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UwUwater avatar UwUwater
Level 27 : Expert uwu

Do you feel like vanilla Minecraft's hostile mobs are boring? Do you want them to have strange mechanics? Then, this is your datapack!

This datapack adds to most of the hostile mobs, and to some neutral ones, a series of different mechanics, making the game overall more difficult and, therefore, more entertaining. It doesn't modify bosses or peaceful mobs.

Here's detailed information about the modifications made to mobs:

Zombie, Husk, Drowned
Zombies don't really stand out much. Indeed, in many zombie-based games, their main chance of doing anything is through numerical superiority. So, therefore, I decided to make that, for each zombie spawned in the world, up to four more zombies will spawn too. T

This applies too for the husk and the drowned. In fact, when a zombie turns into a drowned, up to four more drowneds will spawn. Have fun! I recommend having a sword enchanted with Sweeping Edge, finally it will be useful for something...

Just don't worry about Creepers, you won't see any of them. Until it's too late.
Since Creepers are reptiles, sort of, and everybody likes to be jump scared by them, I decided to add them the ability to camouflage from the player.

Creepers will be completely invisible unless a player is seven blocks or less next to them. Moreover, their invisibility lasts for a second before turning off.

On the other hand, if a creeper starts hissing, it will lose its invisibility, no matter the source of it.

Spider, Cave Spider
Spiders usually trap their prey on cobwebs. I chose to add them just that. Spiders will trap on a 3x3 square of cobweb any mob they're fighting and who has been close (2 block range) enough to them for too much time (a small random chance each tick).

The cobweb goes away after some (random too) time if you don't break it. However, it's more than enough to time for the spider to trap you again. This makes spiders quite threatening at short range, since they can loop trap you. However, their weakness (apart from using long range weapons) is that cobweb only fills air blocks.

Skeleton, Stray, Wither Skeleton

Oh boy. Firstly, Skeletons have a 50% chance of wearing an iron sword instead of a bow. Wither skeletons have the same chance to wear a bow instead of a sword.

This sword (or bow) the skeleton "shouldn’t have" has a 15% chance to be enchanted despite the difficulty. Secondly, these f*ckers don't give a sh*t about international conventions, like the Hague, regarding the use of chemical weapons. Skeletons wearing a bow can have on their offhand tipped arrows of four different effects:

    • Weakness I
    • Slowness IV
    • Poison II
    • Instant Damage II

    To sum up, the tipped arrows skeletons use are the obtainable ones for those effects. Skeletons have, in principle, the same chance to get arrows of each effect. However, strays have twice the chance of getting arrows of slowness and wither skeletons can use arrows which give Wither II instead of Poison II.

    Thirdly and finally, all skeletons (and their variants) wear on their waist a splash potion which gets thrown upon death. If they wear a bow, the effect of the potion will match the effect of the tipped arrow the skeleton wears. The potions work in the same way as their arrow counterparts, with the same possible effects and the same features for strays and wither skeletons.

    This feature is a little clunky, however. Some strange interactions I’ve found are:
    • Skeletons hit with a Knockback II/Punch II or higher may drop the potion they’re wearing accidentally. This is intended.
    • Skeletons teleported by Endermen will lose their potions (see Endermen for more info).
    • When many skeletons are forced to be on the same block and released, some can lose the potion they’re holding on the way out.
    • Potions are held by an armor stand, so if you hit a skeleton just at the right point with an arrow it might hit the armor stand and bounce back. This is quite rare to happen, though.
    • Skeletons blown up will release their potion in the direction they got blown up. This is not intended but cool.

    Slime, Magma Cube

    We know, as a matter of fact, that slimes are sticky. So, I got the idea of making them able to get attached to other mobs. Slimes can be attached to any mob that comes close to them. Once attached, the only easy ways to get rid of the slime is to kill it or to make it stick to another mob.

    Because of the way entity cramming works, slimes can heavily impair the movements of the entities they are pushed into, forcing them to move in directions they don’t want. The smaller the slime, the harder it is to get rid of it by running away, and the worse it impairs their movement. Magma Cubes do the same as slimes, with the only difference being that they have a small chance to set on fire the block under them.


    Witches are particularly weak in close range, and don’t have time to shine if you go melee and kill them fast enough. To compensate that, now they’re able, with a small chance, to summon skeletons, to defend them if a player is at 16 blocks or less from them.

    They summon 1-3 normal skeletons and 0-1 wither skeletons. These wear potions as all skeletons and will always use a sword. They are deadly because skeletons are deadly, basically.

