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canday draws ??????

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okay kids: i finally made this art blog so i can stop bombarding my profile with useless pieces of art that people have to load and it takes 9,000 years

even in blurry this is still beautiful
canday draws ??????

things to clarify

1. I put this art blog in order from oldest to newest because I hold respect for old art (despite the fact that I still vehemently despise it). I also spent 2 hours digging out this old stuff to show. I enjoy seeing improvement and understanding the toilingly long road that every skill improver has walked.
Advice to anyone reading this: Do not give up if you think your art looks bad! Everyone goes through the stage and it is only a sad fate if you give up because your art does not look good. It takes time effort and perseverance and eventually all your hard work will shine. Pull through! There are always people to support you :) (that includes yourself!!!!!)

2. I will probably update this art blog from time to time. I do not see myself giving up art any time soon so there will always be new inspirations and things to add

3. Feel free to criticize!! I enjoy getting criticism it is truly a highlight of my day when i can get good criticism and improve.

4. I use ClipStudio Paint Pro and a Huion draw pad (H610 Pro). The drawing app i used for the phone ones is called Sketches

5. I pulled out all this old art and i had to sign like 20 pictures sigh


HUGE DISCLAIMER: it might take 12 years to load all of this i wish you luck-

114 pieces boiss

canday draws ??????
Childhood Paintings (3)

canday draws ??????
me blurring my name out lmaoao

someday i want to repaint these but i doubt my skill will be any higher in painting

i feel like i could definitely improve this one though the pine tree is really sad I can’t it’s such a thick trunk christ. What was my painting teacher telling me

2016-2017 (11)


a doodle on the back of a worksheet ahahahah-- the first image of my art that i could find 👀

a pirate ship :) way back when i drew from pictures. drawing from pictures is a good practice but this was when i was mindlessly drawing whatever i could find on the internet and not truly understanding it. understand what you are tracing/copying before you copy it. do some shape sketching- it does you no harm

i must really have a small brain if i decided to do this with crayolas :,)

(side note: I still make colored pencil art with crayolas- the 200 pack I think (somewhere around that size because crayolas are terrible blending pencils AND I OWN PRISMACOLORS- highly recommend these btw if you need colored pencils that blend)

some kpop art for my kpop friend (this was her birthday present). very glad i have improved much more in hands ;; im not 100% sure who this is but i think shes from red velvet ???

(am back to say that it’s probably Jenny- if I’m wrong blame pri)

flower- tbh i liked the inking more when it wasnt colored lmao

(now that I look at this, this cross hatching is bad. Don’t cross hatch everything or else your contrast will be TERRIBLE)

very weird period for my art

(not even my original idea I basically just drew some picture that someone else made but I guess this is acceptable for middle school art)

me starting digital art but actually being stupid and not learning how the program works so i stalled for 3 years until i finally learned how to draw againMMMMMm. anyway this was the start of my digital arting and : ^ )

haaa and sometimes i wonder why i let this see sunlight again

(I do remember that signature took a while to make)

this is called minchino and honestly what is that shirt

(the pokemon minchino which I have SEVERELY DISGRACED by creating this so so sorry)

crying in old art

(BYE BYE spray tool bye bye)

not quite sure what i was doing in digital art in 2017 :,)

(Someone remind me to remake this please and thank you<3)

Phone Art (or sometime in 2018) (13)


first piece i made on my phone. still decently proud of this cause i did it on my phone :,,)

lineart was never something i had hoped for anyway :)

hoopy girl with fancy freaking shoes like look at those shoes man

this kimono design is a pride and joy

the guy looks hopelessly awkward and ;;

(also where did the girls hand go 👀👀👀)

i think this was fanart for my friend ?? long lost memories

99% sure this was a hair test

(You can SEEE the sketch lines i caNt)

drawing i did for my friend because she was obssessed with this guy. i dont even know his name xd
(He’s from shadow hunters or something Idek probably a werewolf? Vampire? Guy with big shoulders?)

