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Sleep- Why is it important? A Informative Blog

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this isn't related to PMC, but I came up with this wonderful idea about "Sleeping." I hope you enjoy reading my blog about why you need sleep, and why you shouldn't ignore it, as you can tell from the title.

Why do we sleep?
We work during the day, and at night, we go off to sleep in order to recuperate for the next day. Sleeping is very essential for health, physical and mental growth of a child, and adults also need plenty of it to keep in good shape, and health. Sleep, as scientists say, gives your brain an chance to sort things out, such as information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems. The body regenerates after a good night's sleep. It's like giving your body an mini-vacation although it will just last for 9-10 hours.

However, there are times when someone is unable to sleep because of stress, and depression. According to a research, it has been said that teenagers are the ones that don't get a good amount of sleep for different reasons. Now that's interesting to look at, as teenagers suffer the most from Homework, frequent tests, and quizzes. But that's not all. Adults suffer as much as teenagers. Adults work daily and return home late. They sleep the least, and wake up early in the morning to work again. That's why adults are sometimes unhappy, and moody at the time.

Effects of not sleeping too well:
1) We are listless and tired, thus not having enough strength to do anything.
2) Our thought process also get affected.
3) Less sleep can even affect our performance levels, memory functioning, and decision-making process.
4) Usually, lack of sleep causes much stress, which can affect the body functioning.
5) Our health can be affected. We can easily develop cardio-vascular diseases including Heart Attacks, Strokes, etc.
6) We become moody, and appear to not be friendly. In Addition, you don't want to talk to anybody, or just insult someone, since you're in a bad mood.
7) We may not be able to drive properly if we're not mentally alert. Adequate sleep means that you can concentrate better.
8) People who don't sleep very well suffer from sleep disorder are faced with problems, such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and High Blood Pressure.

How much sleep someone needs:
It has been usually said that an average school going kid and teen need about 9 hours of sleep, whereas children in pre-school need approximately around 10-12 hours a day of sleep, and a new born requires about 16-18 hours of sleep. Plus, adults need 7-8 hours of sleep to feel fully rested.

Attitude towards sleep:
Many people tend to sleep less hours as they were either playing computer, watching television, working at the office, or simply spending time with his/her friends. They prefer to sleep late at night, although they have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow for work. This reduces their sleeping hours. If they continue to do this over a certain period of time, then their health will seriously be a problem.

In Addition, There are also underlying psychological factors which make a person sleep less unfortunately. Many people suffer from diseases including insomnia and various sleep disorders like sleep apnea and chronic sleep deprivation. And then, they don't get sufficient sleep.

How the problem can be tackled:
1) Try relaxing before going to sleep such as listening to music, or reading a book.
2) Having a bath before bed can be helpful and relaxing at the same time.
3) Exercise can mostly help a person to sleep well.
4) Get rid of your fears, tensions, or worries.
5) Try and maintain a schedule of your sleeping hours. Go to bed at a particular time and get up at a particular time as well.
6) Last Step: Consult a physician if there are any underlying problems.

Thank you for reading my informative blog on "Sleeping, and how it is essential for your health, and growth. Have any questions or feedback? Feel free. If you enjoyed reading my blog, don't forget to show your support by giving me an diamond or favoring it! And thank you as always, for the continuing support. I couldn't have gone this far without your help.

This blog was brought to you by the Royal Squid Society. Check them out, they are an fantastic group of people!

And Of Course, farewell everyone

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12/05/2012 5:45 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Network
awj001's Avatar
Is it true that loss of sleep can make you constipated?
10/29/2012 9:49 am
Level 29 : Expert Goblin
Pinkgubel's Avatar
i should go to bed early cos my mum never stops nagging at me :/
10/29/2012 9:50 am
Level 36 : Artisan Musician
MinerDiner123's Avatar
That happened to me as well. Ah, Asian Parents.
10/29/2012 9:48 am
Level 29 : Expert Goblin
Pinkgubel's Avatar
and i am also 9
10/29/2012 9:48 am
Level 29 : Expert Goblin
Pinkgubel's Avatar
i sleep late, im the cleverest in my class by miles
10/29/2012 9:48 am
Level 36 : Artisan Musician
MinerDiner123's Avatar
Haha. I remember school. Ah, Bad memories.
10/23/2012 6:50 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Taco
Gooplux6's Avatar
genneraly on wekends i get enought sleep but on week days i get around an hour little becaues my school district thinks its funny to start at seven so we have to get up at like 5:30 to be ready for school in time
10/23/2012 2:10 pm
Level 25 : Expert Grump
FH_Azrael's Avatar
lol nice
10/23/2012 10:45 am
Level 48 : Master Dragonborn
archery98's Avatar
I can sleep when I'm dead...which will probably come soon if I don't. lol.
10/23/2012 7:57 am
Level 40 : Master Droid
number1_Master's Avatar
Downside from sleeping too much / sleeping after lack of sleep:
Your back is stiff and cracks. Feels good ... but ya

Great blog! Diamonds to you! ;)
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