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Manhunt Vs. (Speedrunner vs Assassin) [ver 1.8.5]

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MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar MeWithNoGoodUsername
Level 51 : Grandmaster Modder
Manhunt Vs. (Speedrunner vs Assassin) [ver 1.8.5] Minecraft Data Pack
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Hunter Classes & 1.16 Update!

New Classes!!


Manhunt Vs. (Speedrunner vs Assassin) [ver 1.8.5] Minecraft Data Pack
Manhunt Vs. (Speedrunner vs Assassin) [ver 1.8.5] Minecraft Data Pack

A Minigame/Challenge inspired by the popular videos of Dream & GeorgeNotFound. I tried my best to faithfully recreate it and also add some extra things so it's more fun and not as difficult.

Menu Info

Hunter: The Hunter hunts down and tries their hardest to kill the Runner in any way
| max players:
| recommended players: 1
| lives:
| bonus gear: A compass that points in the direction of the Runner every 2 seconds while holding it(makes you prone when holding it)

Runner: The Runner tries to reach the End Dimension before the Hunter kills them
| max players: 1
| recommended players: 1
| lives: 1
| bonus gear: A Bonus Chest that give you bonus gear when placed

Helper: The Helper helps the Runner achieve their goal, Helper wins if Runner wins
| max players: ∞
| recommended players: 0
| lives: ∞
| bonus gear: Potions that can be used at the Runner or yourself (Note: Runner cannot hold these potions, they will disappear if collected by the Runner) & a Nether Star that shows your coords when held

Spectators: spectate
| max players: ∞
| recommended players: ∞
| lives: N/A
| bonus gear: N/A

<Class> Unique to each Hunter
Hunter: Regular ole Hunter, a Classic.

Juggernaut: A Hunter Tank, seriously, you can not face them alone, this is now a dangerous game.

Speedster: A Speedy Hunter, watch out, there are now 2 "speedrunners"

Wasp: Take to the sky as the Flying Hunter, you suck on the ground so being airborne is your ally

Demon: a little different, this Hunter loves fire, and will spread his love everywhere he walks, never face them in the nether

Nightmare: Literally a Nightmare, hes powerless under the sun, but watch your back in caves and the night!!

Normal: Runner must get to The End to win the challenge
Hard: Runner must defeat the EnderDragon to win the challenge
Pro: Same as Hard, but with no Bonus Chest or Speed boost

<Rules> note: use the "[<] [>]" on chat to scroll between rule and mode displays
ry: Determines whether you keep your Inventory after death
On: True
Mid: False & No Drops
Off: False

FrozenStart: If the Hunters become prone at the start for a minute
On: Hunters will be Frozen for 1 minute
Off: Hunters will be Free upon Game Start
HeartBeat: Visual & Audio warning when a Hunter approaches
On: Warns Runners
Off: Sneaky Hunters

TrackRunner: Runner creates a trail of dust where ever they go (Warning! might cause lag)
On: Creates trail
Off: No trail

CompassFunction: The Functionality of the Compass
On: Hunter becomes Prone when holding compass & compass updates every 2 seconds
Mid: Hunter is Freed when holding compass & compass updates every 2 seconds
Off: Hunter is Freed when holding compass & compass is instant

ProgressBar: Show the Progress of the Runner
On: Shows Progress bar and announcements of advancements
Off: Hide Progress, Sneaky Runner

<Modes> note: use the "[<] [>]" on chat to scroll between rule and mode displays
BabyMode: Runner has it too easy, every step closer will net you a reward
RandomChaos: Random Events happen every 5 minutes, good or bad, its up to you!

FastTrial: Advantage for both teams happen every 5 minutes, who can beat this challenge the fastest

<Before Starting>
-<InstantRespawn> gamerule is on
-Make sure there is
one Runner and at least one Hunter
-Have the Hunter be the correct class
-Select Difficulty before pressing start

-Select any Rules and Modes you would like Active
-Press [​Start Game] when everyone is ready
-Everyone stays together on start, will not be able to move until count down reaches 0

>on "Go!", Runner and Helpers will get Speed 3(not in pro) for 1 minute while Hunters are prone for 1 minute, giving the Runner a head start.
>The Runner will have a progress bar that is shown to everyone where they are in progress (see image 3).
  -Bonus Chest is given to the Runner, place down to use its contents
  -Has a heartbeat that will increase as the Hunter approaches near
>The Helpers gets 4 splash potions that help the Hunter,
  -2 Invisibility, 1 Strength, & 1 Regeneration potions
  -Only the Helper can hold these potions however.
  -Each Helper can see the Runner's position at all times in real time.
  -A Nether Star that will display your coords to yourself when held
>The Hunters will have a compass that will update the Runner's position when held
  -Though holding the compass will make them prone similar to start until they let go of the compass
  -Compass can be place on offhand, but wont update
  -The Compass will also tell the Hunter if the Runner is inside the Nether by sending back gibberish
  -The Compass will also not work in the Nether.
>When a Helper or Hunter dies, they will be spawned many blocks away from the Runner.
>Every player starts from scratch and builds up.
>When the game is over, the chat will announce the winner!

