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Server Hosters Review - Beastnode

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NewLibertyMC's Avatar NewLibertyMC
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Now, I got a lot of questions from both Planet Minecraft and in our server about which server hosting we use. That is why I decided to written this article so that you guys have a easier time choosing a server. This article will be a hybrid of learning how to choose a server hoster and a a review of Beastnode from our personal experiences with it. If you want to check out Beastnode for yourself just go to the link below.

Link to Beastnode

So as you probably guessed from the title we used a Server Hoster named Beastnode (formerly known as GSVerse). Before we went through with actually choosing this hoster we did quite bit of extensive research since the hoster makes or breaks a popular server. We will also stay from using stars since those really don't tell the story that potential buyers want to know.


I can't stress this enough, but support is the most important aspect of any hoster. Whether it may be a game server or anything else, you always need a dedicated support team. This is since hosting is riddled with all sorts of phenomenon that requires support. So what we did to test the Support was not only read the reviews of it, but also check it out ourselves by sending a support ticket filled with technical questions. We crossed off several hosters this way since they were taking too long to respond (which was more than 24 Hours). If real support takes more than 24 hours when you have a major problem with your server. Good luck,n because you are gonna need it. Anyway so in this process we came to know Beastnode.

How Beastnode Measures Up:

What really impressed with Beastnode is that you get dedicated and personal support from them. I was extremely surprised when I got a response from them in literally 20 minutes when I was first querying for the server. I learned two things from this.

1) Beastnode has International Support: I live in Seoul, South Korea so I am used to waiting around 10 hours for most support tickets. So instantaneous support is always a welcome.

2) Personal Support: Through my hosting with them I have come to become sort of friends with two members Justin and Brian. From what I can tell these guys really know their stuff and actually makes the support process painless. (Now I just wish that Microsoft has the same degree of decency but I digress.)

So as a result of this killer support Beastnode was already a deal-breaker in my eyes and was ready to start hosting from them. But for your benefit, lets go through with some other specs.

Server Specs:

Looking at the features of a server is also extremely important. To prevent frequent lags that is likely to detract from the popularity of your server you need to find the perfect fit for you. Thinks you NEED ton check are as follows.
1. Internet Dedicated Uplink (Should be at least 1 Gigabit Connection)
2. RAM (Determines the size of your server)
3. CPU (Better processing = Less Lags during Chunk Generation, World Editing, Etc.)
4. Storage (If they have a slow hard drive all the RAM won't do justice)
5. Uptime (Accept Nothing Less than 99.99%)

How Beastnode Measures Up:

Beastnode is continuously upping their specs so by the time you read this my post may be outdated. However, they utilize major data centers around their world. So even Europeans looking for a server will low ping can latch on to their Paris servers. Anyway, the server specs depend on the plan you get creatively named from Chicken to Ghast Plans. I have found that Beastnode gives you the most bang for your buck. Some people have mentioned how the RAM they give out seems a bit too small. But make no mistake they are the cheapest, most reliable servers. What is really exciting about Beastnode right now is that they just embraced SSD for their storage. Result? Our server has been experiencing Zero Lag and Zero Downtime for the last two weeks <= That is an amazing feat by the way. My only hope for them is to start providing Asian data centers,n although that seems unlikely since very little play Minecraft in Asia.

Administration and Upscaling:

Great now you got your server! What's next? That's right! Administration! Administrating your server is a literal pain in the a**. Updating your server, updating bukkit, updating bukkit plguins, etc. Then there comes the time when your server is popular enough for you to start upscaling and you find that your hoster doesn't support it and you have to start from scratch. Make no mistake this is yet another important feature to look at when choosing a hoster.