    Silverfish, Endermite

    Silverfish get to have a looting table. They can drop 0-2 iron nuggets and have a chance to drop 1 gold nugget. Also, they now spread exponentially. With that, I mean that, every time a silverfish spawns, it will infest all the stone-like blocks around him. Yeah, that’s a lot of silverfish. I’m giving you a way to farm iron easily, to be honest.

    Endermites also have a looting table, dropping 0-2 chorus fruit and having a chance to drop an ender pearl.


    Pillagers have weapons of mass destruction. To be precise, they have a 50% chance of shooting an explosive arrow. Explosive arrows leave a particle trail and will turn into TNT when hitting an entity or being on the ground.

    Also, so that they don’t blow up themselves too much, pillagers can prevent their own TNT from exploding if they are 3 blocks or less from them. Imagine losing a raid because all the beds have been destroyed by these guys.


    We all know that vindicators are one of the mobs with most melee damage on the game. What if we made that worse? I’ve given Vindicators a 50% chance of getting “pissed off” when they take damage.

    They start off with 5 base damage (damage without their iron axe) on every difficulty, and every time they get “pissed off”, it increases by 3. This is capped on 35 base damage. Enough to one-shot you with almost any armor. However, don’t worry, you’ll kill them before they reach that much damage (I hope).

    Fire only has a chance to trigger the attack increase if the Vindicator is directly under a fire block, magma block or campfire. The Poison (and Wither) effects can trigger it, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get it to its max.


    Endermen aren’t satisfied anymore with only teleporting themselves. I’ve decided to not add them anything combat-wise, since they don’t seem to be interested on it anyway.

    They can, with a small random chance, teleport all entities (with some exceptions) on a 16-block radius. This applies independently to each endermen, however, it’s limited to 5 endermen at the same time to avoid The End being unplayable.

    Endermen below Y=160 will teleport entities with a height limit of 16 blocks upward. The entities an enderman can’t teleport are the following:

    • Enderman (himself and other endermen)
    • End Crystal
    • Ender Dragon
    • Shulker
    • Players on creative or spectator mode

    This can lead to peculiar situations:
    • Marine mobs teleported to land
    • Skeleton’s potions being taken from them and randomly thrown
    • Mobs being teleported on the top of trees
    • Mobs teleported from the ground into a nearby cave and vice versa
    • Items being spread away


    Few people dare to step inside on ocean monuments without water breathing potions. To make things worse for those people, Guardians give nearby (16-block range) players (and entities that drown like them) negative effects depending on how low their breath is. The effects given are the following:

    • Slowness I, Weakness I (from ¾ to ½ breath)
    • Slowness II, Weakness I (from ½ to ¼ breath)
    • Slowness II, Weakness I, Blindness I (from ¼ to 0 breath)
    • Slowness III, Weakness II, Blindness I (0 breath)


    Blazes tend to miss their target most of the time. What could solve this? Better aim? No! Throwing more projectiles is the best solution! For each projectile thrown, a blaze will throw up to 4 more projectiles around it, with the same trajectory.

    Moreover, blazes are quite weak while charging. They now have Resistance II while they are on fire, that is, when they are charging their attacks.


    Piglins are either good at melee if they have a sword, or at long range if they have a crossbow, but what if we could have both aspects in the same piglin? Piglins on this datapack will change weapon depending on the distance they are of the entity they’re fighting.

    By default, they’ll wear a crossbow. When fighting at close range (5 blocks or less) they’ll switch their weapon with a golden sword.

    Both the golden sword and the crossbow will be always unenchanted, and the piglin only has a chance to drop when dying the weapon he had then.

    Zombified Piglin

    These mobs, when provoked by someone stupid enough, charge in mass assault towards the player. To make things worse, they now have buffs (in the form of potion effects) depending on how many of them are charging together to attack an entity. The buffs are the following:

    • Strength I, Speed I (2-9 attacking)
    • Strength II, Speed I, Resistance I (10-24 attacking)
    • Strength II, Speed II, Resistance II (25+ attacking)

    Each zombified piglin detects its mates on a radius of 10 blocks. Meaning that inside a very large group, the zombie piglins on the center can get a higher buff than the ones on the sides.


    The explosions from a ghast’s fireball are the weakest on the game. I feel like that’s a waste of potential for the ghast since you can summon ghasts with more blast power via commands.

    Therefore, I decided that every time the ghast fires, it has a 50% chance to increase the blast power of the next fireballs it will throw by 1.

    This scales up to 8 blast power, which, for comparison, is higher that the explosion a Wither makes when spawning. Now ghasts will destroy your Nether portal and the rest of your house in the Nether along with it!


