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This is a blog about a role play/game scenario based on the work of the CC build group. Many won't know what that is, and that's fine. CC was a a group, which I was in, which wanted to make a sci-fi strategy game in Minecraft. Recently, this concept has been revived in a new format. Instead of focusing on combat, CD focuses on nonviolent interactions, culture, and expansion in a more complex scenario. This blog contains world building and story information, mostly related to the Roccho Republic.

The lore blog for the Aenea faction
Basic Information
LanguagesGalactic Basic

Galactic Advanced

Government structureFederal Republic

Territories493 developed systems

2,353 colonized systems

32,159 occupied systems

89,700 controlled systems

[Navy] Roccho First Fleet

[Navy] Roccho Second Fleet

[Navy] Roccho Third Fleet

[Army] The Pizet army

[Army] The Erisk army

[Army] Colonial Systems Occupation Force

[Army] Core Systems Defense Force

Major companiesQi’natc Starship Productions

Senirila Starships

Athazex Drives
Allies/affiliationMoltechex Union

Jetsaxi Republic

United Gorih Systems
Important Systems


PlanetsRSFSS4 22184-AirUnoccupiedGas giant

RSFSS4 22184-EfiUnoccupiedUninhabitable planet

RSFSS4 22184-VasUnoccupiedUninhabitable planet

RSFSS4 22184-Air (Air)UnoccupiedMoon

RSFSS4 22184-Air (Efi)UnoccupiedMoon

RSFSS4 22184-Air (Vas)UnoccupiedMoon

RSFSS4 22184-Air (Tune)UnoccupiedMoon

RSFSS4 22184-Air (Eir)UnoccupiedMoon
RSFSS4 22184-Eir is a star system located in a designated free-space adjacent to the Roccho Republic, Moltechex Federation, and Rodain Empire in the Rodain Sector of Ivesceel. It contains a single gas giant, two uninhabitable planets, and five large moons, as well as two relatively thick asteroid belts which occupies orbits beyond that of the gas giant. On Drax 23, 48,970 ACT, a Roccho Navy task force was stranded in the system following the Fourth Battle of Jefitik at the end of the Astachez Civil War. The task force's distress signal drew in elements of a fleeing Astachez battle group, as well three fledgling nations, the Aenean Republic, Draconische Republic, and Ghost Nations, who suffered some losses against an Astachez task force when they arrived to investigate the signal.


PlanetsRokid Prime
OccupiedHabitable planet

UokitOccupiedHabitable planet

ColonyBarren planet

Rk-15 AirUnoccupiedBarren planet

Rk-15 EfiUnoccupiedMoon

Major citiesYit
Capital14 billion inhabitants

SedomithLarge city12 billion inhabitants

Space stationsLuxurian

Fuel depot1x

I2 GodackDefense platform5x

I4 GodackDefense platform3x

Cyxtess ST8-biAutomated turret42x
The Rokid system lies on the free space border of the Roccho Republic. Roughly one hundred years ago, Rokid was added to a collection of systems, including Malaer, to be built up as a defensive line against any hazards emerging from the unexplored regions farther out. This plan, named the Wuehsil Initiative, called for the rapid development of civilian centers, the installation of heavy defenses, improved early warning and communication systems, and the addition of several military space stations to fend off attackers. Much of the planned development occurred within two decades, although Qi'natc SP was unable to match the production deadlines for the military space stations—the Astachez Rebellion consumed the majority of Roccho industrial capabilities, postponing the construction of three I4 and four I2 Godack stations for another three decades. Nonetheless, Rokid was a major success in the Wuehsil initiative. The construction force in Rokid brought much attention to the relatively isolated system, causing a minor boom of tourism. The effects snowballed over time, and immigration received another major boost during the Astachez Rebellion, as citizens on the Rodain border fled to the other side of the Roccho Republic. Rokid became a major population center along the Megion Line, seeing major cultural and economic prosperity. In the present day, the Rokid system is a center of tourism and commerce, with five cities: the capital city Yit and a large city Sedomith both lie on Rokid Prime, while the planet Uokit has three colonies—Hulllio, Fe'th, and Killeriak. The system also has one of the Roccho's few ESK-II model starports, Luxurian.

