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Teleporting Between Save Files - A Minedeas Entry

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The Idea

Minecraft is so amazing! You can build amazing palaces or statues, or just survive the zombie onslaught! You, a member of the Planet Minecraft community, probably already know this. So, why am I bringing it up? Well, because I'm about to tell you what Minecraft needs but does not have. In game, by in game I mean within that individual save file, teleporting between local save files. To put it simply, going from one local saved game to another without going to the menu. Sound like a good idea, if so, then keep reading :D.

How My Idea Contrasts With Similar, Existing Mods And Plugins

The basis for this idea is relatively simple, and already it exists in some mods like Single Player Commands and/or World Edit. However, my idea has some key differences from those existing mods. First off, this addition would be for Vanilla Minecraft, or Minecraft without mods. So people who are new to computers and/or Minecraft won't have to worry about getting a virus or screwing up their Minecraft save files via bad modding. Secondly, my idea would not require commands. Thirdly, in the case of a server, only the player teleporting would be sent to the other save file. Of course, many servers already have Plugins that can teleport individual players between maps or worlds. But, as I previously stated, my addition would be for Vanilla Minecraft so no plugins would be needed.


Figure A


Figure B

The Details

A structure like the one in Figure A would be constructed. The command block on the bottom would have the command /Goto @p [Save File Name] [Specific portal number/Random]. @p means nearest player, so the command means put the nearest player in the selected Save File and the selected portal. An identical portal in the selected Save File would have to be created prior to the teleportation, however. For example, if I want to go from
Save1 to Save2, then in Save2 I will enter the command /Goto @p Save1 and in Save1 I would enter /Goto @p Save2. However, one could teleport to any portal as long as it corresponded to the portal in the current world.
For example one portal in Save1 can teleport to any one of 3 corresponding portals in Save2. The command /Goto @p Save2 Random would send a player to a random corresponding portal in Save2.

Potential Uses

-It allows adventure maps to be bigger and include more levels, worlds, challenges etc., without having to give the user the ability to use commands.

-It allows created projects to be larger and more expansive. For example, If I wanted to make a project with multiple towns, bases, cities, etc., I wouldn't have to make long, time consuming roads between them. Additionally, I wouldn't have to spend hours looking for a suitable spot for another location in my project.

-It allows for Vanilla servers to host multiple worlds without plugins and regulate the flow of players between each world. This can be useful for servers when Minecraft updates and the Bukkit plugins take a week or two to catch up. I have personal experience with this dillemna. It is not fun to wait for weeks on end without being able to work on your creation on a server because Bukkit still has to update.

-To create various mini games that rely on chance. For example you have a 50/50 chance of teleporting to a world of diamonds or a world full of zombies.

-I am sure that the innovative minds that make up the Minecraft community would be able to come up with many other uses that I can't even think of! Just like Disco_ and others show us the endless possiblities of just redstone!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! If you did enjoy it, feel free to leave a diamond, comment or favorite if you want! Or subscribe if you want to see my future work! Thank you :D

-Jimbo Rainy

Disclaimer: I did not look through all of the current submission for this contest before writing this blog. If this blog is of the same idea as a current blog, it is entirely coincidence. Thank you.

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