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Darkhawk: Datapack

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globgor avatar globgor
Level 41 : Master Cow
Make sure to do /reload for the pack to work properly.

Use /function hawk:amuletgain to get the Raptor Amulet, which allows you to swap places with your own raptor android; put it in your offhand to pilot the raptor android.

- In your ninth slot will be a a cannon morphed from your hand; it has infinite ammo and deals light damage.
- The suit was developed to last against harsh conditions; it offers better vision at night, resistance, strength, water breathing, speed, jump boost, and a slower descent when falling.
- (Make sure to have the Raptor Amulet in any slot except for the eighth and offhand for this one):

Tap shift, and after launching a few blocks into the air with your wings, you will be able to glide (you're also more vulnerable during flight); after you reach the ground, your wings will be forced back into the android.

To return to your normal form, swap the Raptor Amulet to your eighth slot.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

1 Update Logs

Energy Reserves : by globgor 01/30/2022 3:00:22 pmJan 30th

- Added an 'Energy' bar, to prevent the spam of the flight (which takes 1/8 of the bar) and handcannon (which takes 1/10 of the bar) moves.

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01/27/2022 10:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
The_Bored_MC_Player avatar
Doesn't work
01/27/2022 11:17 pmhistory
Level 41 : Master Cow
globgor avatar
what doesn't work? did you do /reload? it works completely fine for me
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