How Beastnode Measures Up:

Beastnode has taken a more personalized approach to this by not using McMyAdmin. Their own branded Control Panel includes FTP client, console,n and other great administration tools. Furthermore, they easily help youn upscale almost instantly when you request them for it. However, I wish they still gave you a choice to choose between their personalized control panel and the McMyAdmin. However, don't despair! All of you who are looking to start your first server will definitely prefer their customized solution than McMyAdmin is which more geared for experienced users who have hosted servers before. On upscaling, we are extremely pleased with it as they are open to new suggestions in server builds. (FYI: We are currently running on a custom plan that we worked on with Beastnode to come up with.)


So I hoped this tutorial/review helped you be more aware when choosing nyour hosters. As you probably can tell, we are completely in love with nBeastnode at the moment. The dedication they shown in making their nserver run in tip-top shape really is their deal-breaker even if we nignore their excellent servers, administration, etc.

I still suggest however that you research Beastnode for yourself before nyou intend to dedicate to it! But you can try out their hosting for nyourself since they have a 7-Day Money-back guarantee. Although no one in the right mind will move away form them once they get hooked XD

Check out Beastnode


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02/09/2016 3:49 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
DiversityMC's Avatar
it isnt free. So no.
01/18/2015 3:42 pm
Level 1 : New Engineer
Clamps456's Avatar
Beastnode may have good support staff, but you have to make your way thru their throngs of BestBuy employees to even get a chance to speak with a knoledgeable person.

I've been with Beastnode for almost 3 full years, and have had some major issues with them. Each time the issues get worse, and Beastnode gets worse at dealing with them.

When you get a server, you have to also pray. There is a good chance you will get put on a laggy node, and support will treat you like its your fault your server is lagging, untill finaly they move you to a new node, where miraculously all your previous issues diaspear.

2 years ago I would have said, Beastnode is awesome, but today.... They are not so great.
10/13/2013 12:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
StefanXX's Avatar
I used beastnode it was pretty good no one used to say lag and stuff, thereafter I started to be ddosed so changed to servers with ddos protection like pytohost verygames and hosthorde right now i am in verygames and the lag is just boss I noticed that beastnode has 8 core on theyr cpu so that is pretty good im going back to them verygames can't hold with my 120 players the tps goes down to 15
02/02/2013 1:21 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Scribe
tommysoldschool's Avatar
Wow. Just got BeastNode because of this post and I hate it. I don't know why. I usually have around 14 players on my server with small, lightweight plugins. And it just SKYROCKETS to 99% CPU usage and stays there forever! I opened a support ticket a couple of hours ago and I'm waiting for a reply.
08/18/2012 12:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Dontongeno's Avatar
Derp, i dont know i can price match and get a 8gb ram on a mossy cobble which is a lot better than beastnode for 25$ BEAT THAT YALL
07/30/2012 5:47 pm
Level 43 : Master Answer
HalcyonsGlory's Avatar
beastnode is a very good hoster.used them till i buyed a own root server.
07/28/2012 6:47 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
LinkZeldaCraft's Avatar
Your so helpful! This post and the ones about running the server give me bunch of ideas on how to run it. Thanks, your doing great.
07/15/2012 12:23 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
ricklowdis's Avatar
I have had Beastnode since I started hosting a server over a year and a half ago. I have had some lag issues but I believe they were casued by plugins. I removed some plugins and the lag always went away. I found the support to always be helpful. I started paying $14.95/mo for a 24 user 728mb of ram server (the cow package whatever the specs are I'm not 100% sure) and the price has steadly went down in that time period to $10/mo. In that time I've been through 5 ventrilo servers and 3 battlefield 3 servers because of shit support, billing problems, and lag.

I suggest using the FTP (which they have an easy guide that teaches you how to set it up) to manage files and plugins. It seems their gamepanel manager lags a bit at times. Nothing serious but I prefer FTP with Notepad ++ makes editing plugins much easier.

I'm an asshole I'm a tough customer to deal with and these guys have yet to disappoint me.
07/15/2012 12:25 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
ricklowdis's Avatar
also great blog diamond for you
06/23/2012 1:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
origindol's Avatar
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