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Required Resource Pack
A_triangle's Avatar A_triangle
Level 45 : Master Birb
This pack is a collection of all of my data pack projects that are compatible with each other put into in a single pack. It adds a new crafting table to craft new items (recipes in linked video). I have also slightly changed a few vanilla things such as loot tables and crafting recipes. The main features of this pack are the new materials, food, potions, tools, weapons and armour you can get from fishing, mining, crafting and exploring as well as five mysterious portals each leading to a new dimension.

Features include:
- New dimensions (snow, sky, cave, forest and ocean dimensions).
- New biomes (barren plains, giant dark oak forest, giant jungle, giant mangrove swamp, giant mushroom forest, the hallow and the chasm).
- New structures (ice fortress, stone fortress, sky tower and abandoned cabin/wooden house).
- New loot (some vanilla loot tables changed slightly with fishing being overhauled).
- New weapons (swords, axes, bows, bombs, arrows, guns and staffs).
- New armour (copper, gem, dragon, power, echo and runic armour).
- New fruits (apricot, azalea flower, banana, cherry, grapefruit, lemon, mango, pineapple, grapes).
- Runes (like enchantments, can be used to upgrade your weapons).
- Crafting recipes for new items.
- Crafting recipes for uncraftable items (horse armour, chainmail armour, saddle, name tag, etc).
- QOL crafting recipes (anvil repair, wood crafting with stonecutter and converting slabs back into full blocks).
- New advancements for getting the new items and travelling through the new dimensions.
- New boss fight. Throw a suspicious looking orb on the ground to summon.

- Install the data pack and resource pack.
- Type /reload in game (requires cheats) and a message appears (if the world is opened with the data pack enabled, this step is unnecessary).
- When creating a world, turn on the bonus chest for an overpowered sword (ideal for large servers where pvp is allowed).
- To uninstall the data pack, type /function a_triangle:uninstall.

- Ice portal: blue ice frame with a flint and steel.
- Sky portal: glowstone frame with a water bucket.
- Caverns portal: deepslate frame with a lava bucket.
- Ocean portal: prismarine frame with a water bucket.
- Forest portal: overworld log/wood frame with a flint and steel.

Fishing crates:
- Always: air crate, ice crate, stone crate, wooden crate, water crate, magic crate.
- After going to the nether at least once: fire crate, magma crate.
- In deserts: desert crate.
- In swamps: swamp crate.
- In oceans: ocean crate.
- In the end: end crate.
- In snowy biomes: snow crate.
- In forests: forest crate.
- Below y=40: underground crate.
- Between y=150 and y=200: sky crate.
- Above y=200: galaxy crate.
- Using slime rod: slime crate.
- Using sculk rod or in deep dark: deep dark crate.
- Luck potions from fishing will give you the same effect strength as your fishing rod's luck of the sea level.
- Fishing rods from fishing are enchanted with a maximum luck of the sea level of one plus your own fishing rod's luck of the sea level and have a maximum luck of the sea level of eight.
- A fishing rod with luck of the sea eight is required to fish the sculk rod.

Code used:
- Portal code and resource pack from WafflesAreBetter: youtu.be/6d9LDadfGOw
- Mana bar and chain raycast function from Cloud Wolf: youtu.be/EL2X6ppZSCQ youtu.be/XfWl1eKfQ50
- Raycast function, entity launching and custom crafting table from Timber Forge: youtu.be/EgJKlocbTCg youtu.be/DaIvJwhcz8Q youtu.be/0Qm_YWSdUyE youtu.be/LUx9FqJpxQk

