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avatar Sumaxi
Level 50 : Grandmaster Princess
What is availible in every blog Made by ze only! Sumaxi!:
Permissions Configuration
How to use

World Guard/World Edit!
This is a pretty popular plugin so you need to know a few things on it. With the tutorial, you will be an expert!
So first the commands, the important part.

1) The First command I want to introduce is //limit, the basic explanation is that it limits the changes. Why its here however is so that you cannot do as much damage, basically, if someone is new to it and destroys everything, //limit would have prevented that. Pretty useful. (I would set it to around 50-100 blocks, that is pretty easy to fix) and good amount of power too.

2) //undo and //redo , undoes a command or redoes a command. That is very useful, basically, if //limit did not help you out with a mistake, //undo and //redo can do that. This is one of the most important commands.

3) To actually start crashi...helping the server, you do //wand Depending on the configuration, it gives you an item. Without any editing it gives you a wooden axe. Right clicking and left clicking select coordinates, later you will find out what they are for.

4) Now... later has passed. Editing time, oh yeaaah. (I will be giving you the basic commands first)

5) So, you should first learn //set (block type) with 2 coordinates, everything in between them it well set that block type. IF you have one coordinate or none, I suggest typing //undo rather quickly. one coordinate does from top to bottom. None does everything. The block type could be a number, or the actual name( if world edit knows that name)

6) Now its time for //replace, a bit trickier. You have 2 commands with it. So the first one is just //replace (block) , what it does is replace the non air blocks within the cordinate. The //replace (block wishing to be replaced) (block you want replacing) Thats pretty self explanatory.

7) //walls and //outline These are one of the move simpler ways of construction:) //wall is to build the wall of the region and outline is to build floor wall and ceiling, epic 0.o

8) //smooth ( 2 cordinates and you get smoother land ) For the cows to mooo for the flat land! xD

9) //regen to regenerate the region:) rollback basicly

10) //move ( This is one of the more trickier ones) the exact command is to //move (how much) (direction)(I believe this is optional, and what blocks to leave) For direction, you just need to try a few times and do //undo to figure it out:)


12) //copy //paste Be carefull with these guys! When you //copy a building you need 2 cordinates. when you actually do the //copy be in the position where the front of the building is, when //pasting the position of the front is where you are. Also! The building will not turn if you do a copy and paste turning around!

13) How to rotate, //rotate (degrees) This will make the building turn, so when you copy and turn around if you do //rotate 180 It will be still facing you. (leave a comment for more help)

14) Then you can //flip a building, pretty usefull too, all it is just //flip

15) //save and //load Its to just load the building or whatever into a clipboard to assess later, useful when copying multiple items.


17) The first few I introduce are going to be the actual buildings , //hcyl (Whatblock) (Radius) (Height) - this is for a hollow cylinder. If you want a filled cylinder, its just //cyl.

18) //sphere (Whatblock) (Radius) (raised how many blocks from ground?) For sphere the last part is optional. Also there is a command //hsphere (hollow sphere, duh xD) If you noticed for these to commands , its cyl-abbrieviated for cylinder, and sphere- for sphere. H only comes when you want it to be hollow. Pretty easy to remember:)

19) /forestgen - create a forest , I believe you can get a 1-30 density in it... and to remember /forestgenerator, easy peasy creeper crunchy, or you can just use /tree to get one tree:)

20) /pumpkins same type of command instead for pumpkin :) NOTICE: for these 2 commands they have only one /. Not a mistake :)

21) //fill (Type of Block)(Radius)(Depth) , It just fills a hole, usefull for creapers or destroying caves. or for that matter, making land flat :)

22) //drain (radius) VERY! usefull command to use in since with //fill and //flat! Good way to change ocean to flat land.

23) /fixwater (radius) /fixlava (radius)These two I always forget so remember, only one / and there is no space. What it does is just evens out the water and lava. (I used this like @@@ because my GREAT FRIEND drktemplar06 messed up a command here. Thank him for this.) A more detailed way is that it fixes water from what level you are on, so if you are on level 2 water, It fixes level 2 water, not level 3 water. Level counts for height from ground. Try to go steady with this command, can lag a server if you do it too by too much. Another useful use for //limit

24) /removeabove (size) (height) and /removebellow (size) (height) self explanatory, also a good way to uneven out land if your in a cave, cool way to make rifts..meeheehee

25) /snow (radius) /thaw (radius) simple to use, /thaw does not create water. Notice that 23 to 25 have only one /. I think it as its not actually really doing something, you don't need cordinates for those commands)

26) //ex (size) (yes, it broke the rule I made up on 25. //ex or //extinguish (just use //ex) extinguishes fires. that's it.

27) /butcher, my good old buddy. IT BUTCHERS! I do not believe it actually butchers the players thankfully xD

28) /remove (type) (radius) pretty simple...


