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The Warrior Tribes

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Finally, it's out! This one isn't quite as action-packed as some of the others, but I tried to make it interesting. A sequel to The Cursed Badlands. I recommend you read that first if you haven't already.
The ship from Whitehelm continued to sail southward along the coast of the new western continent, and the shore changed greatly the further south they went. Past the badlands, the air stayed hot but grew more humid, and the border between land and sea faded into an enormous swamp biome. The water was filled with strange fish and frogs, in colors and patterns, the adventurers had never seen before. The swamp was also filled with short trees with tangled, spidery roots, which the few natives they met called mangroves. Further inland, beyond the swamps, tall jungle trees were visible, and as the ground grew more solid further southward, the jungle came closer to the shore. Steve was amazed at its sheer size. His graduate apprentice Alex had told him of the jungles she has seen in her travels to the far east, but those had been quite different. This western jungle Had far less bamboo and no pandas, but its trees were taller and greater in number, and parrots came in every color the mind could think of. This new land never ceased to amaze.

After a while of sailing alongside the jungle, they came across a small native fishing village on the seashore. It was more advanced than the native camps to the north, with stone dwellings instead of wooden huts, and people wore woven garments in place of leather ones. The village had a small harbor for fishing boats, but no room for any vessel the size of steve’s, so they dropped anchor out from shore and rode lifeboats inland. The villagers had straight black hair and tan skin, and none of them spoke any language the sailors understood, so after trading for some food, they began to look around for somewhere to go. They quickly noticed a wide trail leading into the jungle and decided to follow it. Sargon, a captured enemy general, had told them of a great city in the jungle he had visited and taught his language to some of the nobles. Vortigern knew some of Sargon’s Tresadan language, and Steve had been learning Vortigern and Svein’s native language. Perhaps they could learn A lot from visiting this city.

The group travelled along the trail for a while and eventually reached a huge city surrounded by a sizable wall. Two guards stood atop it. Vortigern said something to them in the Tresadan language, which he told Steve meant, “We are peaceful explorers and enemies of the traitor Sargon.”

One of the guards ducked out of sight and returned about 20 minutes later with a colorfully dressed man, probably a nobleman. Vortigern repeated his announcement.

The noble asked Vortigern a question, which he translated for Steve and the crew. “Sargon came in the guise of a benefactor, willing to share his wealth with our city of Nahuata. We found him to be a liar and an oathbreaker, plotting to let our sworn enemies into our midst. Why should we trust you, foreigners?”

Vortigern replied, “We desire no bargain or exchange from you unless you wish to trade goods. All we want from your city is a better understanding of the world, and the people we share it with.”

“Very well,” the nobleman replied. “You may explore our city, but beware who you talk to. These are dangerous times, and our enemies, the Huazca, have spies all over the jungle, even within our city walls.”

The guards descended from the wall to open the hardened wood gates. Sargon had told Steve, Vortigern, and Svein about the Huazca. They were a tribe that lived in the mountains and had been at war with the city of Nahuata for centuries. Their harsh mountain life made them tougher than the people of Nahuata, who, though they outnumbered the Huazca, had been at a stalemate as long as any of them could remember. It was exactly what Steve had warned Alex against during her training: A war neither side could win.

The Adventurers entered the walled city and were astonished by what they saw. The city of Nahuata reminded Steve somewhat of Osokkos. Both had large palaces and wooden houses with stone foundations, but many things were different as well. The city had dogs, but no cats and their only farm animals were chickens, so they relied heavily on crops, like potatoes, carrots, and a crop the explorers had never heard of, called corn.

The explorers stayed in one of the inns in the city for several days, Before they were told by the nobleman they’d met earlier, whose name was Izel, that the grand army of Nahuata would mount an attack on the Huazca city of Qoschi. The Target of the attack would not be made known to the soldiers until they were out of the city, lest word of the reach potential spies among the citizens. Izel said they were invited to come if they wished, to observe Nahuata warfare. The group agreed and packed what they needed to leave. The army gathered its weapons and prepared for battle. Qoschi was a formidable city, But with perseverance, the army could bring it down. Steve had doubts, however. He knew very well that a war fought without a known purpose or origin only brought needless destruction. He would see if he could end the bloodshed, or at least find a partial compromise between the two warrior tribes.
CreditMe wondering what would've happened if the Aztecs met the Incas.
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