Gen's "Salvaging Overhaul" Datapack

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Level 26 : Expert Professor
It has always been annoying that items clutter up chests because you have nothing to do with them. This datapack fixes that by allowing you to salvage your items into needed materials. Books can be turned into leather, slabs can be converted back into blocks, rails can be smelted into nuggets, and tools into their base parts. I also made the stone cutter able to break down some blocks so that you can choose which material you want to salvage.

- All slabs can be crafted into blocks
- Item reversion
- Tool uncrafting
- Block uncrafting using the Stone Cutter
- Etc

- There are too many recipes to go into detail so looking through the datapack files or installing mods like JEI is reccomended
- Goes good with my "Crafting Overhaul" datapack installed as well
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15

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Salvaging Overhaul 1.15 - Update:0.0 : 06/30/2020 5:45:07 amJun 30th

Uploaded "Salvaging Overhaul" Datapack

06/30/2020 6:13 amhistory
Level 26 : Expert Professor
If anyone finds any bugs in this datapack I'd greatly appreciate it. It'll allow me to go back and fix the issue myself in a future update and improve everyone's experience when using it
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