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Alternative Mob Drops - Get more out of Mob Loot!

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    MisterSandman's Avatar MisterSandman
    Level 41 : Master Crafter
    I was looking through some mobs and realized, there's not enough custom items between them! And while I can't exactly make clean custom recipes, I can include new mob-based items that add more variety into the world!

    - Works in 1.16 and while not tested, should work in the latest Snapshots.
    - The Resource Pack is required if you want to see the new textures! It's included in the download, and don't worry, it only adds the new sprites.
    - Should totally work in Multiplayer!
    - Datapack not appearing when adding it to a world? BE SURE TO EXTRACT THE FILE!

    Added Items
    Pig Tail Pig Tails - Dropped from Pigs, Piglins, Zombified Piglins, Piglin Brutes, Hoglins and Zoglins! Acts the same as Fermented Spider Eyes in brewing!

    Bat Wing Bat Wings - Have a small chance to drop from Bats! Acts exactly the same as Phantom Membranes, which is good in case you have them disabled! If you're not sure what that does, it means you can make Potions of Slowfalling, and repair your Elytra!

    Ragged Cloth Ragged Cloth - Can drop from the Husks! Acts the same as Paper!

    Wither Bone Wither Bone - Betchya can't guess they drop from Wither Skeletons. Can be used as a fuel source in furnaces!

    Calamari Calamari - Dropped by Squid! No need to cook, as it recovers 3 Hunger Notches!

    Hoglin Meat Hoglin Meat - May drop from Hoglins! When consumed, recovers 4 Hunger Notches, gives the player a temporary Strength II effect, and leaves behind a Bone! How useful!

    Cave Carrot - A strange carrot that has a chance to drop from Zombies, or even from Stone when mined! When eaten, gives the player a Haste and Night Vision effect for a short time!

    Soul Essence - An escaped soul of a long departed spirit. Rarely drops from Vexes and Ghasts, and can be used to craft Bottles o' Enchanting and Crying Obsidian when surrounded by them in a Crafting Table, or into a Soul Pendant. Can also be used to craft Soul-based items, if need be.

    Soul Pendant - One of the mystical dark magic items that the Illagers kept secret... When right-clicked with, the soul trapped inside will empower players and passive mobs within a 3x3 radius with massive buffs for 30 seconds. When initially crafted, comes with 4 charges, but needs to be refilled to use again.

    Empty Pendant - The result of using up the Soul contained in a Soul Pendant. On it's own, it's utterly useless, but when dropped on the ground along with a new Soul Essence, refills it back into a Soul Pendant.

    Netherite Warhammer - Rarely spawns on Piglin Brutes. When jumping from a sizable height, these hammers cause a seismic wave, damaging all nearby foes in an exploding fashion!

    Specific and Miscellaneous changes to Mob Loot

    + 1/3 Chance of dropping Pig Tails

    + 1/3 Chance to drop to up to 2 Bat Wings

    + Will always drop 1 Calamari

    Polar Bears
    + May drop 1-2 Leather
    + Fish Drops are now affected by Looting

    + May drop 1-3 Emeralds when killed by a player

    + May drop a Cave Carrot on rare occasions when killed by a player
    - Will no longer drop Carrots

    + 1/3 Chance to drop 1-2 Ragged Cloth
    + May drop 2-6 Golden Nuggets on rare occasions when killed by a player
    + May drop Beetroot on rare occasions when killed by a player
    + May drop 1-2 Sand on rare occasions when killed by a player
    - Will no longer drop Carrots or Iron Ingots

    + May drop 2-6 Snowballs on rare occasions when killed by a player
    + May drop 1 Ice Block on rare occasions when killed by a player

    + Will always drop 1-3 Iron Nuggets when killed by a player
    + May drop 1 Soul Essence on rare occasions when killed by a player

    Piglin/Zombified Piglins
    + 1/4 Chance of dropping Pig Tails

    Piglin Brutes
    + 1/4 Chance of dropping Pig Tails
    + 1/4 Chance to drop Netherite Warhammer when spawned with one.

