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ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion

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Required Resource Pack
Splatus avatar Splatus
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Artist
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Ultris is a Minecraft Boss Expansion datapack that expands Minecraft with 8 new exciting bosses to take on, each with their own quests and rewards. Explore multiple new boss structures, special items, and new foes for you to take on.

To summon the bosses, use /function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu and select the option "Summon Bosses"

Here you can view all the Ultris bosses and their information! If you want a general view of how to find each, your advancements page on mc when installed will display the leading paths to each boss

(Note: Some bosses tie with other bosses here as requirements)

Corrupted Enderman

ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion Minecraft Data Pack

A enderman, strengthened by the corruptions of its creator. It’s slow, but it can fly, go through walls, and gives you wither damage if you get too close!

It’s drop includes an Ominous Pearl, if you merge it with a blaze powder in a Smithing Table, it’ll become an Ominous Eye of Ender, which can be used to locate the Sanctum structure. Alternatively it can be combined with a gold block to make a command block, which can be thrown at the wither to convert it into the Ultra Wither boss.

(Note the Ominous Command Block cannot be placed by players in survival. Commands blocks can only be used by server operators in creative mode)

Stats .
Health: 230.0f (115 hearts)
Encountered: Naturally spawns in the overworld / can be corrupted
Can Despawn: True
Loot: Ominous Pearl
XP Drops: Low

Blaze King

ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion Minecraft Data Pack
ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion Minecraft Data Pack

The Blaze King, found once per world in its tower high above its nether fortress. If you dare awakening it, it'll protect its people by fireballing you, exploding flame fireworks on you, and causing explosions.

When defeated, it'll drop its helmet, which when worn at low health will give you Strength II, giving you high power at your breaking point.


Health: 460.0f (230 Hearts)
Encountered: In the Blaze Tower in the first fortress you enter
Can Despawn: False
Loot: Blaze King Helmet, Endstone Key
XP Drops: High

Ultra Wither

Power a spawned wither by dropping an Ominous Command block onto it created from the pearl of a Corrupted Enderman and meet the Ultra Wither, a more powerful version of the existing Wither, it has more health, new attacks, dashing and can summon wither skeletons like the Bedrock Wither! This Wither upon defeating will grant you more XP, and a netherite ingot, and of course the nether star.

Health: 300.0f (150 Hearts) + Intro Meat Shield
Encountered: Power with a Ominous Command Block
Can Despawn: True
Loot: Netherite, Nether Star
XP Drops: Medium

Sanctum Keeper

Merging an Ominous Pearl from the Corrupted Enderman with blaze powder in a smithing table to create a Eye Of Ender, following its lead, and digging down, find yourself in the home of the Sanctum Keeper, housed in the Sanctum, a deep forgotten underground stronghold housing souls hostage. The Sanctum Keeper activates upon entering its throne room, it'll shoot arrows at you, jump, teleport and even clones itself! When defeated it'll drop the spirit bow, which upon hitting a target splits your arrow shots into a bunch of projectiles.


Splash a zombie with a strength potion, and make it giant! It'll do ground pounds and summon baby zombies of its own. Killing it will drop the Giant Stompers, allowing you to stomp on the heads of mobs, dealing damage and propelling yourself up! (I like to call them the Mario Boots)

Phantom Swarm

Discover a lonely phantom in the end all alone... well, until you hit it, aggravate it, and bring out its little friends. They'll all reform into one connected entity, the Phantom Swarm, shooting dark fireballs at you and annoying you in the vastness of the end.


Prepare yourself for a magic show! Illusioner will find its way into your world in the form of a suspicious, purple dusted pig, upon being hit, will transform into its true form. It'll throw magic, and clone itself to attack you, when defeated, it'll drop a randomly enchanted enchanted book.

Shulker Stone

The ruler of the end cities, sits in a deep sleep at the top of an inverted pyramid, reawakening to the sound of its fallen Kingdom. To bring back the Shulkerstone from its sleep, you'll need the endstone key from one of its neighboring pyramids, then with it in your main hand, right click the tip of the shulker stone's pedastool. Shulkerstone will shoot lasers, shulker bullets, and even its own rocks to get rid of you. Upon defeation, it'll drop its hidden shulker shell helmet, which makes end mobs passive and gives you a deep vision of your surrondings.

Ultra Mode
Ultra Mode is a setting in /function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu which makes the difficulty of Ultris bosses much harder. Faster attacks, frequent attacks, faster movement, more chaos!

Here is the effects of each boss under Ultra Mode

Corrupted Enderman
- 50% faster

Blaze King
- Shoots flying blue fireworks more often
- Charges explosion faster
- Shoots more fireballs

Ultra Wither
Its already ultra! You still have to beat it with the mode enabled to get the achievement though

Sanctum Keeper
- Summons clones every 15 seconds
- Regeneration potion is dranken faster
- Charges arrow attack faster

- Ground pound lights a fire

Phantom Swarm
- Rushes toward you at a faster pace

Shulker Stone
- Shoots a laser every 5 seconds
- Shoots more shulker bullets in phase 1
- Dragon Breath area increased

/function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu


Downloading a datapack is simple:

1. Open your minecraft's saves folder %AppData% > .minecraft > saves > yourworld
2. Drag the datapack zip into the datapacks folder in the selected world
3. Do not unzip it. Once its in the folder, leave and rejoin your game, and it should work!

