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Want to make a gun mod? - Here's how!

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Surseance's Avatar Surseance
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Ok, so I was looking to create a gun tutorial for my modding tutorial series (episode 1 has been made, but not released), and then I realized it would be WAY too complicated to make in less than 10 minutes. So, instead, I set off to find one that already existed. And guess what? In less than ten minutes, I found a great gun making tutorial that shows you how to add things like sounds, delay, and fire rate. In essence, I would really like for you guys to check it out because I often find that most mods on PMC are so cliché. Cut the crap, and start modding for REAL. Anyway, here is the link: Gun Mod Post (Yes, click on me!)

Also, be sure to give credit to Nighthawk0973 because he is the creator of that post (not me!). However, if you would like to check out my mods, scroll down and I'll have the links. Also, my first modding tutorial video should be released soon, so please subscribe to stay informed about my activity! (The video shows you how to add a really cool effect to your armor boots!)

Please support this post (and Nighthawk0973) by clicking the diamond banner and/or the favorite banner. Also constructive comments are appreciated! It would be really neat for this to get featured on the Popular Reel to show the young modders that they can put hard effort into making a decent mod to share with the Minecraft community. Don't let this opportunity go to waste (unless of course you want PMC to be a hub of repetitive and boring mods)!

My Content (a.k.a. my contributions to PMC):

1. The MineEssentials Mod (Not As Popular As I'd Hoped!)

2. The Hard Weapons Mod (Sort of Popular!)

3. The Climbing Glove Mod (Pretty Popular!)

Anyway, guys: please enjoy. Happy modding with weapons!

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awesome :D
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2nd diamond
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