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Death Swap! (original rules)

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I know it already exist a ton of datapack recreation of the Death Swap Game but y create my own anyway as a challenge to myself and for fun more generally. So here it is :
Note : Those are the original rules, from the first Death Swap map by SethBling in 2013. If you are searching for more modern rules (the one you may have seen in more recent Minecraft videos on Youtube), I have created a second datapack that you can find on my profile too : "Death Swap (modern rules)".

Death Swap ! (original version)
The classic pvp game by SethBling !

Description :
Death swap is a two player survival pvp game with a twist : Every 20 seconds, there is a chance that the position of you and your opponent will be swapped.

Rules :

You can not fight your opponent directly, to win, you have to put yourself in a situation that could kill them after swapping (without dying yourself obviously) ! Think outside the box !

At the beginning of the game the two players will be teleported randomly to different locations far from each other.

The swap will happen without warning and the players will be given 5 seconds of invulnerability to get out of their deadly situation.

Instructions :

- Install the datapack on a new world of your server.

- To see the rules in-game, use the command "/trigger info".

- To launch the game, use the command "/function death_swap:launch_game".

- The game is designed for two players.
Though I made sure that even if there are more players on the server (wich is not recommended) only the two players closest from the source of the command (op player or command block) will be part of the game.

- The command "/function death_swap:uninstall" will remove all the parts of the datapack and will disable it automatically.

- In case you have been using the "modern version" of the datapack, be sure to have it disabled when using this one.
If the two are installed at the same time, I think one will take over the other but be careful as I am not certain that they actually don't break.

That's it ! Have fun !

In orange : rules specific to this original version.
Creditoriginal game by SethBling ; playtested by WiroWik
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.17

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