This datapack will work on existing servers, just make sure you add the datapack in when your server is offline / restart your server.

A 1.17 version of Ultris is also included on my Discord Server, join it and check the #versions channel if you need it!

Ultris Original Soundtrack
Click to View Ultris Original Soundtrack
Below is each piece of original music from Ultris: Boss Expansion. Special thanks to humanoid#9099 for composing Ichor and Umbriel

(Note: Soundtracks can only be heard in bosses with the optional resource pack installed alongside)

Gameplay Videos

Click here to view ULTRIS gameplay videos
Take a peek of what ULTRIS has to offer from these wonderful fellas who took the time to record some videos of my pack

Join the Discord Server to chat, discuss, and get help with my datapacks!

Help support the making of my datapacks with donations on Ko-fi!

Thank you to my Ko-Fi Donators:
• Shayindra#4622
• Churner#6711


Creator/Programmer: • LimeSplatus#4730

Blaze King Music: • humanoid#9099

Optimization Help: • Holmes (iRedSC)#0281

General Contributors:
• SylverStar#7951
• demonic insect#9099
• TezlaTower23#8906
• rhys#0005

Multiple Blaze King Tower Rooms By:
• the game master#0666 ,
• Just Fan Account#2495
• Frektip#4587
• Churner#6711

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

39 Update Logs

Update #39 : by Splatus 09/23/2022 11:05:26 pmSep 23rd

Ultris v5.6.5
The Ultra Wither's big staring, the Sanctum Keeper's phase 2 intro's 4th version!!! And Shulker Stone lasers are no longer loud?!?!?!?

- Ultra Wither now has a laser attack! It'll explode its surronding area first, then slowly shoot out slow moving lasers everywhere
- Ultra Wither now gives clearer indication of its starting shield, and clearer indication of final hit section

- You can now only summon 1 corrupted enderman within 64 blocks with corrupt dust, and one ultra wither within 128 blocks
- Revamped the Sanctum arena a bit better, gave it a bit more space and decor
- The Sanctum Keeper phase 2 center teleport phase has been changed to be a lot more random and fast paced
- Sanctum now generates in the same biome tag as strongholds for better compat with other datapacks
- Sanctum Keeper can now heal itself MUCH stronger, BUT you can prevent it from healing by breaking its potion (hit it whilst its drinking it!)
- Sanctum Keeper no longer drops instant damage potions as an attack
- Shulker Stone center defend give more warning now
- Shulker Stone lasers are no longer super loud
- Corrupted Endermans now hit you with their hands
- Shulker Stone lasers have been redone, code wise and animations changed
- Renamed Enchanted Charm to Enchanted Core. When equipping it will play a beacon power select sound effect
- Ominous eye of ender no longer teleports to the nearest player when dropped by hand (unless right / used)
- Ultris music is now all Stereo based rather than Mono meaning the audio quality and tone should be heard much better (for @_humanoid#9099 )
- Sanctum Keeper music "Fury of the Spirits" got slight improvements

Bugs Fixed in this Version
- Blaze King fireworks are now linked to Owner UUID
- Fixed a boot time error relating to an unused file
- Corrupt Dust no longer makes the enderman have low health
- Shulker Stone Laser is no longer as loud as before
- Sanctum machines if broken can be replaced back if you place back their dispensers
- Shulker Shell Helmet optimizations
- Spirit Bow offhand compatibility fixes
- Other smaller bug fixes

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08/27/2022 8:36 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
FA0 avatar
some item like ominous eye of ender and ominous command block in my world thats always named ominous pearl
08/17/2022 5:55 pm
Level 25 : Expert Button Pusher
Afap avatar
Is this survival friendly?
08/10/2022 6:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BothSides avatar
Hello, sir, I like this datapack very much. I want to share it with the China Forum( www.mcbbs.net/ ), let more people know your data package. Of course, I will keep your link on planetminecraft to ensure that the datapack is downloaded on planetminecraft. The handling of the forum requires Mr. authorization. I hope Mr. will give me this opportunity.In addition, can I carry your other works according to the above standards?I appreciate your authorization very much:)
08/08/2022 9:52 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
xev16 avatar
Pls, can you make a 1.16 version datapack of

ULTRIS: Minecraft Boss Expansion?

07/28/2022 4:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
small man
small man avatar
when i fire the spirit bow, it shoots and divides into two sanctum keeper clones, which smash into each other after dividing. is that supossed to happen, or is it a bug?
08/04/2022 11:56 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Artist
Splatus avatar
Bug, the intentional behavior is the clones are supposed to crash your game
07/28/2022 4:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
small man
small man avatar
im sorry, but what was the point of bringing the sanctum keepers soul to the village? i get res 2, but i can get that with beacons without needing to hold an emerald. it doesnt even seem like i need to bring the soul to village to get the effect, so what is the point of bringing it to the village? does it have lore implications? ????
08/04/2022 11:55 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Artist
Splatus avatar
use a beacon then
07/27/2022 11:00 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
VenusVesper avatar
When you’ve updated the pack and have new items and such does that mean I should also download the resourcepack again or does it not matter????
07/22/2022 5:13 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Crafter
Anibration avatar
This is a great datapack, but I really wish that you could kill the mobs with the /kill command. Sometimes the mobs run away and sense they don't despawn it can be hard to kill them without using the /kill @e command
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