this- i have nothing to say about this- its just everything wrong
(in the process of remaking it- thank ghoulish)

mermaid???- wait no shes a manatee i think- from my goldfish memory
(Yes this is a manatee- as you can clearly tell from the cow horns because I’m so clever manatees are sea cows get it get it?)

i even drew the background what a set of dedication- more than i have today :,)
(this also needs a remake someone remind of this too- and this was also probably based off the hufflepuff commons because the room is so cute imagine having a fireplace and a couch set up like that)

shes based off of caroline (the movie/book)- i think this is supposed to be her actually

(Dunno why her nose was set up like that that’s weird)

2018 (23)


reee her FEET REEEE

this was truly my weird stage in digital art

sassy demon needs to be redrawn someone remind me

friend wanted me to draw the bulbasaur evolutions as people
(I don’t remember what the numbers mean)

persona randomness

my favorite doggo
(Please watch this video your day will be brightened and life will be better: https://youtu.be/3Xdo0MVZcSo)

i think this was an attempt at a profile picture--
(someone tell me to redraw this pose I had good ideas when I couldn’t draw smh)

design for my friend/ still dont know what im doing

this onE- I have infact- redrawn!!! its down there somewhere :)
(Her knees are so dislocated I remember spending hours and hours lasso tooling that leg and giving up)

i still have no idea what this is and i forgot about it entirely

Some stuff i did with my friend- we're both obsessed with lolita dresses ;;

holy crap i did pixel art too when did this happen and why do i have the memory of a goldfish

woahgeeg now i have 2 frozen heart drawings in here

my 2018 pixel art is not pretty

sob this is a leafeon girl

man i was really active in 2018 on pmc
(This also coordinates with a skin but we don’t talk about that skin thanks)

probably around late 2018 to transition to my 2019 age of digital art

tree island (ignore my keyboard please i pray)

rollerblades are cute

she looks like an ice queen and im running out of things to put in these captions help

was testing my new fake cheap 'copics'

bored on vacation

i have no idea what i was thinking but he a TALL turtle

2019 (15)


carnival girl character i made- shes probably the prototype of my snail character but yea this outfit MM

sad witch badly drawn cat nothing more to say

playing around in clip studio- theres some fun tools

some sailor moon art i drew with a mouse- truly a pain

bad sketches

my new snail persona i love her to bits

face drawing practice

im proud of those feet. its angels of death fanart :)
issac and ray are ;;;
(must redraw or rays un-proportionate legs are going to haunt me for the rest of my life)

me actually drawing in my sketchbook for once lmaoao

me using crayolas again


me finally improving and realizing that i shouldve used prismacolors this whole time and finally being indoctrinated by my art teacher who is a blessing to art classes

gasmask girl character- would like to draw her in a more desolate theme
(also her arms aren’t long enough whoops, also termie if you see this what would you rate loli gas mask out of 10)

mmmm im writing this and its so late and ive literally got nothing to say about this drawing except that i was very inspired by wlop

me tryna draw my drow baby
(she was never used RIP bUt I think she had charisma 18 something- scary high)


digital art of the good year (56+ 16 new)


ram bb portfolio picture :)

ram bb victorian picture :)

drawings for my friend Ghoulish your baby girl ;;; happy birthday btw <3

(this color scheme is so cute aaaaa)

its bob from animal crossing and your roads are not safe---- this was for my friend who is obsessed with her son bob and i did this in 30 minutes and the shading is not pretty

ipad art of mushroom girl that i will eventually finish a whole drawing for (and possibly skin if im smart enough)

some lineless testing??

