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      April 18, 2023, 3:26 pm to Public
      Just came back to PMC after a long time and it took me a while to realise but... I can't see any "Minecraft but OP" datapack anywhere ? That's fantastic news !

      What happened though ? Have PMC done something to prevent them ? Did they gradually die when public interest diminished ? Has there been a war ?! I'm genuinely curious, can someone tell me more about it ?
      CrownDeluxe said 2023-04-18 15:30:36
      CrownDeluxe's Avatar
      Don't really know that well, think they just faded out of popularity.
    • Cray_On's Avatar
      April 2, 2022, 8:31 am to Public
      Spent a whole morning modeling and tinkering with ressource packs to replace minecraft tridents with Mjölnir... Before realising that you simply can't in vanilla :X

      I was wondering why it hadn't really been done when it's such an obvious idea. Well that's why x|
    • Cray_On's Avatar
      February 17, 2022, 6:23 pm to Public
      Does anyone know how to fix this ?

      I recently upgraded my old pc to one with better performances and a higher definition, and when I joined my Beta 1.7.3 world I realised the clouds and blocks far away rendered a little funky.
      I really have no clue how to correct this. Also there are not a lot of rendering options in this version.
      Lordslash2007 said 2022-02-17 18:31:45
      Lordslash2007's Avatar
      Have you tried updating your drivers?
      Karaoke said 2022-02-17 18:28:21
      Karaoke's Avatar
      I have this problem on a 3070 and still can't figure it out either. I've tweaked all my game settings, my graphic card settings, nada. I live with it now.
    • Cray_On's Avatar
      February 15, 2022, 2:14 pm to Public
      Hi, it's me ! Time for an unpleasant announcement.

      I know a lot of the people who are subscribed to me are there for the datapack I started almost 3 years ago that seem to have gotten quite a few people excited : Mo' Structures.

      Every now and then, I would see a comment asking if I would come back to the project and I would affirm that I would, and that the project was simply paused until Mojang added blablabla. So I added "Project Paused" to the title of the datapack so people knew roughly what was happening.

      Recently, I got a DM from someone who wanted to create a new datapack with my help : they would create the structures and and I would rework the old system. It seemed like quite a good idea, I was on board with this and started the rework.

      After a while without working on it because of limitations (my previous pc not able to run recent versions of Minecraft for example), I realised I just... didn't care about it. I was not motivated and the thought of working on it was just tiring. So yeah, I gave up. I'm annoyed at myself for making the other person working on it waiting for nothing.

      There is still good in this though. They said they would find someone else to work on the datapack with them and I told them I would give them my incomplete work, explained how the system works and my thoughts on how to build on it. So this datapack should see the light of day eventually. I'll make sure to share it when it happens.

      You may have noticed I didn't give the name of the person I was working with, the name of the new datapack or the full explanation of what it will be about. The reason is I simply don't know if they want any of this to be revealed yet so I won't develop.

      What I'm gonna do now, is change the original project page so people know it's abandoned and I will also delete the Discord server I created for it. I never used it anyway.
      Sorry If I disappoint some of you guys, have a nice day anyway !

      tl;dr : The Mo' Structures datapack is abandonned but a similar datapack by someone else using the system I made may see the light of day.
    • Cray_On's Avatar
      September 13, 2021, 11:15 am to Public
      I'd like to work on making new datapacks and updates some of my previous ones but my PC is getting old and it cannot run Minecraft anymore. I haven't been able to try out 1.17 by myself because the performances are way to bad and I either crash under 2 minutes after I join my world or simply cannot walk because I'm under 5 fps and its unplayable.
      Until I find the time to buy a new PC, I just won'y be able to play Minecraft and it means no content for you guys.

      Unless ! I started to play on my Beta 1.7 world again because it's the only way it's the only version my PC is able to run now. I am having a good time though.

      Valkon replied to Cray_On's comment below 2021-10-10 19:12:57
      Valkon's Avatar
      Your welcome :)
      Cray_On said 2021-10-08 05:55:52
      Cray_On's Avatar
      Hey Valkon,
      I realized I never came back to thank you.
      I tested it and it works! My performances still aren't fantastic but at least I can play! So thank you for your recommendation :)
      Valkon said 2021-09-25 01:21:32
      Valkon's Avatar
      Hi Cray_On, greetings.

      I'm not sure if you're interested, but there's some Fabric mods that might make 1.17.1 playable for you.

      I have a pretty average laptop, and with Vanilla 1.17.1 on the lowest settings I get:
      • 5 - 10 fps - during heavy chunk generation (first 1-2min of world load is really bad).
      • 25 - 45 fps - moving around on the surface in generated chunks.
      But with the a bunch of Fabric optimization mods I get:
      • 15 - 30fps - during heavy chunk generation (I use chunk pregenerator to help fix this)
      • 60 - 120 fps - moving around in generated chunks (a steady 60fps with vsync on)
      I've got my own custom set of mods, but the easiest way to try this out is to install the Fabulously Optimized modpack.

      I use MultiMC launcher as it's light, fast and makes managing different setups easy.
      And the above modpack has a zip download you can just drag into the launcher for easy install.

      Let me know if you end up trying this and it works out for you.

      Otherwise enjoy Beta 1.7, which is a different kind of fun :)
      Cray_On said 2021-09-13 11:21:55
      Cray_On's Avatar
      Fun fact : Did you know that in Beta 1.7 there was a feature where, if you went to sleep, there was a random chance that a mob will spawn on your face ? Well I didn't know and it's an absolute pain.

      To take this simple screenshot I just wanted to skip the night and I ended up dying 6 or 7 times because every time i tried to sleep a zombie or a skeleton insta-killed me. I'm so glad it is not in the game anymore!
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