popular youtubers. How did this come to fruition?

Everything started with my first “Luckyblocks” datapack published on my old PlanetMinecraft account (I changed my account on all platforms about 2 years ago) after which I got in touch with a French YouTuber who had used it in one of his videos. He then asked me for a datapack which I published and, as time went by, other YouTubers who found my datapacks asked me for some as well.

In my opinion, all this was made possible by one thing I really care about: credits. I have always imposed to the YouTubers for whom I create datapacks to put a link to my PlanetMinecraft profile in the description of their videos. I really insist on it by principle but also because it doesn't cost anything to the YouTubers while it can bring a lot of visibility to the creators. I'm also very happy that some of them (even if they are still rare) with whom I could talk about it, now credit the sources of the creations they use, even when they're not mine.

How does it feel knowing millions of people watch your data packs in action? It must be motivating!

Seeing that your creations generate some interest is obviously a pleasure but although my datapacks accumulate tens of millions of views on YouTube, it's not that number that motivates me the most but rather the simple fact of publishing things that people enjoy playing with.

To be honest, I didn't really liked the "Minecraft But ..." concept at first because I just saw it as a way to make views easily that would only last a few months. However, as I got more and more requests from YouTubers, more and more creations and more and more publications, I realized that people really like them, that they enjoy watching videos using them but most of all that they enjoy playing with them, and that's what matters the most to me.

You have your own YouTube Channel. What are your goals for your YouTube channel?

My YouTube channel is not meant to be active yet. I showcase some of my various projects as well as ideas that come to my mind and that I code in a few minutes, all without editing.

Making videos would be fun and interesting for me but even though I know video editing, I don't have enough free time and I'm not confident enough with my English accent (for those who don't know it, I'm French). However, if one day I make videos, I want them to be in English so that most people can understand them.

How has Minecraft influenced or changed you in real life?

Minecraft has largely influenced my choice of studies (no less). When I entered the Preparatory Class for the High Schools (I'm not sure about the English name), which is quite general (I'll come back to that later) I had no idea in which domain of study I would like to go to. Although this is the period of my life where I had the least free time, it's also paradoxically the one where I took the time to get interested in Minecraft commands and then in programming in general. That's how I chose to continue my studies in the computer science domain.

On the other hand, Minecraft also allowed me to make some friends, that I've been seeing for several years now (and that I've seen several times in real life for some).

Do you know any programming languages?

I mainly know the Minecraft commands that some people consider as a language, which is not really my case. Although it has a dedicated vocabulary (keywords), rules with a precise syntax, and allows to make modifications to the game I don't consider it a full-fledged programming language.

Apart from Minecraft, my favorite language is Python because it allows me to code simple things quickly. I use it regularly to automate tasks included in the creation of datapacks, which allows me to save a lot of time (often several hours) as well as for automated image processing, small Discord bots etc...

I also have a good level in C even if I don't appreciate this language too much (which is however very interesting from an algorithmic point of view) as well as good notions in Web development, mainly in HTML/CSS with some basis in PHP/JavaScript.

Besides that, I also have a basic knowledge of Java, Bash and Assembly which I used several times during my studies to create small scripts.

You indicate on your twitter that you’re a student. What are you studying?

From 2018 to 2020, I studied Mathematics, Industrial Sciences and Physics (10 hours of each subject per week) in the Preparatory Class for the High Schools (still not sure about the English name). These are two years of fairly general and intense scientific studies that prepare for competitive exams to enter an engineering school.

So I passed some contests that allowed me to enter a general engineering school specialized in computer science where I am currently. As the name of the school indicates, I mainly study computer science (programming languages, web development, databases...) but also mathematics, electronics and human resources such as management and law.

Between pushing out data packs consistently and being a student, how do you manage your time?

I have an absolutely catastrophic schedule, however I am making some efforts to be more and more regular but it's still not that at all. During the day I'm in class and in the evening or on weekends when I don't have extracurricular work, I create datapacks. However, most of the free time I have is at night, I have always slept very little (about 5 hours per night), which allows me to free up some free time (for example, it's 3am as I write this).

Otherwise in general, I go ahead with my work when I can to avoid problems in case of unforeseen events and I do 80% of the day's work in 20% of the time (see the Pareto principle). During the remaining 80% of the day, I tend to be rather procrastinating.

PMC Questions
What is it that you enjoy most about Planet Minecraft?

First of all, the possibility to share what I create to make it accessible for free to as many people as possible. I really care about this and the publication of my datapacks (after the release of their video) is part of the majority of the "contracts" I have with the YouTubers who ask me for datapacks.

Secondly, there is also the possibility of evolution. I find the trending algorithm much better than on platforms like YouTube because it doesn't only feature the creations of creators with a high ranking on the site. When I started publishing datapacks I never thought that I would grow this way here nor that my datapacks would make hundreds of thousands of downloads. Even though YouTube has a lot to do with it for me as well, the site is the medium that allowed me to do what I do today on the internet.

Which PMC Pet is your favorite?

