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FunkyToc's Avatar FunkyToc
Level 75 : Legendary Creator

Chairify is a simple and light datapack. It allows you to create sittable spots near everywhere in Minecraft vanilla. Chill mode activated !

What's the difference with other SIT datapack?!

It's a sit-spot creator. The main difference is, with this datapack, you chose where you want people to sit by pre-creating spots. You have the choice between pre-creating spots and/or let players create temporary and/or permanent spots.

Sneak to Sit NEW

Latest versions include a new "Sneak to Sit" system to create temporary spot without using your chat.
  • Empty your main hand
  • Sneak and look at your feet (-90°)
  • Release the sneak button, keeping you eyes low
  • a chair is created
  • if AutoRide option enabled, you will ride it automaticly

Creation process :

  1. Climb on the block you want to create the spot on
  2. Create the spot using : /trigger ChairCreate (or remove it with /trigger ChairRemove )
  3. Right-click to sit on the spot ! Sneak to pop out !

Public commands :

  • Create a temporary spot : /trigger ChairSit
  • Create a spot : /trigger ChairCreate
  • Remove a spot : /trigger ChairRemove

OP commands :

  • Create a spot : /function fkcf:systems/chair/create/normal
  • Force the creation of a spot : /function fkcf:systems/chair/create/force
  • Remove a spot : /function fkcf:systems/chair/remove/one
  • Remove spots in the surrouding chunk : /function fkcf:systems/chair/remove/chunk
  • Remove spots in current dimension : /function fkcf:systems/chair/remove/dimension
  • Remove all loaded spots : /function fkcf:systems/chair/remove/all
  • Uninstall datapack : /function fkcf:uninstall

Options (Patreon feature)

To adjust options to your needs, use :
/function fkcf:options/get
Patreon Supporters
1.21 (2024-06-16) : 아아앨, Screaming Man, ZMH, CYKLOPPS, Darklad32, Memick Kung, Aidan McCreary, EXcore, Setsu-P
1.20.5 (2024-05-17) : Angelo Russo, 아아앨, EXcore, Screaming Man, ZMH, Darklad32, CYKLOPPS, Memick Kung, Aidan McCreary, Setsu-P
1.20.2 (2023-12-21) : Angelo Russo, 깔수, Screaming Man, ZMH, Darklad32, CYKLOPPS, God Emperor Leto II Atriedes
1.20 (2023-06-16) : Delivator, Jonathan Fanelli, Angelo Russo, Phantom-Glitch-Wolf, John Stampe, 깔수, Screaming Man, Dorian Dejean, ooF, ZMH, Yokie
1.19 (2022-06-08) : Jonathan Fanelli, Screaming Man, Dorian Dejean, Peter Schubert, ooF, Tân Huỳnh, ZMH, Deadlot3, Samantha Flanary, Andrew T Harris
1.18 (2021-12-13) : Screaming Man, Dorian Dejean, Peter Schubert
1.17 (2021-06-21) : -
1.16 (2020-12-03) : -
1.15 (2019-12-15) : -
Patreon Versions
- in-game option menu to modify options
- credits in the project file patreons.txt
- awesome support for the creator ♥
Issue / Bug
- "Unable to create a chair on this ground material" : try to change the block under your feet, or use /function cf:chair/create/force instead to force the creation of the chair. Chairs cannot stand in the air or not sittable place.
Chairify [1.21] Minecraft Data Pack
By downloading this work, you automatically accept the license protecting it.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. An exception is made for video content which can be monetized under the condition of credits attribution according to the license. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode.

An exception is made for video, image, sound, blog, and any other media that would share the project. If the purpose of the content is sharing, the content creator may monetize the content. Content creators must simply give appropriate credit and provide a link to the original work.
Datapack by FunkyToc : www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/chairify-sit-and-chill/
Visitors Stats
Chairify [1.21] Minecraft Data Pack

Chairify [1.21] Minecraft Data Pack

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.21

21 Update Logs

1.21 Update : by FunkyToc 06/15/2024 5:30:36 pmJun 15th

Compatibility 1.21.
Added new 1.21 seatable blocks (copper and tuff variants).

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Ambassador Pineapple
05/14/2024 11:03 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Scribe
Ambassador Pineapple's Avatar
Hey, from what I've heard, 1.20.5/6 broke a lot of things for basically every datapack. Will there be an update for that? Cheers.
05/15/2024 4:43 am
Level 75 : Legendary Creator
FunkyToc's Avatar
Hi, I updated the datapack for 1.20.5+ yesterday! I'm currently creating new videos about it before publishing it.
It will be available in fiew hours.
05/26/2022 3:27 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
ComicPixels's Avatar
I hate to be that guy, so please forgive me for this. Why should I pay you for something I can get for free elsewhere? I admit this pack tends to pretty good compared to most, but why should I pay for only slight improvements when other packs work just fine?
05/26/2022 5:31 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Creator
FunkyToc's Avatar
I can't answer for you. You seems to not have any good reason to support my work, and that's fine =)

I spend a lot of time doing those pack (432 updates in 2021) and I'm trying to get a return on my investment in some kind, allowing people to support me, giving them some premium features.
05/27/2022 3:59 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
ComicPixels's Avatar
Well best of luck to you o7
Larry the Hamster
01/05/2023 8:06 pm
He/Him • Level 25 : Expert Pirate Engineer
Larry the Hamster's Avatar
I have respect to both FunkyToc and ComicPixels because they respect each other dispite disagreeing.
09/25/2021 7:49 am
This reply was removed by the poster or a moderator.
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