> recommended a fresh new world for every new game
> make sure there is at least one grassblock near (0x, ~y, 0z)


1.) Download and move ManhuntVs.zip folder in the datapacks folder (Roaming > .minecraft > saves > {name of your world} > datapacks)
2.) /reload the server once everyone who is participating is online
3.) Open up chat, select your teams, difficulty, rules, modes and hit [​Start Game] when ready
4.) Do /reload if you need to start again with a clean slate.

Recommended Experiences


Teams:   Hunter(1-3) / Runner (1)
Difficulty:   Pro
  KeepInventory: Off  FrozenStart:  Off
  TrackRunner: Off  HeartBeat:  Off
  Compass:  Mid  ProgressBar: Off

  BabyMode: Off  RandomChaos: Off  FastTrial: Off


Teams:   Hunter(1) / Runner (1)
Difficulty:   Hard - Pro
  KeepInventory: Off  FrozenStart:  Off
  TrackRunner: Off  HeartBeat:  Off
  Compass:  Mid  ProgressBar: On

  BabyMode: Off  RandomChaos: Off  FastTrial: Off


Teams:   Hunter(∞) / Runner (1) / Helper (∞)
Difficulty:   Easy - Pro
  KeepInventory: Mid  FrozenStart:  Off
  TrackRunner: Off   HeartBeat:  Off
  Compass:   Off   ProgressBar: Off

  BabyMode: Off  RandomChaos: On  FastTrial: Off


Teams:   Hunter(1) / Runner (1)
Difficulty:   Easy
  KeepInventory: OnFrozenStart:  On
  TrackRunner: OnHeartBeat:  On
  Compass:  Off  ProgressBar: On

  BabyMode: On  RandomChaos: Off  FastTrial: On


Teams:   Hunter(∞) / Runner (1) / Helper (∞)
Difficulty:   Easy - Pro
  KeepInventory: Off   FrozenStart:  Off
  TrackRunner: On   HeartBeat:  On
  Compass:   Off   ProgressBar: Off

  BabyMode: On  RandomChaos: On  FastTrial: On

Mini Updates

-Improved Classes (now able to be chosen by each Hunter separately)

-Created a "Go Wild" button, teleports you to a random location to start the game!

-Beds are now able to store respawn, break it again to remove (does not work for respawn anchors)


-Fixed Spectator from being kicked out of spectator mode

Can't get the datapack to work?
try using the command: /datapack <list,enable,disable> and see if "file/ManhuntVs-v-1-8-3" is there

if it is then you might need to enable it.(note. the datapack isnt installed if it doesnt show up on list, disable or enable)

(note2. if the datapack still does not show up it could be a problem relating to the server's provider)

for any questions or concerns, please let me know down below and I will fix em!

Please credit me if you can! would love to see what you guys do!

and throw me a diamond and a like if you want to see more!
CreditDream & GeorgeNotFound (concept)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.16

9 Update Logs

Update #9 ver. 1.8.2 : by MeWithNoGoodUsername 07/11/2020 5:18:25 pmJul 11th, 2020

-Demon taking damage on boat
-Demon Vision in the Nether

-Items wont burn when Demon

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03/01/2021 9:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
XxNekoplayzz11 avatar
I love this pack but cant u make it soo it can be played on 1.16.4 plz
03/08/2021 3:25 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
Hello! The current version works with 1.16.4, if youre having trouble still could you provide more information like what type of server are you running it off from?
12/15/2020 11:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Crashbolts avatar
I love the idea of this data pack, but when I try to set it up it won't work. I try typing /reload and it pops up with

Unknown or incomplete command see below for error


If you have any idea as to why this is happening it would be greatly appreciated.
12/16/2020 6:49 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
Hello!, that error might be due to either commands not being enabled or you're not op'd on the server. if you're playing on a free website server then most likely it would not allow you to do /reload whether you're op'd or not. so sadly it will not work on those types of servers
11/29/2020 4:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3319507D avatar
I loved the data pack, but the compass is not working in the nether
11/29/2020 7:28 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
Hello! yessir! the compass does not work in the nether, it is by popular demand that it remains that way unless others really want it added as an option!
11/02/2020 3:02 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
XDcrae avatar
how do you open the menu?
11/03/2020 2:15 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
Hello! I'm assuming you mean the Manhunt Start Menu, simply type /reload and the menu will pop up for everyone online, hope this helps!
10/29/2020 11:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LordZeus2008542 avatar
can somone tell me what commands to run to become a speedrunner and a hunter
11/01/2020 5:03 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
Hello! I think you are referring to the Speedster Hunter Class? Let me explain:

In order to select the [​S] Speedster Class, you must first make sure you have selected the [​Hunter] Class and then pick [​S]

I hope this helped!

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