30) first I want to introduce the super pickaxe , // . thats it. xD, instant block break with pickaxe, I believe you still get the blocks....

31) now... /sp single for one block break, /sp area (range) for more block range

32) //repl (block thats replacing other blocks) self explanatory, you just need to have a tool to do this.

32) //brush commands... these are the very powerful commands. Basicly, they take a command like /sphere or /cylinder and you can do it within 1 left click without having to type anything. making a sphere of air could easily level huge plains or make huge caves. all the brush commands are //brush sphere //brush cylinder //brush smooth

33) You can also control the brush after making a brush by using //size or a material by using //mat

34) Now we get to run around and cause chaos! meehee /unstuck to go up to the first free spot, /ascend to go up one level /descend to go one level

35) not enough? simply going through levels? try /ceil to go to the ceiling or /thru to go through thick walls... LIKE A BOSS!

36) and when the guy LIKE A BOSS is doing that, run away from him using /jumpto to jump to the spot your looking at( you don't take damage doing that.

Thankyou for all the FUTURE SUPPORT THAT YOU WILL GIVE ME. Please give me a thumbees up or leave a comment, for comments please tell me on something to improve. :)
//limit worldedit.limit
//hcyl worldedit.generation.cylinder
//cyl worldedit.generation.cylinder
//hsphere worldedit.generation.sphere
//sphere worldedit.generation.sphere
/forestgen worldedit.generation.forest
//pumpkins worldedit.generation.pumpkins
//pyramid worldedit.generation.pyramid
//hpyramid worldedit.generation.pyramid
//undo worldedit.history.undo
//redo worldedit.history.redo
//clearhistory worldedit.history.clear
/chunkinfo worldedit.chunkinfo
/delchunks worldedit.delchunks
//load worldedit.clipboard.load
//save worldedit.clipboard.save
//copy worldedit.clipboard.copy
//flip worldedit.clipboard.flip
//rotate worldedit.clipboard.rotate
//cut worldedit.clipboard.cut
//paste worldedit.clipboard.paste
//searchitem worldedit.
/unstuck worldedit.navigation.unstuck
/ascend worldedit.navigation.ascend
/descend world.navigation.descend
/thru worldedit.navigation.thru
/jumpto worldedit.navigation.jumpto
/up worldedit.navigation.up
//replace worldedit.region.replace
//stack worldedit.region.stack
//set worldedit.region.set
//overlay worldedit.region.overlay
//naturalize worldedit.region.naturalize
//walls worldedit.region.walls
//faces worldedit.region.faces
//smooth worldedit.region.smooth
//move worldedit.region.move
//regen worldedit.regen
//shift worldedit.selection.shift
//expand worldedit.selection.expand
//contract worldedit.selection.contract
//pos1 worldedit.selection.pos
//pos2 worldedit.selection.pos
//hpos1 worldedit.selection.hpos
//hpos2 worldedit.selection.hpos
//wand worldedit.want
/restore worldedit.snapshots.restore
// worldedit.superpickaxe
/superpickaxesingle worldedit.superpickaxe
/superpickaxearea worldedit.superpickaxe.area
/spnapshot worldedit.snapshots
/tool tree worldedit.tool.tree
/tool repl worldedit.tool.replacer
/tool cycler worldedit.tool.data-cycler
/tool floodfill worldedit.tool.flood-fill
/tool brush worldedit.brush
/tool brush sphere worldedit.brush.sphere
/tool brush cylinder worldedit.brush.cylinder
/tool brushsmooth worldedit.brush.smooth
/tool deltree worldedit.tool.deltree
/tool farwand worldedit.tool.farwand
/mat worldedit.brush.options.material
/range worldedit.brush.options.range
/info worldedit.tool.info
/tree worldedit.tool.tree
/repl worldedit.tool.replacer
/cycler worldedit.tool.data-cycler
/floodfill worldedit.tool.flood-fill
/brush worldedit.brush
/brush ex worldedit.brush.ex
/fill worldedit.fill
/remove worldedit.remove
//fixlava worldedit.drain
//drain worldedit.fixlava
//fixwater worldedit.fixwater
//removeabove worldedit.removeabove
//remove bellow worldedit.removebelow
//removenear worldedit.removenear
//replacenear worldedit.replacenear
//snow worldedit.snow
//thaw worldedit.thaw
//green worldedit.green
//ex worldedit.extinguish
/butcher worldedit.butcher

11/10/2011 11:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Wow, I cannot believe this has only one diamond... This is great work.
11/06/2011 6:29 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Blockhead
Ill teach you
11/06/2011 6:36 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Princess
lll? I'tl teach you or , I will teach you?
11/06/2011 7:29 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Blockhead
Oh I thought you were asking for my help..
11/06/2011 9:37 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Princess
I was asking for how well the whole thing is written, put a great deal of effort and want it perfect:)
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