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Tips on Skins - Tip Series


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avatar Pickleaxe257
Level 22 : Expert Toast
Skins can be hard to make. Sometimes, you can't find the right tool to make skins, or sometimes you can't find ideas to make skins. This is why I've put together tips on skins.


Most people use Nova Skin to make skins, I prefer a website called Miners Need Cool Shoes, at needcoolshoes.com. I am going to list qualities of this website.
-Camo feature. This allows you to draw in different shades of the color automatically.

-Mirror. This allows you to mirror placed pixels on the other side.

-Brush sises. If you want to fill in areas fast, you can use a bigger brush size.

-Importing skins by username. You can import a player's skin using their username.

-Editing by body part. You can select or deselect body parts.

-Changing Minecraft skin. You can change your Minecraft skin directly from the website.

-Skin layering. You can layer skins on one another.

Skin-Making Tips

If your skin just doesn't look right, take a look at these tips:

-Use Camo for a more natural feel

-Use gradients

-3D Skins (using the "armor" layer)

-If your Eyes are 2x2, make a 1x2 pupil pointing inward, as seen in the picture

-Don't crowd up the body with gadgets and dingwards.

If I missed anything or if you have any questions about skins, put it into the comment section. Also, if you happen to use these tips, I would love to see your skins! Private message me or put it into the comment section! If you have an idea of what I should do next in my series, comment it!

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