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Wheat Fields - Superflat Preset

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Hi! This was originally posted in the projects section, but I recently read the rules for the site, and superflat worlds/seeds are acceptable as projects, so I had to move to the blogs section.

It is a huge field of superflat land covered in wheat seeds and farmland! It not really that useful for anything, but fun to mess around in and I thought I should share it.

How to Apply:
Click create new world. From there, you should set you gamemode to creative and go to more options. Change the world type to superflat, click customise, and click presets. In the box at the top of the screen paste:


In order to make the wheat grow faster (without using bonemeal) There is a command you can use.

/gamerule randomTickSpeed (any number you want, the higher it is the faster things will grow)

This video shows you how to use the above command:

CreditYouTube channel 'minecraftbots'

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