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tom147 avatar tom147
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
This data pack introduces over 100 spells to vanilla world. Fireball, Blackhole, TNT Explosion, Flying, Item Collector, Un-Enchant… and many more! Explore, learn and cast different spells!
MC version: 1.16, single player, multi player (beta)

I have always wanted to make something similar to those RPG style anime, especially the protagonist uses the power not only on fighting, but also uses the power to deal with some daily trouble. Using spells to make your life easier is satisfying. Then I make this data pack, which contains lots of powerful spells, both battle spells and life spells, so you can also enjoy the great convenience of magical power, and enjoy your adventure!
Featured Spells
These spells are my personal favorite, or I used the most:
En (with special emerald to upgrade the En power)
TPArrow (TP the closet player who is selecting a bow to where the arrow land)
UpgradeEnchantment (now is set to vanilla limit)
Unlock Spell
Update: Spells are automatically unlocked when the criteria is satisfied. Still I will keep the option in Magic Bible.
click the "Learn spell" option unlocks the spell. This option checks for all skills' criteria and unlock those with the criteria satisfied. Some criteria are based on player statistics, and some based on the player's current state, inventory, or status effect.

Now spell unlock criteria can be found in treasure chest loot! Noted that it may not work if other data pack also uses the chest loot. (Update) Another way to get these books is from the Gacha in banking system.

Cheat code to unlock all the spell:
/function johnwitcher:unlocksystem/masterReset all the learnt spell:
/function johnwitcher:unlocksystem/noob
Cast Spell
open the "Magic Bible", click on the spell , hold it offhand, and then crouch.
Auto Cast
This system allows player to cast automatically using specific gesture, shorten the time to find and cast the spells! It is activated when player holding magic bible offhand. And it will consume mana as usual.

Supported Spells:
Healing: when hp <= 6
Lavaresistance: when player is on fire and without lava resistance buff
Flying: on ground, not in levitation, look up 90 deg for 1s
PackChest: stand on top of chest, look down 90 deg for 1s
Gain Mana
Every time you gain 1 xp, you gain 1 mana.
There is also a recovery system that generate 1 mana every 6s 3s, and 1 extra if mana level below 100, and the limit is 200 now expandable and equal to (maximum mana reached/4).

Cheat Code for many mana:
/function johnwitcher:manasystem/masterReset mana to 0:
/function johnwitcher:manasystem/noob
Introduce this system to shift the focus from mining to adventure. Basically, it grows the amount of gem/ingot inside the system every game-day (20 mins) by 2%. So, in every day, every 50 diamonds inside the system give you 1 extra diamond. Only iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond, emerald and netherite support.

Everything is done in the chat menu. Throw a gold block with a hopper together on the ground to invoke the menu. Throw the gem/ingot into the gold block hopper item entity to store them into the system. To get gem/ingot back, click on them in chat menu. When the interest is paid, it shows your updated saving in chat menu.

Gacha is a new system to get the unlock criteria books! It consumes 1 emerald every time and loot 1 book of secret. You must first store the emerald to the bank before gacha. Besides books, you may get a new rare item (an emerald) to upgrade the spell En in Gacha.


The gem/ingot will be stored to the closest player, not necessary the player who throw the gem/ingot
After reload, you get 2 books: “Magic Bible” and “Skill Status”.

Magic Bible is the core of this data pack. Select the spell changes the book name. There is an option to reset the selected spell so you wouldn’t accidentally cast the spell.

Skill Status shows all the skill you have learnt. This book is just to give you a reference on what you have learnt, and the progress.

