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Sticking Out From The Crowd

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Hi guys, Greytopher here with another blog. I haven't done one in a couple of days, because of dead week (the week before finals when teachers assign everything they forgot to give as homework...), so yeah! This time, I'll be talking about sticking out from the crowd, and SPECIAL THANKS to Dengara for the idea. Let's move on, shall we?

Having Your Own Style

When people write, skin, make a project, or mod, they have their own way of saying 'this was made by me!' They do this in such a unique fashion, sometimes we can tell who made what totally based on their tecnique. This is usually made from more and more experience in what you're doing. Soon enough, you've done it so many times, you're doing it in a certain way that only YOU do.

But, how do you get your 'own style'? It's pretty easy, actually. Skinners tend to have a shading tecnique that they stick to. Bloggers, a certain format of writing/presenting, builders go along the lines of certain detail, and I would assume modders would maybe have detail put into their mod. Some people, such as myself, produce content in the same, general way. I like to have three paragraphs per segment, keep to a general topic to write about, and mostly have certain aspects of writing that only I do.

Having your own style can be good, and bad. In a good way: people can identify you by how you build, shade, ect. but, that can also be in a bad way. Say, you like to grief. You're a big greifing team, but something is nudging in you to make some king of... signature. So, you do what you do: you make some kind of big structure, or destroy something in a certain way, and there! People now know it was you who griefed the wonderful build! Next thing you know, you're globally banned from servers using that plugin... yikes.

Copying Others and Plagiarism

Some people, get to a certain point in popularity when people start copying them. Their mindset (from how I remember as a child) was to be like them, and if I could be like them, maybe others will like me too! In any case, I was completely wrong. I soon learned, as a child, that copying others and saying it was yours is completely wrong. I was looked down upon by my friends, and sure enough, I stopped. It is against the law to post something that wasn't written by you, and say it was. For instance: If I wanted to post the Harry Potter series and say it was my own, that isn't allowed and I could, depending on the severity, be thrown in jail.

As a kid, all you want to be is some kind of super cool action hero, princess, football player, ect. but in anycase: you just want to be cool. You watch your favorite Smosh videos or something (I don't know what kids watch) and they have their intro thing that they've been doing for a couple of years. You start a Youtube account and do the same exact thing, hoping that it will attract people who like it. Instead, you get completely negative feedback, and you're scarred on the internet, or something like that.

Either way, taking what somebody has made and posting it as your own is wrong. I feel bad for the site mods who look through the countless stolen skins/projects/mods. Considering there's 700,000+ users on the website, just imagine how it is on bigger websites... don't be that kid. You don't want to get in trouble for something you didn't make. Be creative, original, and patient.

Being... Different

To truly look different from the billions of other people on this planet, you must do what others don't usually do. The reason I got well known, is mostly that when I started blogging, blogging was basically a dead category. It had almost no use, other then Roxthesox, or others that I can't remember off the top of my head. Either way, it wasn't really a great category to post in, so why not try it out? Eventually as my popularity grew, so did others (OliverFrenchie, Snowylips, Dingousa, ect.).

My way of sticking out: I did what noone else wanted to do/see. But it worked. Often times, it doesn't have to be like that. You can do whatever you feel that is great for yourself, but keep it appropiate. You don't want your dreams to be crushed by something you never wanted to be: to be infamous. To be infamous, you're well known for doing something bad. You're looked down upon, but everyone knows you. It's a weird compairson, but it's looking at it like this: Osama Bin Laden. He was infamous for being bad. Tom Cruise is a well known actor. He's done... mostly, good things.

Often times, people stick out simply for the need of attention. People have the mindset of 'Look at me, look at me!' By doing crazy things. Sometimes, people dye their hair, wear weird clothing, or just in general, do weird things for people to remember them by. As to Minecraft: people stand out based on their personality, build style, and other things. To real life, Colleges look at applications to see what sticks out. People who take advanced classes when their younger, taking cool clubs, volunteer at organizations, but overall, people sometimes try too hard to stick out.

In Conclusion...

If you want to stick out, and be known, trying too hard may make it worse. If you keep to know what you're doing long enough, eventually people will start to see your signature thing that you like to do when you produce content. Be sure to not copy others/famous people in order for your own success. It makes you look stupid, desprate, and overall not creative.

I hope this helps in any way, or if it didn't, I do hope it was a good read.

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12/20/2012 4:29 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
Kaduu's Avatar
How do you make those good blogs?
Every time I have a good idea,I make it a blog.
And I get around 10 views,then it's done.
It seems levels and fame count very much.
12/14/2012 10:18 pm
Level 44 : Master Fox
CheeseManFuu's Avatar
If only you had posted this on 12/12/12.... -3-
12/14/2012 9:40 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Taco
Mr_Cheach's Avatar
Another awesome blog dude. nice work! :) diamonded as usual.
12/13/2012 10:33 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Explorer
Zemor's Avatar
Do I?
12/13/2012 11:11 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Pig
Greytopher's Avatar
no u suxorz!
12/13/2012 6:00 pm
Level 47 : Master Wizard
ARREXP's Avatar
grey, do i stand out from the croud?
12/13/2012 6:42 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Pig
Greytopher's Avatar
yush. :3
12/13/2012 7:25 pm
Level 47 : Master Wizard
ARREXP's Avatar
12/13/2012 4:42 pm
Level 21 : Expert Pokemon
Creeper_Pwner's Avatar
This blog is COMPLETELY inspiring. Yes, I agree with everything this blog says. Like you said with the Harry Potter thing. Or it's like taking Minecraft, naming it Craftmine, and saying it's yours. This blog gets a diamond, a favorite, and you get a subscriber. :)
12/13/2012 6:43 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Pig
Greytopher's Avatar
I'm really glad you like it! If you got any more ideas of blogs that you'd like to see in the future, feel free to leave 'em in the comments or in a PM! :)
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