Probably Powder Puffs because they are small, cute and I've always loved snow. However Topper isn't bad either!

We see you’ve completed all 3 quests we’ve hosted. What motivated you to complete these? Did you find one more difficult than the others? Which one was your favorite?

In all honesty I did them when I was bored during my distance learning classes because it's not the kind of thing that requires a lot of thought (just a bit of time). So I didn't really have any other motivation than to pass the time by having a little fun. The 3 quests were very nice but I would say that I preferred the very first one (PMC Chest Quest) because it's at this same time that I enjoyed visiting the PlanetMinecraft Museum built by TomConn which is absolutely wonderful.

How did you choose your username?

At the risk of disappointing you, my username has absolutely no history.

I took around 10 letters that I liked to go together on purely arbitrary choices then I mixed them in different ways until I had something that was both pronounceable and that I liked.

Little bonus information: The H was not part of the initial letters but I decided to add it afterwards because a 6 letters nickname seemed a bit short to me and had a lot of chances to be already taken on some platforms.

What PMC submission are you most proud of? Why?

I think there will be no big surprise if I say that this is my Random Items Rain datapack

It's a datapack that I originally coded in about 30 minutes for a YouTuber and published at the time his video was released. YouTube quickly picked it up, which made it gain a lot of views and downloads very quickly. This is the datapack I'm most proud of because it's obviously the one that the majority of the community liked the most, but also the one that made me a little more known. however, to the question " Which PMC submission is your favorite?" I would answer the Random Deleted Chunks one because it's the one I enjoy the most.

Planet Minecraft Interviews Awhikax

Is there a specific member that inspires you or you look up to? Who/Why?

When I first started doing commands in 1.8, my main inspirations were TheRedEngineer and IJAMinecraft whose “One Command” videos I watched on YouTube. They are the ones who made me want to discover this part of Minecraft.

However, I got into datapacks without getting any inspiration from anyone. The first reason is that I started as soon as they were released and there were very few creators at that time. The second reason is that I didn't had the intention to create many of them or to publish them all, unlike what I do today.

Nevertheless, I admire the work of several creators on PlanetMinecraft such as McMeddon who paints beautiful maps, Sunna whose one of the datapacks manages new biomes generation wonderfully or even Adventquest who created the best adventure map I've ever played and many others but I won't mention them all.

Fun Questions
What other video games do you enjoy playing?

First of all, you have to know that I never played many video games. Minecraft, on which I have more than 10,000 hours of play time (yes, it's huge) has occupied and still occupies most of my time spent on video games.

Among the other games I've played, the Fallout series (Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4) is definitely my favorite and by far. I have always loved alternative histories and I find the post-apocalyptic story of this universe very well built.

What genre of music is your favorite? Do you listen to music while you’re creating in Minecraft?

I listen to almost all genres of music. I prefer some to others such as electro but I mostly operate on the overall melodies and lyrics without necessarily paying attention to the genre.

Regarding listening, I almost always have music at a fairly low volume in the background and not only when I'm creating datapacks. I hate absolute silence and music is a great way to compensate for that and to stay focused on a single task.

However, when I'm doing something that requires thinking like writing or coding, I prefer music without lyrics or with lyrics in languages I don't understand because I tend to focus on the lyrics and therefore get distracted.

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Autodidact, curious and patient.

What’s yor favorite food?

I don't have a single favorite food but if I had to put one at the top, I would probably say raclette or tartiflette.

Otherwise, pizza is pretty good to save time and spend the night coding. I also often have a cookie pack on my desk.

Do you have any pets? (include pictures!)

Yes! Ihave an absolutely adorable Samoyede named Naya who is just over 3 years old.

Planet Minecraft Interviews Awhikax

Are there any hobbies outside of Minecraft that you have?

I've been doing horse riding for 9 years but I had to stop about 3 years ago to dedicate myself to my studies which took a lot of my time. I don't have any other hobbies for the moment but my days are still full as I develop small programs for fun and I spend some time on Netflix. Besides that I'm also very (too) present on Discord since I do support on some servers and I manage the community of a French YouTuber.

Is there any new skill that you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t had the chance to yet?

I would love to find some free time to learn Java in order to be able to create plugins or mods and thus go beyond the limits of datapacks which are quite restrictive.

Apart from everything related to internet and IT, I would like to improve my English and especially my accent because it is something I consider very important. I would also like to try playing a musical instrument.

Favorite quote or words of wisdom for the community? OR Do you have any advice for new members of PMC?

There are several quotes that I particularly appreciate. Here is one of my favorites:

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

I regularly get private messages asking me how I came to create datapacks that accumulate a lot of views and downloads and that are used by many YouTubers for whom this is the main goal. However, remember one thing: When you create something, you have to take risks, learn from your mistakes but above all, have fun.

Anything you'd like to add?

A big thank you to Mrs. PMC for interviewing me, to PMC in general for this great site that I was already using long before I created my account and especially a big thank you to the community and to all the people who support me. I hope I'll be able to keep publishing stuff you like for a long time.

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