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Villager Shop Creator [Ver 3.1] now in 1.19!

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MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar MeWithNoGoodUsername
Level 47 : Master Modder
Villager Shop Creator [Ver 3.1] now in 1.19! Minecraft Data Pack
By MeWithNoGoodUsername
Credit for Idea: CommandGeek

NOW IN 1.19!
Villager Shop Creator lets you create your own shops and customize lots of traits of the villagers!

How It Works

VIllager Shop Creator (VSC for short). A great tool for Beginners to help learn and create custom villagers, not only is this a great pack to make shops but it will also teach you somethings about JSON text

Creating a Villager
Villager Shop Creator [Ver 3.1] now in 1.19! Minecraft Data Pack

When Creating a Villager, First place down a Lodestone Block and then spawn a villager using the Villager Spawn Egg

Villager Shop Creator [Ver 3.1] now in 1.19! Minecraft Data Pack

You have successfully created the Shop and now you will get a Book

Using the Book
once you receive the book, open it up to bring up the menu we will be using to make our Villager Shops

-[​Change Rank]-
Change the Level of the Selected Villager

-[​Change Profession]-
Change the Profession of the Selected Villager

-[​Change Biome Type]-
Change the appearance of the Selected Villager

-[​Name & Extra]-
Change the Name, Silent, and held item of the Selected Villager

-[​Add a Trade]-
Add a Single Trade to the Selected Villager using the Hopper, Switches to

-[​Add a Chain Trade]-
Add a Chain Trade to the Selected Villager using the Barrel

-[​Delete Recent Trade]-
Delete the last Recent Trade added to the Selected Villager

Extract the trades the current Selected Villager has into nbt tagged barrels

-[​Reset Trades]-
Reset all trades of the Selected Villager and start from scratch

Save and get Villager Spawn Egg with all the data of the Selected Villager

Delete the Selected Villager and it's Shop Workshop

Adding Trades

You can add trades in 2 ways, either using a hopper for single trades or a barrel for chain trades,
you can switch between them by pressing [​Add Single Trade] or [​Add Chain Trade]. make sure to follow the guidelines for adding your trades in

Multi Villager Shop at Once

You can have multiple Shops up at once, simply hit the villager to select it (this is will not effect his or surrounding villager's trades)

Changing Appearance & Name

You can have Villagers Hold and or Wear(on their heads) items!, I made it real simply and simply putting the desired item on your offhand (f) and selecting the option [​Set Held Item] or [​Set Head Item]

You can also change the Villager's Name by clicking [​Get Rename Book]. it is in JSON text so if you have no clue how to use it, please click [​Get Rename Manual]. I tried my best to easily explain it for you guys!

once you put the custom name in the book, simply drop it onto the ground and the Selected Villager's name will be changed!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT sign the Rename Book, it is made to be re-edited

Saving Your Villager

Once you have chosen all your configs for the villager, simply hit the [​Save] button on the first page of the book!

You will receive an egg with the Villager's Data available for you to place anywhere in the world, and there you go! your new custom villager shop is ready to go!

Set-Up & Help

Move villagershopscreator.zip folder in the datapacks folder (Roaming > .minecraft > saves > {name of your world} > datapacks)
/reload the world once added
Do /function shop_creator:fix if you need to start again with a clean slate.
Recommended: Read How It Works

If you encounter a problem or issue with the datapack, and if it hasn't been covered here, please let me know down in the comments
(Any useful helpful information will go right here if needed)

--Shop Wont Create if I spawn a Villager--
make sure you are spawning the villager with a villager spawn egg, using the /summon command wont work

--How can I go back to a previous trade I made without deleting my way back?--
I added a [​Extract] feature to tackle this issue, unfortunately its more work but in my opinion, better in the long run

--I lost my custom egg and deleted my shop!--
don't worry, if you drop a default villager spawn egg near a villager created by the shop, it will drop it's egg! (Only in Creative mode)

--opening the book constantly to add a trade is frustrating, is there an easier way?--
yes!, if you run the command: /function shop_creator:signs , you will get 7 signs with different functions, simply right click them to do the functions

--I hate where I placed down my Custom Villager at!--
don't worry, if you drop a barrier block down near a Custom Villager, then that villager will be killed, easy

--I want the villager to face a different direction!--
easy, summon a debug stick in and when you hold it near a custom finished villager it will face you until you deselect the stick

--Can't get the datapack to work?--
try using the command: /datapack <list, enable, disable> and see if "file/villagershopscreator" is there
if it is then you might need to enable it.
(note. the datapack isn't installed if it doesn't show up on list, disable or enable)

(note2. if the datapack still does not show up it could be a problem relating to the server's provider)


The Beginning
-Datapack went live


Debug 1
-Added a Debug Function
-Ability to rotate finished villagers using a debug stick


Debug 2
-Fixed Egg throw to get posmade villager eggs back
-Ability to kill a custom villager by dropping a barrier block on them


Zero of the Villager
-Added Hero of the Villager removal warning when a play gets close to a Custom Villager
-Fixed Egg to now use a Default Villager Egg now
-Changed how Fix function works
-Small visual tweaks
-Multiplayer Friendly


Touch of Quality
-Compatible with 1.18
-Fixed Duplication Text Spam
-Killing a Custom Villager via barrier item now spawns a custom egg as well
-Fix Function now deletes any custom shops that are bugged
-Changed how some sounds play

Thank you guys for playing my datapacks, I put a lot of work into these to make sure they are fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Please credit me if you can! Tag me with your videos and photos, I would love to see what you guys do!
and throw me a diamond and a like if you want to see more!

Special Thanks goes to CommandGeek for the concept and visuals
all work and code was made by scratch and was not copied off someone else's work, I used CommandGeek's 1.14 datapack as a visual aid and compiled all the commands in my datapack all on my own!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.19

4 Update Logs

Update 3.1 : by MeWithNoGoodUsername 06/12/2022 6:36:11 pmJun 12th

v.3.0 - 1.19
-Compatible with 1.19
-Improved minor lag issues
-added pack.png w/ my logo

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06/29/2022 11:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
KVN10970 avatar
can you add Traveling Trader in the Job Choose Option?
06/26/2022 6:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Brioch77 avatar
hello, this data pack is amazing but i have a problem, the villager does not transform in the personable villager when spawn it on the lodestone but all the other functions in the data pack work like the command of the sign
06/28/2022 8:51 pm
Level 47 : Master Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
Are you spawning the villager on top of the lode stone via Villager Egg?
06/24/2022 4:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Kayt0_ avatar
Hi can we make the villager look players ?
06/28/2022 8:48 pm
Level 47 : Master Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
like if a player gets close to a villager have them look at the player? I can add that feature :)
06/15/2022 3:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Mastercocde avatar
PLEASE put mirror download in order for me to put it on a minecraft server !!
06/28/2022 8:49 pm
Level 47 : Master Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar
I will try, no promises
06/14/2022 9:07 pm
Level 28 : Expert uwu
SEfaught The Aerial
SEfaught The Aerial avatar


06/28/2022 8:50 pm
Level 47 : Master Modder
MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar


05/26/2022 5:18 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Goblin
Rampager2102 avatar
is there a way i can make it a zombie villager
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