Harder Gear Progression

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                  Harder Gear Progression
                  By: Brenyg

                  Playing vanilla survival has always been a great experience, but the path to gear up to full diamond enchanted items feels too short for some players' desired experiences of the game.

                  This datapack essentially makes it harder & more expensive to upgrade to the next tier of tools & armor, and as a result the value of once trivial items like wooden tools become useful for more than the first 15 seconds of the game.


                  Starting with stone tools, as this datapack leaves wood tools unchanged, the only difference is that string is required to craft all five tools, with the concept being that pieces of stone would have to be bound to the wooden sticks in order to stay together as a tool. This creates a new gameplay element, where players will have to use wooden swords/axes at first to obtain the string that lets them progress to the stone age.

                  Once stone tools are acquired, the recipes for iron, gold, and diamond tools are the same except they now require a block of their respective material to craft. This increases the amount of materials needed to progress, and as a result increases the value and time spent with pre-diamond/netherite tools. The main idea is to discourage the necessity for players to rush towards the best gear immediately, and to increase the preciousness of diamond/netherite tools from an RP perspective. These changes will also create a disparity between players in multiplayer worlds, potentially adding to a more realistic experience by rewarding playtime more heavily than before. Netherite tools have been left alone, as they already require the more expensive diamond tools, along with the ancient debris.


                  Like the wooden tools, leather armor has been left unchanged. However, going from leather to iron armor is not necessary anymore, as chainmail has been given recipes making use of 1.16.2's chains. Chainmail is a little over half the iron cost of iron armor, making it potentially more practical to make and wear depending on the player's situation. Iron, gold, and diamond armor all have had their recipes modified to require two blocks of their respective materials to craft, making full suits of armor harder to obtain, and a powerful status statement in multiplayer. Like the tools, netherite armor has been left alone due to it requiring the more expensive diamond armor.


                  Once the file is downloaded from a link on this page, put the file in your desired world's datapack folder. To check if the datapack was successfully enabled, type:

                  /datapack list

                  in your world's chat, and among the list the console outputs,
                  " [​file/HarderGearProgression (world)] "
                  should be present.

                  All that is left is to run the command: /function hgp:activate. This will disable all vanilla recipes that have been modified by this datapack. This step is optional for the sake of choice between original and new recipes, but is strongly recommended for a better play experience.

                  Additional Information

                  This is my first datapack, and it came into being from my current survival world, where I wanted to take the game slower. I also occasionally play with people who don't like to mine and gear up at all, so this datapack helps keep all players on a similar gear level for a longer time, and encourages trading and whatnot.

                  As far as things I would like to change regarding this datapack, if there is a way to create a recipe with multiple input options (like how you can craft an axe with the material on the right or left side of the center), I would like to update the recipes. The current workaround is to either use the crafting guide book, or manually enable a pack of additional recipes included in the installation, however the latter method floods the crafting guide as a result of the numerous ways to make a tool/piece of armor. Regarding other tools/weapons, the only ones I am considering changing the recipes for are the bow/crossbow/shield. Your input is more than welcome regarding that!

                  Regarding compatibility with older versions of minecraft, I have not yet tested how far back it can go. If you try using this with an older version, it would be a huge help if you post your results in the comments so all can see! This uses the chain items in 1.16.2, but if you are playing on an older version of the game I'd imagine everything would still work other than the chainmail recipes.

                  Lastly, within the zip file are a couple of readme's that go over the installation process in greater detail, as well as how to add the additional manual crafting recipes, but neither document is necessary to get up and running in the datapack!

                  As a result of adding new recipes instead of modifying vanilla ones, vanilla recipes will still be enabled unless the following function command is run after installing the datapack:

                  /function hgp:activate

                  Hopefully this datapack is something many of you can enjoy! Feel free to reach out to me on the comments here or any other method linked to my account, and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.


                  *Note: This is the original, earliest and only rightful upload of this datapack. If this content is seen posted anywhere else, it has not been uploaded by the creator, and has deeply hurt my feelings.
                  **Note: I see other people's content with terms of use regarding videos and whatever, so I'll add that here: you're more than welcome to use this for any gameplay and/or video production. :)
                  CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
                  toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot
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