some color testing to see how much of a painterly effect i could get and how much hue shifting i could pull off before it looked like death itself
(inspired by sacrificial wei ying’s makeup or or you could say mo xuanyu)

mei misaki - she was cute and my friends and i were watching another and we were all like impossible she cant be evil
(ah yes the anime with the iconic death by umbrella impale)

fairy girl that i made while testing poses and body shapes
(One of my best poses honestly she looks like she’s going to lift off the page)

first piece i made before actually getting back into digital art this year. its mdzs fanart xdddddd wei ying

sketchy wei ying- i love mdzs too much the characters are GOLDEn

this is all mdzs bs theres like 6 pictures of mdzs characters in here now

some tgcf stuff- xie lian
what an innocent baby boy

tbh i like this edition better but shshh

something comforting fanart- the music video is beautiful and it fits the song so well mmmmmmmm
also porter robinson has a chiseled face and its fun to draw sketchy


pixel art for my contest :))))

me testing out noise for the first time lol. hes a circus member sort of dnd idea i guess. gonna be an arcane trickster and screw things over with his twin

chibi testing after a long time ee

my bubble girl that i reVAMPED


cute ghost girl for Ghoulish <3

deku from mha- i finally got his hair right sob

new pixel art for wheel contest ^^

and the trophies

(3rd looks better than 2nd ngl)

finally drew candy :) AA i change her outfit so much sigh- but this is much better than blue on blue so not complaining
(reminds me to add sailor version in this blog. Surprisingly, this blog is missing a lot)

happy mermay drawing !!
i love the one photoshop brush i stole and put on clip LMAO

watercolor testing
(also just me screwing around with the same palette because Instagram aesthetics say you must have the same color palette for all your art or you won’t be cute :,)
screw that)

i love the square brush a lot

some experimental drawing- kinda environmental

hue shifting madness
(inspired by Ruan Jia)

i figured out hatsune inku exists and like thats an actual thing and iTS ACTUALLY KINDA CUTE??? i mean anythings better than mikunanu :, )

her name is rabid- shes like an aassassin rabbit robot or whatever. I wanted to test drawing robot/mech types

whEEEZeeee- legs are a bit weird but it could be worse man
i remember i drew this in like some 20 minutes???

800 sub cake that looks surprisingly cute smh

very very very quick style test- this is so sketchy AHAHAH

another quick style test based on straight lines. In my opinion, straight lines should be like most of your lineart because it makes everything look more shapey than curved lines. It gives your art structure :)

i dont like how i drew her bangs tho wheeze

i still like this outfit and idk her face shape really reminds me of a sailor in this drawing
also the hat is super cute ;U; (splat)

i am the almighty master of heart hands bow down

i really want to make a skin with this kind of hair but i think id go mad- also i need to redraw this

this is also a guy from mdzs isnt he cute omg ;U;;;;;;
most depressing arc and the cutest hair and the cutest outfit BRUH moment

random sketch of a vampire girl wheeze

the one time i dont like battlefield debris is on this drawing okay its so EXCESSIVE christ

i actually don't really like this drawing because it deviates so far from my usual style and i just feel like i could do way better with this same drawing and pose if i just changed it to less of an attempt to copy an anime style to more of my interpretation of miku

maybe someday i'll make this a skin or a full drawing

miku miku more tests i always do style tests with miku or cand idk why it just be this way

i need to finish this drawing

bonnet cand- i swear this was in my artblog originally did it like disappear or something idek

thank you for 1k :) i really like this pose it looks fluid and it makes me happy

snail girl character- basically the persona that has a design that will be harder to skin :)
still deciding on the colors but it's basically almost settled

dragon maid is great anime oh wait sorry i meant TOHRU is a great anime okay-
grabbed <3
i feel like this brush is great and i'll use it so much but at the same time i'm also leaning towards straight lineart so idk. I do really like the squarer aspect of it though

new stuff (ft. return of the old signature)>

material baby for Terminant
(the hippo puppet replaced something less wholesome 👀)

go diamond ♥

jeanette from vampire: the masquerade for our simp boy that got her killed 🙏

here starts my chain of unfinished drawings that i might finish at some point

christmas cat girl skin in drawing form nyan nyan
(yes the belt is wonky)

another cat girl boy ALSO for termie smh- more unfinished stuff
(felix ar-guy-le)

playing around with designs
Did a challenge where you draw food as cute girls ahaHA

