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Chimerabot's Basic Automation | 1.17+

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Level 58 : Grandmaster Theorist
Chimerabot's Basic Automation - Minecraft Datapack

By Chimerabot

Download Process
  • Download "chimerabot-s-basic-automation-e1930.zip" from this page. Alternatively, click the Google Drive link if you don't feel safe downloading a .zip file directly.

  • Open Minecraft, and select the world you want to use the data pack in. Before you start up the world, click the "Edit" button, and then click the button in the editing menu titled "Open World Folder".

  • Put the .zip file inside the "datapacks" folder for your world.

  • Enter your world, type /reload in chat, and the data pack should start working.

  • Click the text that pops up to toggle any function on or off, at any time. Use /reload again to reset the datapack.

Automated Breeding:
Just what it sounds like. A full list of animals that can be auto-bred is in the video. To put it generally, you can auto-breed almost any animal except Pandas, Bees, and Turtles. This is mostly just due to some idiosyncrasies with their breeding processes, but for Bees... well, there were just too many items for me to copy-paste. And auto-breeding bees would be really hard anyway.

Automated Planting:
Again, just what you'd expect. Drop (almost) any kind of seed or crop onto its appropriate farmland- whether it's sand, dirt, or plain old tilled soil- and wait a couple of seconds for it to plant itself. I've implemented this mechanic so that the crops don't automatically replant as soon as they're harvested. Currently, most conventional crops can be planted- including sugarcane, which you can still only plant by water- except mushrooms, flowers, and a couple of those types of plants. I may add them in a future update if you really want that kind of feature.

Automated Redstone:
This is the function that ties it all together. Drop one redstone dust on a redstone torch to get a minute timer, two for a second timer, three for a tick timer (20 activations every second), and four for a custom timer. Use /trigger custom_timer set <number> to set the number of ticks in which you want the timer to activate. Note that this affects every single custom torch in the world, so keep that information in mind when building with this item.

Item Orientation: Kindly suggested by Davgaming. This automatically aligns any item thrown by a dispenser or a dropper into the center of the block this was dispensed on. For automatic farms, this is practically necessary. Of course, it works with all items in general, so feel free to use it for whatever you want. Also, it does not apply to any items thrown by a player, only items that are thrown by the two blocks mentioned above.

Known Bugs:
- Animals will not auto-breed when packed too tightly; the breeding item will simply be lost and the heart particles display, but no child results
(Note that the bug shown in the video- two animals going into love mode at once when the breeding item is dropped in between them- has been fixed. This bug resulted, but fixed a larger problem.)

* * *

Show me your skills!
Think you've got an intuitive design using any of these functions? Get a world or structure upload, send it to me, and I'll try to feature it in an upcoming video. I'm no good at redstone, so I need you to do my work for me. Come up with a genuinely useful farm using this datapack and I'll be quite happy to showcase it.

And maybe consider subscribing?
I've just started to grow and revamp my youtube channel, and I'd really be pleased if you were along for the ride. If you liked this datapack, or my video, I'd appreciate any advice on how to get better at this whole thing. A subscription would be hugely valued, and then you get notified on my new posts and releases. Believe me, I have big plans.

Subscribe to Chimerabot for more Minecraft content!

Thanks again for looking at this datapack, and have fun!
CreditHuge thanks to the redditors on r/MinecraftCommands who helped me with some of the material in this datapack. Thanks are also due to @Davgaming for his suggestion, detailed above.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

5 Update Logs

Update #5 - Upload fix + Goat compatibility : by Chimerabot 07/13/2021 2:56:18 pmJul 13th, 2021

- Thanks to an uploading error brought to my attention by User3675133G, the datapack was missing many of its integral concepts. This has been fixed. A quick test also verifies that everything works properly in 1.17.1.
- Automatic Breeding for Goats has been implemented.

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07/14/2021 11:15 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CrazySunPlayz's Avatar
Big problem, I tied to make a completely automatic steak farm, but when testing the basic concepts of it, the wheat thrown to cows in a hole, one cow would take all of the wheat, there are ways to fix it, but it would make it way more complex. So if there is a way to add a simple cooldown before a mob can get another food item, my farm would be way easier
07/14/2021 1:29 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Theorist
Chimerabot's Avatar
Unfortunately, automatic farms using animals tend to be really glitchy. I think there is some sort of cooldown, but generally speaking, I have just about no idea how to fix the issues that occur when there are lots of animals packed together. Sorry :|
07/11/2021 1:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3675133G's Avatar
I tried this pack a few days ago on 1.17 and it just didn't work. There was no configuration for redstone clocks and not the farming or breeding worked. I tried reloading multiple times but it still wouldn't work. I tried it again a few minutes ago since I saw you had updated the pack but the same issue happened again. I'm not saying there is something wrong with the pack since it might just be something on my part but help.
07/11/2021 6:32 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Theorist
Chimerabot's Avatar
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll take a look at the pack to make sure nothing's missing, but it should be working fine...
07/12/2021 12:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3675133G's Avatar
just to make sure I wasn't stupid I tried it on a different world than my datapack testing world (which I used earlier) but no
07/13/2021 2:44 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Theorist
Chimerabot's Avatar
Ohhh, I see what happened. I uploaded the version of the datapack I was using for my server. Huge thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll make sure to get the full version out as soon as possible.

Edit: All done. I also added automatic breeding for Goats, didn't think to put that in there before...
07/14/2021 6:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3675133G's Avatar
Thanks a lot!
03/21/2021 2:40 am
Level 1 : New Network
NyxainTro's Avatar
Chimera I want to ask something from you so pls can you dm me on discord? My discord is *** not giving it here cause other players will dm me lol so I messages yu in planet minecraft with the discord ID
03/06/2021 6:48 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Robot
Davgaming's Avatar
I tried to make an automatic wheat farm with this pack but the problem is that droppers drop stuff randomly. By that, I mean that sometimes the droppers drop the seed on the block next to it, and then the items will stack and it won't work. I don't know if it's possible but maybe you could make it so the droppers drop straight down(up, left, or right).
03/06/2021 11:36 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Theorist
Chimerabot's Avatar
That would be kind of tricky but I could try implementing it so that it plants even when there's a stack. Might be kind of wasteful, but it seems like there's no way around these kinds of things...
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