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Minecraft Chaos Datapack (160 different random effects)

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Shaaaaaaaaaron's Avatar Shaaaaaaaaaron
Level 56 : Grandmaster Pig
A challenge datapack for Minecraft, inspired by the GTA Chaos Mod.

Want another hard and random challenge? check this other datapack I made: Hyper Random Minecraft (Minecraft, but is completely random. 8 different randomizers)

Currently available for version 1.18+

If you do a video with this, please leave the link to this Planet Minecraft post. Or if you're streaming it just a shoutout, I really appreciate the support <3

For now, I haven't seen anyone actually beating the game with this (mostly because it's really hard), so I would like to see who's crazy enough to do it :)

Every 60 seconds you will get a complete random chaotic effect

- Such as: Spawn a mob, get an item, or something crazier, like an anvil apocalypse or start a raid!
- There are currently a total of 160 effects!
- Click this to view the list with all effects!
- Most effects last 3 minutes, but in some cases they last for 1 minute, 30 seconds or less
- There's also a mode with less cooldown on effects, so you get one every 30 seconds, but all the effects will last half of their usual time
Spectator Voting Mode
The datapack also includes a mode for voting!

- On spectator voting mode, spectator (the gamemode) players can vote for the effects the runner will be getting
- Every 30 seconds, spectators will get a poll with 3 effects to vote for, then another 30 seconds after, the effect will be applied (one effect per minute)
- If there is a tie, a random effect from the poll will be selected
- Also includes a mode with more cooldown on effects, so you get one every 1:30 minutes, but they last 50% more of their usual time

For now, it only works with players inside the world on spectator mode, since I don't have modding knowledge to do something like a Twitch chat voting thingy (pls help me if you know how)
How to use

When you first join the world, you will get a message on your chat with some info. Click the text that it indicates to start, or type /trigger chaos.settings
You will get this on your chat, click the squares on the left to select a mode
You can also join a team at any point by using /trigger chaos.runner or /trigger chaos.spectatorIf you select a mode with spectator voting, you will also get an option to join either the Runner or Spectator team
After you're done, click start!
Use /trigger chaos.stop if you want to stop the ongoing game

Disabling and enabling effects

In case you don't like some effects...
  • You'll need to enable cheats in order to do this
  • To disable an effect, use this command: "/function mcchaos:disable/(effect_category)/(effect_name)"
  • To enable an effect, use this command: "/function mcchaos:enable/(effect_category)/(effect_name)"

For reference on the effect categories, read this!


Play some games with specific effects toggled on!

  • You'll need to enable cheats in order to use this
  • To select a preset, use this command:
    "function mcchaos:presets/(preset_name)"

[​size=]List of presets:[​/size]
[​*]Everything on (All effects enabled. Default when installed for the first time on a world)[​/*]
[​*]Everything's good (positive effects only)[​/*]
[​*]Everything's bad (negative effects only)[​/*]
[​*]Mob effects only[​/*]
[​*]Player effects only[​/*]
[​*]Custom effects only[​/*]
[​*]No teleport and terrain modification[​/*]
[​*]Ultra Random

Want to report a bug, suggest an effect or a change?

Go to my github issues and create a new one. In the beginning of the title put something like (Effect) or (Bug) to label it, and then type the thing you want

Enjoy the chaos!

I'm not that good at making datapacks, and this is the first time I post a big one online, but I just wanted to make this since I had so much fun watching and playing runs with the GTA Chaos Mod, so thanks to Lordmau5, pongo1231, Bart de Bever, and Parik27 for making it! Hope you enjoy this one I made for Minecraft as well!

Twitch chat voting mode?

As I said above, I don't have any modding knowledge, so I can't figure out a way to make this happen. I thought I could get someone who knows to help me do it, but I don't know anyone. So, if you like this datapack and have/know someone who knows how to make mods for the game and implement this, send me a DM on discord! Shaaron#6215 :)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

4 Update Logs

Update v1.2 (CAVES & CLIFFS PT.2 UPDATE - REWORKS, FIXES, AND MORE) : by Shaaaaaaaaaron 11/30/2021 11:05:40 amNov 30th, 2021

  1. Heelloo everyone! Caves & Cliffs part 2 came out, and I've been working a lot to have this datapack ready, updated and with new content for its release! I'm sorry it took that long, I haven't had really that much motivation for personal reasons, but since the past couple of weeks with the announced date for C&C pt.2, I got into it again!
    I hope y'all like this update, I also wanna thank everyone for the 10K downloads and keeping playing the datapack!!! it makes me really happy <3