- These items and biomes are from multiple projects and are therefore inspired by different things.
- The sky portal is the same as the portal from the famous aether mod.
- The axe-olotl and frovel textures are from minecraft now submissions.
- The dragon fragments and armours are from hypixel.
- The contents of the galaxy crate were from my 1.17 space dimension project (youtu.be/jhsyS7Z63tQ) and are from warhammer 40,000.
- The hallow biome, mushroom forest, mana system, recall potion and teleportation potion are inspired by terraria and the meowmere, rainbow gun, laser drill and celebration sprites were taken directly from the game.
CreditCode used: - Portal code and resource pack from WafflesAreBetter: https://youtu.be/6d9LDadfGOw - Mana bar and chain raycast function from Cloud Wolf: https://youtu.be/EL2X6ppZSCQ https://youtu.be/XfWl1eKfQ50 - Raycast function, entity launching and custom
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.20

18 Update Logs

Update #18 (5/8/2023) : by A_triangle 08/05/2023 6:25:10 amAug 5th, 2023

I found some more bugs caused by the previous update, sorry for not testing everything before hand, I'll test future updates more before releasing them.
- The same item obtained from different loot tables/functions could have slightly different nbt data, this meant for example that fruit from wooden crates and leaves would not stack, this has been fixed.
- Players under the effects of the conduit, spectral and amber staffs will now lose mana, which means using a spectral staff would no longer softlock a player in spectator mode.
- 18a: Sculk rod drop rate nerfed to 5% from 15% but all sculk rods can now fish up sculk crates.
- 18b: Fire and magma crates can now be obtained again. However, to open one of these you now have to have been to the nether at least once.
- 18c: Synaptic disintegrators now slow down the user when held in the off hand.
- 18d: Deep dark crates can now be opened.

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01/04/2024 3:51 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
MrOxideYT's Avatar
Лучше со с текстур паком.
08/18/2023 7:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lilo14's Avatar
Hi! I put this pack on my server a few days ago and my friend and I absolutely love it! We’ve had 2 small issues so far though. First, the wind staff doesn’t seem to be working properly. We see the particles, but there isn’t any effect. Second, we’re unable to open the skulk/deep dark box. Do you have any idea what could be causing these issues? Thank you!
08/22/2023 5:28 am
Level 45 : Master Birb
A_triangle's Avatar
Data packs cannot edit player nbt data for technical reasons so the staff of the wind does not knock back players, however it will work on any other mob. When I updated all the data pack's items' nbt tags in update 16 to follow the official data pack conventions I must have forgot to update the deep dark crate, meaning it could not be opened. I have just updated the data pack to version 18d and in this new version any newly obtained deep dark crates will have the correct nbt data. To make any old deep dark crates openable, throw it on the ground next to you and run the command /data merge entity @e[type=item,limit=1,sort=nearest] {Item:{tag:{a_triangle.sculk_crate:1b}}}
07/18/2023 4:44 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Xemo63's Avatar
Does this work for multiplayer?
07/18/2023 8:20 am
Level 45 : Master Birb
A_triangle's Avatar
It should do. I have used this data pack on a multiplayer server before and nothing went wrong but I haven't fully tested it, however it should be fine. If you do find an issue with my data pack, could you tell me so I could fix it?
07/21/2023 5:28 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Xemo63's Avatar
Ok, thank you :)
02/21/2023 3:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
VeteranGamer's Avatar
does this work with paper?
02/21/2023 4:05 pm
Level 45 : Master Birb
A_triangle's Avatar
I used this data pack on a server with paper once and there were some issues with fishing crates not generating loot sometimes (but not when opened in creative mode for some reason), hyper diamonds losing their enchantment glint (should be fixed now) and tnt and catalyst arrows and bombs not working (I found a fix for it but forgot how). I'm not sure if paper directly caused these but if you encounter these issues then you know why.
10/01/2022 9:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
zulwik's Avatar
Fix it!!!
I can open crates only on creativePlease
10/02/2022 3:13 am
Level 45 : Master Birb
A_triangle's Avatar
I'm not sure why that's the problem; I have been testing on survival mode and the crates can be opened just fine. Maybe try opening regular chests in survival as well to see if they work.
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