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Conway's Game of Life

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NikoKun avatar NikoKun
Level 30 : Artisan Professor

Conway's Game of Life, in Minecraft!

With this datapack, you can run the classic "cellular-automaton" Life, on any flat/horizontal black_concrete surface!

Based on the Life datapack by Ysics. Using that as a base, I've reworked and updated the code, as well as added a bunch of new features, and made it more multiplayer compatible.

/function life:givetoolGives player a special tool to toggle life cells on/off. You'll need this.
/function life:startStarts running the simulation based on the current board configuration.
/function life:stopStops/pauses the current simulation.
/function life:resetResets/clears all simulation areas, and gen count.
/function life:stepsimAdvance the simulation 1 step at a time.
/function life:showgenShows the current generation count.
/function life:speed/1-4Controls sim speed, default is 2. (1 is fastest, 4 is slowest.)
/scoreboard players set #nlife nlife.maxEnts 5000Use this if you'd like to change the entity limit.
(Default 5000, prevents crashing for me.)

How to use:
Build or /fill a flat horizontal surface with black_concrete, any shape or size can work, just make sure it's large enough for the patterns you want to run. Bonus: Have Minecraft generate a flat-map made of black_concrete, for a simulation without edges!
Next, type "/function life:givetool" to receive a Life Tool, you'll need this to create/edit patterns on the simulation board. Holding the tool also displays the current generation count, when the simulation is running. Right-click on the black_concrete with this tool to toggle cells on/off, and draw patterns.
Finally, type "/function life:start" to run the pattern you drew!

I've also included several structure files, containing patterns which I find interesting, but are hard to build from memory. They can be placed using a structure_block in load mode with "Include Entities" turned On. Use the "bounding box" to line the structure up with an existing black_concrete simulation area. Careful with "spacefiller2", it's the reason I added the entity limit. ;)
CreditYsics, for the original datapack.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

2 Update Logs

Update v1.1 : by NikoKun 05/23/2022 12:36:19 amMay 23rd

Added an Entity Limit, after realizing certain patterns were capable of crashing my server.. heh
If needed, the max-limit can be adjusted via a scoreboard command.
Also included some structure files of interesting patterns, may add more in the future.

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05/22/2022 3:57 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Goblin
Gubs II
Gubs II avatar
05/19/2022 7:42 pm
Level 42 : Master Engineer
Apollo404 avatar
Really interesting concept for a datapack! I like it.
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