    -Wither Storm: Wither Skulls will now be falling in random directions from the sky and toggles a thunderstorm while it's active
    -Insane Sprint: Progressively builds in more and more speed (also fixed the weird camera bug)
    -TNT Jail: The TNT explodes after 12 seconds now, previously 10
    -TNT Rain: The TNT fall from the sky in random directions instead of following the player
    -Drowning Jail: Made it a bit easier to escape
    -Lava Jail: Moved the lava one block lower
    -Bad Luck: Now guarantees negative effects to happen. Duration time increased to 4:00
    -Cake Day: Spawns more cakes with fireworks and guarantees the next effect to be a positive one
    -High Pitch Music: Music doesn't have to be ON anymore in order for it to work
    -Keep Inventory: Increased duration time to 4:00
    -Full Gold Zombies: Their items now have high level enchantments
    -Painful Crouch: Now deals a little bit more damage
    -Anvil Apocalypse: The anvils fall from the sky in random directions instead of following the player and added a sound for the effect
    -One Hit Knockout: Effects that may instakill the player (i.e. Set player on fire, Get struck by lightning, etc.) are now disabled while One Hit Knockout is active
    -To the left, to the right: Reduced duration time to 1:30
    -Teleport random mob to player & Teleport to random mob: You'll now have 1 second of Resistance III, to reduce possible unfair instant-deaths
    -Rainbow Road: The floor changes color a bit faster, making it somewhat easier to not fall while running (still possible)
    -Mineshaft: Moved the structure spawning location a bit and now also spawns a chest minecart with loot (for real this time...)
    -Timelapse: Now increases randomTickSpeed as well
    -Bob: He's inmune to effects that may modify his armor
    -Circle of Protection: Increased the damage that the divine protection deals
    -Lightspeed Mobs: Reduced the speed a little bit
    -Random Loot Box: Now it spawns for all players
    -Sandstorm: Reduced a bit the amount of sand spawned to reduce lag (especially for multiplayer)
    -XP Rain: Increased the XP given
    -All Zombies are babies: Fixed the effect not working at all
    -Mega Punch Mobs: Fixed the effect not working properly in 30s cooldown mode
    -Spinning Mobs: Fixed the effect not working in 30s cooldown mode
    -Disable Jump: Fixed an exploit where you could continue your jump when holding space after falling enough distance
    -Get 3 random items and such: Fixed the effect not giving 1.17+ items
    -Added way more sounds to effects
    -Updated some effects to work properly with the new height limit

    +NEW EFFECTS ADDED (160 effects in total now... I'm also all ears for new effect ideas y'all wanna give, it's really hard to think of new ones at this point lol)

    -Extra Health Bar
    -Spooky Vision
    -Never Hungry
    -Extreme Haste
    -Golden Ender Pearl
    -High Level Tool Kit
    -Arrow Storm
    -End Ship
    -Spawn... PIG?


    -New 10s Effect Cooldown Mode added
    -Effects have the same length as 30s Effect Cooldown Mode
    -May be way too chaotic... though you can try it out if you really want

    -New setting added: Rapid Fire!
    -Every so often, a warning for the upcoming rapid fire will be sent in the chat
    -When the rapid fire happens, a lot of effects with really short duration will trigger for 10 seconds
    -Only certain effects can trigger during the rapid fire
    -May be very chaotic, yet fun! Try it out before disabling it, that's my recommendation
    -The option to disable/enable it is in the same menu where you select the effect cooldown mode before starting

    -The 90s Effect Cooldown + Spectator Voting Mode was deleted from the menu selection, since pretty much nobody uses it (still in the code though, just in case)
    -Don't get confused by the way... 60s Effect Cooldown + Spectator Voting is still available in the menu selection!

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05/29/2023 3:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Fazer54_'s Avatar
how do you vote for the polls?
08/15/2022 6:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
DailyRay's Avatar
Hey! I really like this datapack, but I found a bug(?) After clicking the "Click to start" button, the message "Trigger [chaos.start] is enabled" appears in the chat and nothing happens.Before that, I re-entered the world, how can I fix this?
Extra Dice
05/29/2022 8:12 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Nerd
Extra Dice's Avatar
I absolutely love this, one of the best data packs I have ever seen, 100/100
03/04/2022 9:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Kinggoodguynaso2's Avatar
Does this work with mods like the silent gems
01/21/2022 11:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
NOlasde223's Avatar

Please, can you do this datapack for version 1.14.4? thanks in advance
01/16/2022 12:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
speaker4's Avatar
Does this work with two players?
01/16/2022 10:07 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Pig
Shaaaaaaaaaron's Avatar
Yes it does
01/07/2022 3:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
shadowapplese's Avatar
with the command /function get three random items can you get the dragon egg?
12/26/2021 12:30 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
AwersomeDude's Avatar
This Datapack Is Chaotic And I Like It!
12/05/2021 9:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
mangosogform's Avatar
how do you start the chaos i was trying to do start it with function but dont work idk how to start it pls help
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