PlanetsMiin'craphColonyBarren planet

PoliscColonyBarren planet

Qo'levColonyTerraformed planet

InofidOccupiedTerraformed planet

SoaserColonyBarren planet

Eria'saColonyBarren planet

OrekColonyBarren planet

ZerisenaUnoccupiedGas giant

RM-17 AirUnoccupiedMoon (Zerisena)

RM-17 EfiUnoccupiedMoon (Zerisena)

Major citiesXieuofCapital10 billion inhabitants

VernagLarge city16 billion inhabitants

CliscLarge city780 million inhabitants

LopofLarge city250 million inhabitants

Space stationsResplendentStarport1x


GineousFuel depot3x

I2 GodackDefense platform14x

I4 GodackDefense platform10x

Cyxtess ST8-biAutomated turret125x

Overseer DU3Command station1x
The Malaer system was colonized during the formation of the Roccho Republic, shortly after seceding from the Rodain Empire. The Roccho government hoped to take advantage of Galactic Alliance legislation which allowed member nations to claim additional territory based on loosely defined conditions, one of which was the width of the nation's influence. By colonizing and developing the Malaer system, the Roccho could potentially claim a swath of free space territory. Terra-forming and construction immediately began in the system, something that opened numerous work opportunities. After the colonization effort concluded, many of the workers would end up settling down in Malaer. Several fuel depots remained after work concluded—a decade later, these were restored and transformed Malaer into a major outpost and trading center. The Shadow Fleet crisis grew Malaer's population further, sending hordes of refugees fleeing to the outer systems of the Galactic Alliance. As Malaer continued to expand and prosper, additional facilities were built; two ESK-II starports now orbit Inofid, the capital planet. Malaer was the core of the Wuehsil intiative, as it fell right in the middle of the Megion Line - the system received almost two dozen new military space stations, including an Overseer command station and numerous Godack defense platforms. Over time more than one hundred automated turret platforms were scattered around the system for additional protection. The massive security network, along with the presence of multiple Gineous fuel depots, makes Malaer a hot spot of activity for Roccho navy movements and activity. The system has a population of approximately thirty-two billion, most of which live on the capital planet Inofid.

PlanetsTalaisi PrimeOccupiedHabitable planet

KlichenOccupiedHabitable planet

SpineratOccupiedHabitable planet

OfirecColonyBarren planet

MyctiliramColonyBarren planet

JoranUnoccupiedGas giant

JoriamUnoccupiedGas giant

Major citiesSorotch
Capital150 billion inhabitants

MunicLarge city140 billion inhabitants

KyriLarge city176 billion inhabitants

Fini'phelLarge city110 billion inhabitants

Large city150 billion inhabitants

OuroLarge city390 billion inhabitants

DeviritLarge city300 billion inhabitants

Space stationsAriscae-modelStarport12x

Overseer DN2Command station1x

Overseer CSS1Command station1x

InmutablePopulation station1x

Qu'in SeraShipyard complex1x

Hectiph L9Fuel station3x

GumeitFuel depot4x

I2 GodackDefense platform150x

I4 GodackDefense platform370x

I6 GodackDefense platform100x

I12 GodackDefense platform3x

EID GodackWeapon platform208x

Cyxtess ST8-biAutomated turret2500x

Tuak ss5-SP/wShield projector37x
Talaisi is the capital system of the Roccho Republic—the Roccho homeworld, an ocean planet, is located in Talaisi. The system is heavily developed, a product of millennia of peace and prosperity. As the center of the Roccho Republic, Talaisi is the nation's primary center of wealth, culture, and government. From Talaisi, the Chamber of System Representatives and the High Council determine every major decision and policy of the Roccho Republic, and central command manages the movements and actions of the Roccho's three fleets and four armies. As would be expected of any capital system, Talaisi has a significant population and massive infrastructure. The system has never come under direct attack, leading to a general feeling of safety and comfort. The citizens of Talaisi live without most of the fear of those in systems on the Megion Line or Miset-Opi Line, having never suffered battles or invasions by foreign powers. This, along with the concentration of wealth and resources, has created conflict between Talaisi and systems in the outer Roccho territories, and even some of the less important core worlds. These emotions are exacerbated by the pride of Talaisi residents, who feel as though they are of the best Roccho inhabitants. Although Talaisi is mostly a cultural and economic center, the system does have industrial facilities. Qi'natc SP, the Roccho Republic's largest starship and technology producer, began the construction of a moderately sized shipyard approximately four centuries ago. Over the years, this relatively minor endeavor was expanded upon and improved, resulting in the Qu'in Sera shipyard complex. Spanning several hundred kilometers, the complex can build, repair, and service thousands of starships simultaneously. Most of the Roccho's government vessels are built in the shipyards, leaving Stykeer station in Jefitik to produce military and commercial ships for the nation and its allies. Talaisi also has a large refinery complex on the planet Klichen, and a material storage depot beside the colony on Ofirec. Around the gas giants Joran and Joriam, a collection of fuel stations and fuel depots maintain wide orbits. These are constantly swarmed by naval forces and incoming transports, filling up the system's traffic for departure and keeping the Roccho fleets running. For security, hundreds of defense platforms, weapon platforms, shield projectors and automated turrets fill space as a web of defensive emplacements.

