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Minecraft Patapon Concept Datapack - System Update (Out Now!)

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Required Resource Pack
Platmogus's Avatar Platmogus
Level 47 : Master Miner
This does not need optifine.
Please give credit when used.

The patapons now have 2 modes that you can set them to.

Citizen mode
  • The patapons will spawn naturally in this mode
  • They will act like baby villagers. This means they can roam around, open doors, sleep in beds and etc.
  • They can’t fight back in this mode.
  • To put a patapon in this mode, throw them a carrot.

Pet mode
  • To put the patapons in this mode, be within 3 blocks and throw them a potato.
  • They will be tamed to the nearest player and will act like a tamed wolf.

Level System
  • The patapons now have levels (1-10).
  • To upgrade the patapons, you throw the respective item at them (the same item you buy them from the mater tree).
  • Each patapon will gradually get tougher and stronger by default if they level up.
  • If the patapon has a special ability, that may also level up gradually.

Level Info & Requirements

  • You can find the materials needed at the mater tree but just in case, here are the list of materials needed or each patapon
  • Normal – copper block
        Minecraft Patapon Concept Datapack - System Update (Out Now!) Minecraft Data Pack

          • Pyopyo – iron ingot
        Minecraft Patapon Concept Datapack - System Update (Out Now!) Minecraft Data Pack

          • Gekoroth – gold ingot
        Minecraft Patapon Concept Datapack - System Update (Out Now!) Minecraft Data Pack

          • Moforu – emerald

          • Chikkuri – diamond

          • Mogyuun – netherite scrap

          • Baasara – netherite ingot

        Priestess Meden

          • Meden will still act like a villager.
          • She can trade for the mater sapling.

          Mater sapling and tree

            • The mater sapling can be planted anywhere and has no gravity.
            • It will take time to grow into a tree like a normal sapling.
            • To speed its growth, throw bone meal at it.
            • Once it is fully grown, you can trade with it for the patapons.
            • The prices are the same items needed to upgrade the patapons.
                    • If you want to use the mater sapling as decoration, you can place it down in an item fram and it will display as if you planted it.

                          Natural Spawning
                          • Baby mobs are no longer included in the count on when patapons would spawn.
                          • Normals will spawn where pigs would spawn.
                          • Pyopyo will spawn where rabbits would spawn.
                          • Gekoroth will spawn where tropical fish would spawn.
                          • Moforu will spawn where goats would spawn
                          • Chikkuri will spawn where parrots would spawn.
                          • Mogyuuns will spawn where polar bears would spawn.
                          • Baasara will spawn where mooshrooms would spawn.
                          • Meden stay the same where should would spawn in 1 in 10 piglin brutes while being inside a cage.

                          Patapon Control Book
                          • You can get this book by typing the “reload” command and clicking the text that says will give you the book.
                          • This book contains settings you can enable or disable like sounds, natural spawning and etc. It also contains clickable text where you can get the spawn eggs.
                          Some things to keep in mind

                            • Once a patapon is tamed to a player, you cannot transfer ownership.
                            • When you want to change their modes, I recommend you throw them one at a time. This is because if you spam the items into a group, there is a chance that the patapons would break.
                            • If you want to heal or upgrade the patapons, I also recommend throwing the item one at a time. This is because the Patapons will read a bundle of items as one item.
                            • The patapons can't use portals, but the others can.
                            • The patapons are 2 entities taking control over each other depending on the mode. This means that each patapon has 1 health bar for each mode. The reason I can’t make them work as 1 because wolves are bugged right now. I hope mojang could fix it soon.
                            • The reason why patapons can’t drop their spawn if they are in citizen mode is because mojang won’t allow baby entities to have drops, and the patapons use a baby villager as base for citizen mode. So there is nothing I could do about that.
                            • In the past, if the patapons try to swim, they would die. However, since I use a different method in this update to make the patapons, they can now survive water.
                            • Priestess meden keeps rotating, now she does not.
                            • I deleted all duplicates of static cubes in animated models, this should reduce lag.
                            • I reused some textures for most walk cycles. This means there are less textures needed.
                            • A lot of the cubes have up to 4 decimal places. I changed all of those to only have 2.
                            • I deleted excess files.
                            • There should be less cubes on each model now.
                            • I am aware that the names are still the same. It was just a bit too difficult for me to have the right names assigned to each stage of the patapon. I might fix this someday idk.

