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The Trader

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avatar Makaneek
Level 12 : Journeyman Scribe
´╗┐Another Minecraft lore story! I'm glad you guys like them. I have lots more ideas...

As I trek through the underbrush of the taiga biome, I see the torch lit village of Bushtown ahead. Just in time too, because the slowly sinking evening sun has touched the horizon at last, and the brightest stars have appeared in the sky.
It's been three years since my last visit to Bushtown, and much will have changed. Houses are built, children grow, and time marches on. My two faithful llamas, Herschel and Ron, follow closely as I pass into the watchful gaze of the village's iron golem. Most people don't know this, but golems can live to 3000 years or more. When you're a trader, you learn things like that all over.

The night continues to fall, and I make my way toward the trader's hut. Most villages have one, a small thatched structure, with no furniture. We carry all that we need with us. I feed my llamas and leave them outside for the night. They are well trained so they never run away.

After a good night's sleep, I awake for a long day of trading. I hear a bleat of greeting from Herschel. He is my oldest llama and has been with me since I started my business. For breakfast, I eat a sandwich while I build my trading stand. I am greeted by the villagers as they begin their morning. I recognize many faces but names come more slowly.

My items from across the overworld sell quickly but they don't sell out. I usually have enough. I carry many goods, such as dyes, coral, saplings and more. Occasionally I cross paths with an adventurer or another trader, but villages like Bushtown are my best source of income.

After a few days of trading, I depart from Bushtown. It's the last stop on my journey to the great city of Osokkos. To reach the city, I must cross through dangerous pillager territory. Osokkos invests valuable resources into combating their vile neighbours, but the pillagers have powerful allies, as well as a weapon only they can craft, the crossbow. Crossing their territory will be dangerous for me because my supply of invisibility potion is dwindling. Usually, only I need to drink any, but pillagers, unlike zombies, will be suspicious of two llamas travelling alone. If the potions wear off, a cave will be our only chance at safety, and that's not saying much.

The spruce trees around me give away to tall grass, as I pass from taiga to plains. We take our potion and enter hostile territory. Ten minutes pass, then fifteen, then twenty. Gunpowder, arrows, string, and other monster drops litter the ground. Target practice from the towers. The range of a crossbow should never be underestimated. I pocket a few items. They could be useful.

On the horizon, I can see my destination, the city of Osokkos. The potion has almost worn off, but thankfully a cave is nearby. In my peripheral vision, I see an approaching border patrol. Just then the potions wear off, one at a time. Arrows fly as we dash for the cave. Fortunately, the towers, which always have the best archers are out of range.

Inside the cave, I try to take as random a path as possible. I use a damaged bow that I found to fend off monsters. I shoot sparingly, for my bow is weak and my arrows are few. Ahead I see the flickering light of a torch. It's the Osokkos mine! We're saved! After Traversing the mine's maze-like tunnels, we locate the central chamber, full of miners on lunch break.
"Had a run-in with a patrol," I said breathlessly "which way is out?"

After selling a little merchandise to the miners, I make my way up to the city. I check in to the Lone Lantern Inn and schedule an audience with the city's magistrate, King Leon. On the arranged day, I disembark for the castle, where I disclose my plan to end the pillager regime. The plan is approved, the tunnels are dug, and the gunpowder I collected is put to use. After the pillager's towers are blown up, they are more wary of toying with Osokkos.

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  • LillyWerk
  • Level 4
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  • March 17, 2019, 6:22 am
great story! I read the one about Osokkos history first and thought I should go back and read more- it was worth it! on to the next blog!

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