PlanetsGliciaOccupiedHabitable planet

Slagged planet

Tik'kOccupiedBarren planet

J-889OccupiedBarren planet

J-706OccupiedBarren planet

Major citiesAlsap
Capital45 billion inhabitants

ErathumLarge city31 billion inhabitants

MoskefLarge city17 billion inhabitants

WennishLarge city18 billion inhabitants

ToyvLarge city22 billion inhabitants

TerachiaLarge city12 billion inhabitants

Dra'naLarge city15 billion inhabitants

Space stationsStykeerShipyard1x




Hectiph L9Fuel depot9x

I2 GodackDefense platform100x

I4 Godack
Defense platform83x

I6 GodackDefense platform150x

I12 GodackDefense platform8x

EID GodackWeapon platform40x

Cyxtess ST8-biAutomated turret1400x
Jefitik is a primary industrial center in the Roccho Republic. The system was hardly notable early into the Roccho's history, only gaining prominence after their secession from the Rodain Empire. At the time, Jefitik contained a small shipyard, named Stykeer station. Stykeer became the Roccho's single most important strategic asset, containing more than seventy percent of their manufacturing capabilities at founding. As a result, the station received inordinate amounts of resources and activity. Century after century, Stykeer was expanded and renovated to continue to produce starships. Stykeer station is now the largest shipyard in the Rodain sector—shaped as a segment of a thick ring, Stykeer spans more than eight thousand kilometers over the planet Glicia. The station has massive internal storage sections which are continually refilled with construction material for new starships. Stykeer still contains a large portion of Roccho manufacturing, completing many thousands of vessels every day. The Jefitik system has benefited from the success of Stykeer, with heavy development and security. With half of the Roccho Republic's Ariscae-model starports, nine fuel stations, and hundreds of defense platforms, Jefitik space is perpetually clogged with space traffic. An entire battle group is kept on constant alert in Jefitik, ready to fight off any invading force. These also protect the long lines of freighters, transports, and passenger liners bringing in material and workers. The system contains almost two hundred and fifty billion inhabitants, two fifths of which work on Stykeer to fuel the Roccho Republic's economy.

History Logs
Note: this information cannot be used in RP sessions. This is for entertainment value, not a resource. Anything typed in this tab is information which no one besides my faction would be privy to, unless they were involved in an event, in which case they only have their perspective.

A document will be added to this section once the CD Role Play resumes.
Role Play Timeline
The following is a timeline of the major events in the RP. It uses fictional 40-day months.
CD Role Play Timeline
Important Battles
This tab displays the battles which take place in the CD RP, including the forces, commanders, and tactics used.


Naval Forces
This tab documents the various major or significant Roccho Republic and GACIAF naval groups in the CD RP.
Task Force Eir-FifteenSubdivision of Third Fleet
Affiliation:Roccho Navy
Stationed in:Akupo System
Commander:Captain Figs
Second in command:Senior Lieutenant Bask

Supported by:Response Team R5

Task Force Fich-seventeen
Homeport:Sector L4-50 drydock A9, Stykeer Station

Composed of:16 ships
1 light cruiserStarfire
1 carrierSpectra
1 light carrierSwarm
3 destroyersFirestorm, Reliant, Icytlica
3 frigatesShielding Force, Adjucate, Irridiam
4 corvettesMeteor's Wake, Phiera, Culcot, Vena
4 patrol cruisersBlitz, Tesser, Thaito, Sherran
4 gunboatsStragon, Valor, Rossec, Misty
Task Force Eir-Fifteen is a Roccho naval group assembled in the middle of the Astachez Civil War. Composed primarily of modern starship designs, including Eerie-class patrol cruisers, Reusato-class destroyers, Anselar-class corvettes, and more, Eir-Fifteen is an extremely capable fighting force despite its small size. The task force is led by Captain Tavol Figs, a younger officer who assumed command after Eir-Fifteen's previous commander was lost in an engagement.

Response Team R5
Subdivision of Third Fleet
Affiliation:Roccho Navy
Stationed in:Malaer System
Commander:Captain Etymolan
Second in command:Lieutenant Efile

Supported by:Task Force Bels-twenty

Patrol group Efi-two
Homeport:Sector L3-75 drydock A2 , Stykeer Station

Composed of:23 ships
1 cruiserVallation
3 light cruisersEvaser, Triumph, Defiant
4 frigatesIscah, Technis, Escorial, Vertalic
4 corvettesComet trail, Pursuit, Wynia, Fiscal
2 patrol cruisersEsprit, Echelon
4 gunboatsRavaena, Addel, Pyrria, Aquiton
1 freighterBountiful
1 fuel tankerMendas
2 repair shipsExarch, Poliniam
1 fleet tenderRevilate
Task Force Fich-SeventeenSubdivision of Third Fleet
Affiliation:Roccho Navy
Stationed in:Malaer System
Commander:Captain Atho
Second in command:Lieutenant Crui'pik