                          The future (These are things that I want to add eventually but I can’t promise anything)
                          • I want to finalize the systems of the patapons. Right now, this system might be laggy so I want to try to fix that first.
                          • Future updates might be smaller.
                          • I want to add custom structures like camps where you can find the patapons.
                          • More rarepons.
                          • Classes.
                          • Drums.
                          • The minigames.
                          • Custom biomes.
                          • Enemies.
                          • Bosses.
                          • Custom weapons.

                          Thanks for reading. More stuff will be coming in the future...
                          CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
                          toMinecraft 1.19

                          4 Update Logs

                          Update #4 - The System Update : by Platmogus 10/15/2022 9:21:46 pmOct 15th, 2022

                          This update is mostly for optimization, but it also does add some quality of life stuff.

                          Meden can now trade for level 1 patapons to make them level 5. This way, you don't need to kill level 5 patapons to get their drop if you wanted to buy new patapons for the mater tree.

                          The patapon control book was also improved with more buttons.

                          The models were configured so that the resource pack would be less heavy.

                          I also revamped the system of how citizen mode and pet mode works. The wolf will now only exist in pet mode instead of being always loaded in the sky. It should be less laggy now than before.

                          The spawn rates of all patapons has been greatly reduced, many more than half. You should now see them more often than before
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                          master k
                          04/15/2023 5:22 pm
                          Level 1 : New Explorer
                          master k's Avatar
                          animatronics do not spone thay are built
                          01/29/2023 11:06 pm
                          Level 1 : New Miner
                          spiderton's Avatar
                          im sort of having a ""small"" problem rn, but uh, the datapack worked very well until now when i redownloaded it and now the patapons and now theyre all eggs. i dont know what the problem is, because it WAS fine before..


                          the patapons are supposed to be those eggs there. augh.. is there any solution to fix this? i really want to check out the newer update but i cant think of anyway to fix this problem..
                          01/29/2023 11:44 pm
                          Level 47 : Master Miner
                          Platmogus's Avatar
                          Do you have the resource pack? It is also updated with the datapack
                          01/30/2023 2:56 pm
                          Level 1 : New Miner
                          spiderton's Avatar
                          .. oops i did not see that. it works though, thank you! i just forgot it was there haha
                          12/17/2022 12:39 pm
                          Level 1 : New Miner
                          CassieWonder's Avatar
                          This looks great, i just have one problem? Ive created a private server for me and my partner, and this is one of the datapacks on it. For some reason when you tame one of the little guys, you can see the tames wolf. The wolf is partially transparent, but you can still see it. Im not sure if this is because of the other datapacks i have with it, or if its an issue i have with the resourcepack or what.

                          I can still see the creatures, its just that the wolf is in the middle of it.

                          I am on 1.19.2
                          12/19/2022 10:25 am
                          Level 47 : Master Miner
                          Platmogus's Avatar
                          I don't know how that could happen. Seeing partially invisible mobs sounds like something you see in spectator mode. Is it still the same even if you remove the other stuff?
                          12/10/2022 4:02 pm
                          Level 1 : New Explorer
                          b0nzy's Avatar
                          omg, thats looks so cool.. but i have a small problem.

                          I can't get control book for some reason, oof. Can smbdy help me plz-
                          12/19/2022 10:23 am
                          Level 47 : Master Miner
                          Platmogus's Avatar
                          Use the reload command and click the text that says about getting the control book
                          09/16/2022 9:41 pm
                          Level 11 : Journeyman Network
                          peA_sh0ter's Avatar
                          YES UPDAAAAAAAAATTTTEEEEEE
                          07/01/2022 8:12 pm
                          Level 48 : Master Modder
                          Aysomemodsetc's Avatar
                          In the FNAF Datapack the plushy and crying child textures are missing
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