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Required Resource Pack
SuperCreeper_20 avatar SuperCreeper_20
Level 26 : Expert Creeper
This pack add lava sponges to minecraft.

How to find lava sponges: Lava sponges can be often found in nether fortresses, or less often in bastiones.
How to use lava sponges: Like normal sponges, they can clear 2 blocks in each direction, maybe i change it to a bigger area
How to dry lava sponges: The drying mechanic is not finished, but you can dry lava sponges when you hold a single wet lava sponge in offhand and write the command /trigger sponge_dry.

Comming soon:
  • Heat exchanger for drying lava sponges
  • More pictures for this submission
Dev Commands:
/function lavasponge:give/lavasponge.mcfunction Gives you a lava sponge
/function lavasponge:give/wet_lavasponge.mcfunction Gives you a wet lava sponge
/give @p minecraft:iron_ingot{CustomModelData=1901} Gives you an item with the heat exchanger texture
/give @p minecraft:iron_ingot{CustomModelData=2007} Gives you an item with the hot heat exchanger texture

The Heat exchanger
  • Drop it on a magma block to cool the magma block down to netherrack

  • Drop a hot heat exchanger on a furnace to move the heat to the furnace

  • The furnace gets powered for 2 items

  • Craft it with 8 iron nuggeds and 1 blue ice (recipe in the gallery)

  • Comming soon: Dry lava sponges by dropping a heat exchanger on it

  • Works only if enabled! Look in the next spoiler to read how to enable the heat exchanger

  • How to enable the heat exchanger function
    Cheats have to be enabled!
    1. Execute the command /function lavasponge:lavasponge_beta
    2. Click on the sign that appear at your feets
    3. Thats all! If the sign disappear after clicking it was successful

    NOTE: This pack is beta, I work on the full version

    The texture pack have an easter eggLava Sponges Minecraft Data Pack
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

    1 Update Logs

    beta v0.2 : 05/06/2021 5:55:03 amMay 6th

    • Particles for wet lava sponges added
    • The radius for drying lava is changed to 4 blocks
    • Recipe for the heat exchanger added
    • Heat exchanger beta feature added
    • The texture pack have also an update, so make sure to update it too

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    05/11/2021 6:55 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Ssahyun avatar
    Hello, I like this data pack, so I want to download it and play it. I can't bring up the data pack. Everything from 1.16.5 to snapshots is not going well. Is there an exact mode or method?
    05/11/2021 7:55 am
    Level 26 : Expert Creeper
    SuperCreeper_20 avatar
    What exactly doesn't work?
    05/05/2021 5:08 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Piglin Technoblade
    Piglin Technoblade avatar
    Does this work on 1.16?
    05/05/2021 6:08 pm
    Level 26 : Expert Creeper
    SuperCreeper_20 avatar
    Yes but you cant dry sponges on 1.16 because this feauture uses the 1.17 command /item.
    But the dry mechanik will be reworked in the next time then it works fully on 1.16.
    05/04/2021 10:33 pm
    Level 23 : Expert Miner
    Kate1902019 avatar
    Very cool. I always hate the lavas.
    But I always use that in the nether. Since I hate that dimension.
    05/04/2021 10:46 am
    Level 24 : Expert Princess
    Mary582 avatar
    Very cool
    Planet Minecraft


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