Supported by:Response Team R5
Homeport:Monita MTR8, Tuptric System

Composed of:17 ships
1 light cruiserAlethao
1 carrierDatako
1 light carrierTesya Streak
3 destroyersNuria, Ambitious, Skacip
3 frigatesTadi Dea, Glorious, Riisa
2 corvettesAeolus, Scyllia
2 patrol cruiserOspha's Tears, Galitea
4 gunboatsHalstor, Didactic, Dawn, Pulsar
Task Force Nevit-EightSubdivision of Fleet Group Seven
Stationed in:Malaer System
Commander:Captain Wester'ol
Second in command:Senior Lieutenant Thosvec

Supported by:Task Force Ari-thirty
Homeport:Hellian RS2B, Utageuk system

Composed of:34 ships
1 cruiserBastion
3 light cruisersThunderstrike, Avius, Reliant
1 carrierTerigon
2 light carriersVersix, Equitical
3 destroyersTempest, Furious, Katicun
5 frigatesBlazar, Reliable, Pagadon, Selucia, Steadfast
3 corvettesAeriel, Tralafer, Impulse
5 patrol cruisersTwilight, Sarea, Arcadia, Exarch, Elysial
8 gunboatsPaige, Corda, Gallant, Myrian, Kriak, Dorian, Irmandia, Totale
1 freighterNavigator
1 communication shipIntrigue
1 interdictor cruiserMeliorate
Strike Force SeartunocSubdivision of Tundeir Armada
Stationed in:Astrik III System
Commander:Senior Captian Castiil Lajed
Second in command:Line Captain Lysencis

Supported by:Task Force Nori-Two

Task Force Sva-Four

Patrol group Nyr-Vas-one
Homeport:Hellian RS45A, Taegoc system

Composed of:95 ships
3 battlecruisersAdargao, Caelestis, Silvertooth
3 star destroyersServitude, Invulnerable, Niaporcel
6 heavy cruisersTitania, Liberator, Challenger, Endurance, Sycarit, Bulwark
11 cruisersPaladin, Cavalier, Codi, Bakip, Majesty, Premia, Vanquisher, Stormfront, Itact, Aurora, Hexitan
8 light cruisersStreak, Artiss, Infinion, Chloris, Pteryscial, Oversight, Courageous, Maelo
5 carriers
Freedom, Hive, Surok Gambit, Forsworn, Sparro
4 light carriers
Canec, Nemesis, Spectator, Porrenta
10 destroyersStalker, Ambition, Alternai, Flare, Valor, Cycliso, Oyoupir, Striker, Fiery, Torrent
12 frigatesYucat, Vultis, Eternal, Horizon, Cloctis, Titan, Hurican, Triumphant, Hope, Pascal, Cipper, Aries
10 corvettes
Endeavour, Advent, Onesiv, Serenity, Interception, Infinite, Frontier, Venture, Blaze, Eightel
9 patrol cruisersHallow, Invincible, Rising Star, Harmonic, Flavust, Brilliance, Boax, Herald, Casticoil
9 gunboatsLucidity, Antioch, Treit'fell, Visitor, Nivehein, Opular, Tencat, Undercut, Conscript
2 freightersParadise, Cumulous
1 communication shipKalabian
2 interdictor cruisersGauntlet, Obstruct

Third FleetSubdivision of Roccho Navy
Affiliation:Roccho Navy
Stationed in:Roccho core territory
Commander:Admiral Zaeres

Supported by:Rodain Sector Fleet

Roccho Navy First Fleet
Homeport:Various systems

Composed of:~31,500 ships
Fleet Group OneVice Admiral Moret
Fleet Group TwoVice Admiral Quoa'li
Fleet Group ThreeVice Admiral Pecta

Fleet Group SevenSubdivision of Rodain Sector Fleet
Stationed in:Roccho Republic
Commander:Vice Admiral Ugal'ih

Supported by:Rodain Sector system fleets

Rodain Sector reserve fleet

Bour Arm Ratex Fleet
Homeport:Various systems

Composed of:~35,000 ships
Battle Group OneRear Admiral Thrant
Battle Group TwoRear Admiral Blavod
Battle Group ThreeRear Admiral Seraphim
Battle Group FourRear Admiral Dragex
Battle Group FiveRear Admiral Uthtine
Battle Group SixRear Admiral Yesthui

Important Characters
The blog was running out of capacity, so character bios have been moved to this google doc.
Important Starships
The blog was running out of capacity, so ship bios have been moved to this google doc.

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