i adore her
maybe slightly inspired by gawr gura but uh i really like watermelon shark gummies ;U;

unfished gawr gura drawing: testing out new styles and such I am probably going to go back and remove the weird coloring and try again with a new and improved anime style :)

i drew Terminant's ken kaneki cyberpunk character

trying out a painting style again and this time I acTUALly finished it. the details were painful

here is a zoomed version:

a series of steins;gate bunny girls for the gang

made Fishkiss's persona because merry fishkissmas >:0

dmitri the chad bear for Terminant

unpolished zombie dragon attempt for DragonsDungeon

Fanarts (for pmc people) (7)


if you havent seen this you live in a hole- fanart for DragonsDungeon

and this for good measure LMAO hes being thanos snapped oh nooooooo

i guess this is also for dragons smh

i tried to test out an anime style and it was MMM NOoo- for Kawaii

fanart for walk- a successful anime attempt

for Parine- this pose took so long omg you can see the erase marks please spare me

magical girl fanart for Kawaii

(and many more magical girls to come because I popped off one day oops)

for Parine- happy birthday <3

more stuff for Kawaii <3333

for elfie_ for her birthdayyyyy

recent sketchbook entries (4)


i wanted to draw so i drew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I actually own this cloak thing

because i am obsessed with the sweet shop evie skin on paladins because it is so perfect AH- i could BECOME AN eVIE MAIN- I WAS ALMOST AN EVIE MAIN

(I can’t believe evie is the only balanced character on paladins wheezeeee- this goes on the list of skins I want but will never get along with star goddess(magical girl) io)
(UPDATE: vora has a super cute magical girl opposite skin i think its called star guardian or something but its HOT)

shiba inu because i love them and i want one

definitely doing more of these themed sketchbook pages

(It’s really fun to use shapes to sketch out realistic things like in the porter Robinson drawing above and not exemplified by the pencil drawings in the early years (the boat and the wolf etc etc). Try to use shapes more, everything is made of shapes and itll make your art more interesting and expressive)

profile pictures (3)


something went wrong on this mouth

probably gonna change my profile again sob- more custom profiling because im never satisfied

and an updated version of above ^

her eyes scare me but it’s OKAY it’s zoomed out by x8372848284

actual memes

i didnt think the image would be this big but heres some eye burn for you guys <3
big meme for stream server lmaoaoao


(I have lots more stream server things to add in here now :,))
*insert all the propaganda art here*

then theres this dog- he loves people. he likes to lick with his flaps

(his name is Harold- he’s a good boy)

you actually cannot show me this photo and expect me to not fill in the rest of his face

ive named him wimbleton tennis match

banana bird

here is the long chain of stream server propaganda you definitely were looking for <3
(also join the server if you want to see the unreleased ones)

for the epic boss battle takeover :0

one of us one of us one of us one of us

stream server banner that will probably be updated eventually as we add more emotes; for example, bringheart and kswag

support stamp <3

voting propaganda :)

domination of the stream server party. kanye west wolves bass boost

what a classic

and ANOTHER CLASSIC- my handwriting is beautiful amirite

beakski explains stonks

voting badge- i better see this on profiles >:(

we never starve

bringheart <3

bring what :eyes:

LMAO termie knows- menace to society

easily the best collab I've ever done


world domination via stream server


3 Update Logs

more art : by canday 12/25/2020 7:44:35 pmDec 25th, 2020

added 16 more pieces in 2020, we win these

as always:
labelled the new stuff with bright yellow new tag at the top where it starts so you don't have to actually pay attention to where you're scrolling


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Woww so cool!
12/25/2020 8:13 pm
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Love it!! :)
10/16/2020 1:32 pm
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Absolutely stunning work! Such vibrant colors, and so much life!
10/31/2020 1:11 pm
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Thank you!!
Papa Enny
10/14/2020 8:04 am
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Awesome stuff
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So vibrant, I love your art! :0
10/31/2020 1:11 pm
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thank you!!!! :)
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Beautiful update <3
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