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ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion

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Required Resource Pack
Splatus's Avatar Splatus
Level 73 : Legendary Artist
Ultris has a Discord Server for getting help and discussing my datapacks! Click here to join.


Ultris is a Minecraft Boss Expansion datapack that expands Minecraft with 8 new exciting bosses to take on, each with their own quests and rewards. Explore multiple new boss structures, special items, and new foes for you to take on.

To summon the bosses, use /function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu and select the option "Summon Bosses"

Ultris Wiki:

To view more info on bosses, you can check out the Ultris wiki by clicking here

The Wiki is not complete, but it can be completed faster with your help! If you'd like to contribute to the wiki, join my Discord Server, ping @SpluoSplatus#4730 and I'll allow you access to editing.

Ultra Mode
Ultra Mode is a setting in /function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu which makes the difficulty of Ultris bosses much harder. Faster attacks, frequent attacks, faster movement, more chaos!

Here is the effects of each boss under Ultra Mode

Corrupted Enderman
- 50% faster

Blaze King
- Charges explosion faster

Ultra Wither
More lasers during the laser attack

Sanctum Keeper
- Summons clones every 15 seconds
- Charges arrow attack faster

- Ground pound lights a fire

Phantom Swarm
- Rushes toward you at a faster pace

Shulker Stone
- Shoots a laser every 5 seconds
- Shoots more shulker bullets in phase 1
- Dragon Breath area increased

/function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu


Downloading a datapack is simple:

1. Open your minecraft's saves folder %AppData% > .minecraft > saves > yourworld
2. Drag the datapack zip into the datapacks folder in the selected world
3. Do not unzip it. Once its in the folder, leave and rejoin your game, and it should work!

This datapack will work on existing servers, just make sure you add the datapack in when your server is offline / restart your server.

A 1.17 version of Ultris is also included on my Discord Server, join it and check the #versions channel if you need it!

Ultris Original Soundtrack
Click to View Ultris Original Soundtrack
Below is each piece of original music from Ultris: Boss Expansion. Special thanks to humanoid#9099 for composing Ichor and Umbriel

(Note: Soundtracks can only be heard in bosses with the optional resource pack installed alongside)

Gameplay Videos

Click here to view ULTRIS gameplay videos
Take a peek of what ULTRIS has to offer from these wonderful fellas who took the time to record some videos of my pack

ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion Minecraft Data Pack
Join the Discord Server to chat, discuss, and get help with my datapacks!

ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion Minecraft Data Pack
Help support the making of my datapacks with memberships or donations on Ko-fi!

Thank you to my Ko-Fi Donators:
• Shayindra#4622
• Churner#6711


Creator/Programmer: • LimeSplatus#4730

Blaze King Music: • humanoid#9099

Optimization Help: • Holmes (iRedSC)#0281

General Contributors:
• SylverStar#7951
• demonic insect#9099
• TezlaTower23#8906
• rhys#0005

Multiple Blaze King Tower Rooms By:
• the game master#0666 ,
• Just Fan Account#2495
• Frektip#4587
• Churner#6711

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

41 Update Logs

Ultris 5.6.7 : by Splatus 12/14/2022 8:13:04 pmDec 14th, 2022

- Corrupted Enderman, Blaze King, and Ultra Wither now have health based off attribute values
- Corrupted Enderman has a new phase which will occur when it has very low health left
- Corrupted Enderman death animation is mildly more terrifying
- Giant Stompers have been improved, as now you can perform a high jump when sneaking and then jumping. Item lore for it has changed aswell
- Blaze King phase 2 fireworks has now been replaced with sky flames that explode when hitting the arena with high damage and fire
- Blaze King fires have been reduced as now its large fireball attack has been replace with an area flame
- Most Blaze King fires will burn out overtime with fire tick off
- Expanded the Blaze King arena a bit and some parts of the structure exterior bridges
- The Blaze King arena now makes a dome overhead if not exposed to open air, as well as surronding the arena in lava pools
- Blaze King, Shulker Stone and Sanctum Keeper death animation xp now drops xp in a way that spreads the xp out to nearby players
- If you are inside an end city, the phantom swarm cannot spawn near you anylonger
- Some slight changes to advancement colors

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11/19/2023 7:22 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Lutece1979's Avatar

Ican't place the king tower structure, nothing happens, I can only place pattern, but I d'ont have the full structure
Running Incendium
11/14/2023 4:02 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Lutece1979's Avatar
Hi, any idea ?
[09:58:54 WARN]: Not all defined tags for registry ResourceKey[minecraft:root / minecraft:block] are present in data pack: 1_splatus:spellbound/hot
06/28/2023 10:52 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Sskala's Avatar
How can I summon this bosses?
03/01/2023 11:48 am
Level 1 : New Miner
VertEX_v2's Avatar
Is there any way i can change bosses hp in datapack files for example ? and will it still be working then?
01/22/2023 1:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
CarlosXD66's Avatar
The resource packs is 100 per 100 needed or only its recommended for the items?
11/01/2022 8:37 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Explorer
kaloo1's Avatar
BEst bosses datapack c:
08/27/2022 8:36 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
FA0's Avatar
some item like ominous eye of ender and ominous command block in my world thats always named ominous pearl
08/17/2022 5:55 pm
Level 41 : Master Lad
Afap's Avatar
Is this survival friendly?
11/02/2022 12:52 am
Level 20 : Expert Nerd
FRBF Studios
FRBF Studios's Avatar
Check out my channel and my quiz ;-)
10/26/2022 2:32 pm
Level 20 : Expert Nerd
FRBF Studios
FRBF Studios's Avatar
Yes, it adds more bosses, but they are beatable whith the same stuff you can beat the vanilla endbosses with (maybe a little bit more difficult)
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