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What if the yogscast quit youtube?

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avatar Amizez
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I was viewing their channel when I thought of this. Don't call this a hate blog because it isn't. Don't send me any rude/annoying/hateful PM's because of it. I just want to ask the question. One more thing, don't turn this into some big discussion about the yogscast, and just because I'm asking about it does not in any way mean that it will happen. (atleast for some time) with this in mind, please continue.

Like I said before, I was viewing their channel when I thought something a bit unusual, what if the yogscast stopped making videos, not just their main channel, but all of them? What would YOU do? I, being a big fan of the yogscast I would be sad, of course, but also revisit the channels and look at some of their older videos like Lewis' dad watching them play borderlands, or some classic WoW raids, you know, what they started with? Post in the comments below what your reaction would be if they decided to stop making videos.

Finally, I would also like to say that, some time in the future, it is inevitable that they do stop, and someone will come to take their place, obviously that won't be for a long time, but think about this, in 6 billion years, the sun will also grow to a colossal size, and eat up the first three planets of the solar system, mercury, venus, and earth. The reason why I'm comparing the yogscast to the sun is because they have a similar effect, accept the world destroying thing. They will both grow and change over time, but all good things have to come to an end.

There's your nightmare fuel, sorry.

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