    + 1/4 Chance of dropping Pig Tails
    + Will always drop 1-2 Hoglin Meat
    - Will no longer drop Porkchops

    + 1/4 Chance of dropping Pig Tails
    + May drop 1-2 Leather

    + May drop 1 Soul Essence on rare occasions when killed by a player

    Wither Skeletons
    + May drop 1-2 Wither Bones
    + Wither Skeleton Skull rates have been increased
    - Will no longer drop Bones and Charcoal


    If you want to summon in the items via Creative Mode, be sure to use the command /function atlmobdrops:spawn/[​item name], there's even a give_all tag if you want them all in one go!

    If you ever want to remove the Datapack, be sure to hit the [​Disable] button that appears when you do /reload. This will also remove the scoreboards, so no need to worry about clutter!

    Ideas for Future Updates
    - Some kind of "Void Essence" dropped by End Mobs. Potential use includes adding a custom enchantment to armor that allows the player to teleport to a random location when crouched.

    - Dragon Scales dropped by the Ender Dragon used to make a new end-game armorset, Dragonmail Armor.

    - Special Potions, whether obtained from Fishing/Crafting/Mobs/Etc

    - Edible Ghast Tentacles since that sounds disgusting! :D

    - Some sort of Witches Wand that uses Blaze Powder or Glowstone as a power source?

    - A Stray/Frozen Bone that acts as a powerful melee weapon, and breaks instantly upon use.

    - Craftable blocks, whether it be from an eventual NBT update to minecraft or using work-arounds like custom crafting.

    Lemme know what you guys think! Should I add any more Mob-Specific items? Be sure to suggest some ideas in those comments! Have a great time!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.17

    5 Update Logs

    Version 5.1 : by MisterSandman 12/24/2020 2:49:04 pmDec 24th, 2020

    + Piglin Brutes can now use their Netherite Warhammers on the player! Happy hunting!

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    05/16/2021 4:34 am
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    Kxkxrxtx's Avatar
    It doesn't load in 1.16.5
    05/22/2021 7:10 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    User3616976G's Avatar
    can you please explain how you fixed the issue with loading it in 1.16.5 because i think i might have the same problem i think i cant /reload
    05/16/2021 4:46 am
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    Kxkxrxtx's Avatar
    BTW, love this mod <3
    04/22/2021 3:58 pm
    Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
    Cookie_Sanwich546's Avatar
    help i put the datapack into my world but it doesn't show up when i do /datapack list and no features are in
    04/19/2021 6:24 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    LuisKingKing's Avatar
    Is there a way to only disable certain items from this pack without disabling all of them? I like the idea of these but I feel I’d want to customize what drops what per world.
    04/05/2021 11:23 pmhistory
    Level 1 : New Miner
    EcoPig's Avatar
    Specific Part of Datapack

    Is there any way that you could make a datapack that just includes the hoglin meat drop, and no other specific parts of the datapack, if so, thanks!
    04/04/2021 10:23 pm
    Level 1 : New Collective
    Kaarter's Avatar
    I'm having a few issues with the pack on my server - When /reloading, the datapack doesnt introduce itself

    However I'm still able to come across the Netherite Warhammer (and it's function) manually, from the drop of a Piglin brute.

    I'm able to spawn in each new item, pig tail etc only using the command - But Drops such as these, calamari - pigtail - bat wings ... wont drop manually, and it may be irrelevant but textures are working fine!
    02/04/2021 6:07 pmhistory
    Level 55 : Grandmaster Llama
    Suspicious Stoo
    Suspicious Stoo's Avatar
    Textures are phenomenal! This is a really well polished pack. Favorite has to be the hoglin meat lol. The fact that eating it grants you a bone is simply genius.
    02/04/2021 2:52 pm
    Level 30 : Artisan Procrastinator
    AstroVulpix's Avatar
    Can you make a compatibility patch for Stoo's Subtle Survival Improvements Please?
    03/31/2021 8:43 pm
    Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
    TaintedPlaces's Avatar
    Planet Minecraft


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