Besides reloading, you can get these two books by renaming a book as Magic Bible or Skill Status in anvil and select the books, or after you spawn/respawn.
Gift System
Gift every 10 seconds

Gift welcome goods to new players:
stone tools, 1 set of bread, 1 set of oak log

Grant to new player/after player die:
Magic Bible, Skill Status

You can get all these books by rename a book in anvil
Install and Uninstall:
/reloadThe following removes the scheduled functions and disable the data pack:
/function johnwitcher:_cleanup/datapack disable "file/john_witcher"
Custom recipe
Include some recipes to get the following more easily:
Name tag
Netherite ingot
Fish in bucket (cod, salmon, pufferfish, tropical fish)
Difficulties in Loading
Try the following to load the data pack directly:
/function johnwitcher:_intializeYou should see a message in chat if you successfully loaded it.
If not solved, check out the following reasons:
-the data pack is not enabled

-probably your MC version is not in 1.16
-maybe the data pack is loading, but it takes a bit longer time

-the world is set not allow command
-installed into wrong folder
I have casted the spell but nothing happen
There are some conditions for spells to work properly:
Environment(shulter, collapse, plateup, wallbreak): player should not get close to bedrock
Environment(packchest): player should stand above the chest
Agriculture(autocraft/netherwartfarm): player should select the seed/ one to be plant
TP(tpgate...): player should set the tp point first
Item (all): player should select the correct item
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

6 Update Logs

Update #6 : 02/01/2021 8:15:23 amFeb 1st

v3.4 update:
update Gacha content: books and upgrade gem
En upgrade: keep an En upgrade emerald in the inventory will change the behavior of spell En

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02/26/2021 2:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3458521G avatar
How can I get the criteria books through the gacha system? The hopper was taking my emeralds but I got nothing in return.
02/27/2021 11:13 am
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
tom147 avatar
After you have throw the emerald to the hopper, the chat will show your saving in bank through the chat.
In the menu shown in chat , you will see an option called Gacha. Click on it will do the gacha and give you the books.

So make sure to turn on the chat opacity and the scale is large enough for you to interact!
Also make sure that there is no other player around and more closer than you to the hopper, since the gem/ingot is deposited to the closest player's record.
02/27/2021 3:11 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
User3458521G avatar
Thanks for the tip, but after trying in a few different worlds I still haven't been able to get any books, and I haven't been able to find any in treasure chest either. So I was wonder if there was a link to a document, or something like that, that had the unlock criteria of all the spells.
03/04/2021 9:48 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
tom147 avatar
Yes. There is a file inside the datapack. It is in "data\johnwitcher\functions\unlocksystem\". It is named unlockcriterion.txt.
But since this file is used a very long time ago and I am not using it now so some criteria may be outdated.
02/18/2021 6:09 am
Level 1 : New Miner
_Katiaa avatar
Hey, is there a way to disable some of the magic spells?
02/19/2021 9:03 amhistory
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
tom147 avatar
yes. There is a way to disable the player to cast certain spells. After the editing, it will consume the mana and do nothing.
This approach requires you to edit the dispatch.mcfunction in "john_witcher\data\johnwitcher\functions\spellsystem".
In this file, you can see the name of the spell somewhere every line.
Just delete or comment out the line you with respect to the spells you want to disable will do the job.

e.g. you want to disable Fireball, which should be the 2nd line in the file, you can comment out the line by placing a # in the front, so the line become:

#execute as ...... fireball

or you can just highlight and delete the line.
02/02/2021 2:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Lady Cynder
Lady Cynder avatar
is it possible to turn off banking at all? otherwise love it.
02/02/2021 7:36 amhistory
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
tom147 avatar
Yes. Depends on what level you want to disable it.
If you dont like the pay interest, the following will de-schedule the pay interest loop:

schedule clear johnwitcher:banking/payinterest

However, you can still put gems/ingots into it and the banking is just like an ender chest, but only stores gems/ingot.
If you don't even want to use it, the following will de-schedule the gold block hopper check loop:

schedule clear johnwitcher:banking/detect

With these 2 commands, all players will not able to access the bank anymore (include gacha), unless using commands.
02/05/2021 10:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Lady Cynder
Lady Cynder avatar
thank you!! :D was mostly in it for the magic :3 but might use the banking in the future. who knows :0
01/29/2021 12:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gurroa1 avatar
How do i remove home and gate tp spot?
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