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The Battle for Spartos

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avatar Makaneek
Level 29 : Expert Scribe
Sorry this one took a while to upload. I hit a little writer's block and had to do some irl stuff. the image is kind of last-minute but the rest is the product of hard work, I swear...
The two armies made all speed to their point of conflict in the northern part of the sea. On one side, were the heavily enchanted gold-clad soldiers of Sargon, on the other, were the highly skilled iron armored warriors of Osokkos. Their battlefield would be the city of Spartos, which had no large army of its own. Sargon’s soldiers had recently conquered the ancient desert city of Tresad, and had to extend their conquest or risk losing what they had gained. As soon as Tresad had fallen, messengers and traders had sent word all over the known world, and soon this word reached Osokkos. King Thoris was outraged about the news and reasoned that Spartos would likely be Sargon’s next target, so he and the jarl of Whitehelm sent reinforcements southward to the island city. Thoris sensed that this battle would be much more tactical than the pillager’s raid on Osokkos, so he sent his city’s best commanders and tacticians with the war party. Alex, Shera, Ajax, Diana, Steve, and Green all sailed off to join the battle, though some had to travel from distant parts of the land to be there.

Fortunately for the liberty and prosperity of the city, the Osokkian Defenders arrived at Spartos before the Attackers, who had been held up by the need to quell rebellions and recruit soldiers in their new domain. As soon as the defenders arrived, they began to initiate their defense plans. Spartos’ defenses were decrepit, but the Osokkians had arrived early enough to improve them with makeshift walls, ballistas, weapon stores, and TNT cannons. Their hope was to hold out against the impending attack by Sargon’s fleet, which no one knew the full size of.

At midmorning, the first of Sargon’s ships appeared on the southern horizon. It was swift and looked light for its size, with its sail proudly showing Sargon’s insignia: a purple background with a Tresadan style fox emblem emblazoned in gold. The ship, evidently a scout, was followed by many dozens more until a sizable navy was sailing toward Spartos. Once the attackers had sailed within range, the Osokkian defenders began their barrage of arrows, fire charges, and the like, which held the invaders off the shore for a while. While this fierce battle was going on, the great commanders of the Osokkian army had decided on a bold plan. Steve, Alex, and Ajax would stay ashore and command the troops, while Diana, Green, and Steve’s cousin Shera would swim underwater below the attacking fleet, and capture Sargon and as many of his officers as possible. Diana, who was an excellent option maker, gave them each a water-breathing potion, and the threesome dove beneath the waves, swimming under the ships of their unsuspecting enemies.

Sargon’s ship was fairly easy to find, even from below the water, as it was the biggest and fanciest vessel in the fleet. Once they found it, Shera, Diana, and Green climbed aboard up the side of the hull and into a hallway outside the cabin. They looked through the small window in the cabin door and saw that Sargon was at a map table with Temujin, one of his senior officers, planning out attacks for their soldiers. After sipping a potion of invisibility, Diana snuck into the cabin and threw at Sargon one of her own inventions: a splash potion of sleeping. Immediately, Sargon and Temujin dropped into a deep sleep. Green and Shera held them over their shoulders, gave each a water breathing potion, and swam back to the island.

When Sargon woke up, he was tied to a chair in a dark chamber, facing Steve, the legendary Wither-Slayer. Steve’s hair was beginning to go gray, but he was clearly in fighting fit condition. Steve held his sword to Sargon’s throat and asked: “Why shouldn’t I kill you now? you’ve done enough to deserve it.”

“I know secrets that would advance your city by a hundred years or more. I have been to lands across the sea that would take your navigators perhaps twice that to find. Ancient knowledge of Tresad and even the Upholders is known to me alone. All of that would again be lost to the ages if you take my life.”

“Does no one else really know of these secrets?” Steve asked, intrigued.

Sargon considered a moment before answering. “Some of my officers know a little, but none know much. And all would rather die than betray my trust or cause.”

“Very well,” Steve replied. “perhaps you will crack someday. You will be detained from now on.”

After the Osokkians had won the battle by mopping up the attacking fleet, Their prisoners were locked away and Tresad was soon liberated. Temujin was put in the Osokkos dungeon, and Sargon was locked in a private cell deep under the tundra town of Whitehelm. It was a while before he told them anything useful, but that’s for another story.

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08/09/2019 3:16 pm
Level 40 : Master Pixel Puncher
OoOoOoo! Nice!
08/08/2019 11:12 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
dat ship sinking, man... good story.

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