    In real life, many rhinos can run to more than 40 km/h despite their clunky appearance. Therefore, I decided to add to their Minecraft counterparts the ability to sprint if they target an entity from more than 16 blocks (since they need some distance to properly charge).

    When a Ravager sprints, it gains Speed II and Strength II for 5 seconds. Then, just after these effects run out, he gets tired, obtaining Slowness I for 10 seconds. During the time the Ravager is tired, he is unable to sprint.


    Evokers drop a unique item, the Totem of Undying, that can serve to save players from death, but for some reason (maybe they preferred to focus on making sheep change color) they don’t use it to save themselves or their comrades.

    Upon installing this datapack, Evokers have a small chance every tick to give up to 3 totems of Undying to any evoker, witch, pillager or vindicator on a 16-block radius. (It turns out that totems work on other mobs than players lol I didn’t know that) The mobs who get the totem on their right hand are determined randomly, discarding mobs which already have it.


    What if we made phantoms more annoying? Seriously, they only fly around and charge towards the player, of course they need a new ability!

    Phantoms are beings of nightmare, and to make them justice, now they have a chance to create a cloud of nightmares which withers and blinds mobs on it when they get nearby you. The toxic cloud lasts for 5 seconds, has 5 blocks of radius, and doesn’t shrink or grow.

    I'm open with any suggestions, regarding either the hostile mobs I haven't touched on the datapack or the ones I have. This datapack is compatible with versions 1.17 or higher. If there's any bug or unintended behaviour, please tell me.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
    toMinecraft 1.18

    3 Update Logs

    Patch 1.1.6 (Raiders Update) : by UwUwater 09/06/2021 2:42:55 pmSep 6th, 2021

    -Now Enderman do their usual teleport sound when attempting to teleport other entities

    -Assured compatibility with the datapack The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

    -Ravagers now have the ability to sprint (see description for more info)

    -Evokers now give out totems of undying to other raiders (see description for more info)

    -Phantoms generate nightmare clouds when attacking players (see description for more info)

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    09/21/2021 3:49 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Andy_shade_ avatar
    could you add /function commands to allow players to turn off individual features?
    08/24/2021 3:14 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Corruptyd avatar
    maybe evokers could have a chance to revive themselves or maybe they could revive nearby illagers, because they have totems.
    08/24/2021 5:11 pm
    Level 27 : Expert uwu
    UwUwater avatar
    Interesting. The only reason this datapack doesn't cover all mobs yet is beacuse I ran out of ideas at some point xD. I'll try to do this or something similar on a future update.
    08/24/2021 1:08 pmhistory
    Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
    GFBrunoUltra avatar
    How do I remove creepers s invisibility
    08/24/2021 5:14 pm
    Level 27 : Expert uwu
    UwUwater avatar
    Uhhh technicaly it replenishes each tick so it's "unremovable". I could add a command to remove it on an update, but that would make creepers too normal tbh...
    08/24/2021 5:48 pm
    Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
    GFBrunoUltra avatar
    I found the line of code that makes creepers invisible and removed it manually
    08/23/2021 10:44 am
    Level 59 : Grandmaster Nerd
    Pleasenotme avatar
    This is terrifying and awesome.
    08/24/2021 5:28 pm
    Level 27 : Expert uwu
    UwUwater avatar
    I know right? I never expected a collection of ideas for different mobs like this to get so many views.
    08/20/2021 3:58 pmhistory
    Level 24 : Expert Explorer
    BarryMeyers avatar
    Is there a way to stop the data pack from adding too many "breath" scores to the scoreboard? Even a short playtime results in around 8000 different "breath" scores of value 300 with long random names similar to 64b137ed-dde2-47e2-b3be-64ad4834ae4f, according to NBT explorer looking into my scoreboard.dat. Something similar happens with the "count" scores. I am afraid that having the data pack adding nearly infinite different scores may cause lag of some sort.

    I later deleted all the scores, only to find out that after clearing the scoreboard, 800 "breath" scores are added again and I never entered the water at all. It appears that the breath scores are added every single tick of gameplay, without me ever going into the water.
    08/22/2021 2:27 pm
    Level 27 : Expert uwu
    UwUwater avatar
    Okay, I accept that when I made Guardians affect non-player entities, I put an @e selector thinking that only entities with a proper breath system would get a score, and not non-breathing entities like items, paintings, etc...

    I'm changing that, and I'll make it so that land mobs only get a breath score when there are in water and aquatic mobs only get a breath score when there are on land. Undead mobs and Guardians won't get an score since they can't drown.

    As for the count score, its kinda important for skeletons and zombie pigmen so I'm not touching it. Hope that solves your problem.
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