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What is the FASTEST Bridging Technique? (Videos, Plugs, Funny Stuff, INFO)

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Sullyburger avatar Sullyburger
Level 43 : Master Taco
No boring stuff here.

Hello everyone! Today we're going to explore something that not many people have explored before today. Now, it's been a looooong time... without you my friend- no seriously, it's been a long time since I've done this... and I decided to give it another go. Before we start, always plug, go subscribe to my YouTube channel. It's sick. MY CHANNEL Okay now that you've done that we can get into some real stuff.

If you don't like reading, this may not be for you. If you don't have five minutes on your hand, leave, and if you haven't subscribed to my channel, you can at least subscribe to my planet minecraft. No biggie, don't even need to get notifications. (But seriously check out a video of mine, if you like good PvPers the channel's for you.)


 What's faster?

I'm your host, Forsaken Pineapple. If you are a bedwars pro, or a skywars tryhard... or even a Badlion UHC player that needs to make a skybase this is for you. Today we will explore what is the fastest speed bridging. We have a couple videos to watch, starting with the first one: Bridging Normally. Watch the clip and then come back to this page to figure out What's Faster?

(Can't find one)

Sorry about that, but we all know what normal bridging is like... so let's get into the NO-SHIFT bridge. This is popular for showing off, but not really in game. People think that if they go too high up and don't have a water bucket, they will take too much fall damage. So let's check this out!

(this will take you to a certain time, just wait for the video to finish AT THE CERTAIN TIME do not restart the video)

Jitter Bridge (No Shift)


Next up, we have a no-shift "twirling" bridge I guess you could call it. Most people call this the Breezily bridge. (I don't know why, minecrafters are weird.) This can be useful, but is so hard, even I can't do it... but this gets about a 70% chance of death IF YOU'RE GOOD. Now, I don't want people saying: "oh I can do this it's so ez" But you've probably only done it once... AND SO HAVE I. And for all the innocent people out there, let's see how fast this thing really is.

Breezily Bridge

AND NOW WE HAVE THE LAST AND FINAL OP BRIDGE... this is the one I use all the time. You can check it out on my YouTube channel for proof. This is the slowest. But has a less chance of death than all the others... and doesn't use as many blocks as the No - Shift Jitter Bridge. While being better than Breezily as Breezily is a higher chance of death. I mastered the speed bridge in a week, while I'm still trying to do a Breezily bridge. (I've been at it for a month.) And you can watch this video, then we will have a conclusion for what is the fastest bridge. While then having the least block using, then the hardest, then the easiest, then the... you get it, right? Here it is.


A LITTLE BIT OF SPEED BRIDGING (you can X out after about 20 seconds)

Okay, what is the fastest bridge? Breezily. Breezily is also the hardest, though. What uses the most resources and is the second fastest? (This is a little quiz)

A Breezily

B Speed Bridging

C No-shift JITTER bridge

Good! If you picked C, you were correct. If you didn't then that's okay. Now, I use speed bridging. Here are the ups and downs about speed bridging:

Speed Bridging is the slowest
Speed Bridging takes the same amount of resources as Breezily
Speed Bridging is the Easiest
Speed Bridging does not take as much damage as a no-shift Jitter Bridge
Not many people know how to speed bridge.

And that's why I use speed bridging, but you guys can figure out which one is best for you. Thanks for reading my blog! Subscribe! And, bye.

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11/21/2017 9:01 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Network
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The only way I can bridge fast with no shift is if I staircase but either way it works out in the end because I can water drop it, uses a lot more blocks though obvi
11/22/2017 8:03 am
Level 43 : Master Taco
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