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| Technical Enchant+ Renewed | - [1.20.1] [v7.3.2b]

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Required Resource Pack
Frektip avatar Frektip
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter

Technical Enchant+ was originally made by Hardel (complete credit to him) and his collaborators, original link: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/enchant-datapack-1-13/

| Technical Enchant+ Renewed | - [1.20.1] [v7.3.2b] Minecraft Data Pack



[Useful Commands]

/function enchantplus:give/all -------------> To obtain all the enchantments and items

/function #enchantplus:uninstall -------------> To uninstall the datapack addons and complements

/function enchantplus:config -------------> To access to the Main Config MENU

/function enchantplus:heldenchant/apply/<enchantment> -----------> To enchant the item you're holding

/function enchantplus:force_conversion -----------> To convert the nearest entity into an "Enchanted mob"

Currently the datapack version for 1.17 and 1.18 is [v7.3.1b]. If you see it is outdated, it might get updated in the future!

| Technical Enchant+ Renewed | - [1.20.1] [v7.3.2b] Minecraft Data Pack
| Technical Enchant+ Renewed | - [1.20.1] [v7.3.2b] Minecraft Data Pack

There is a mod version for this datapack!! Until version 7.3.1b for 1.19.2

Modded Items Compatibility

Complements are a nice way to make all of the enchantments compatible with modded items. Of course you're gonna need to download the mod while using the complement datapack in your world. You can get more information visiting this site

There is a "COMPLEMENT CREATOR", were you can create your TE+ complement without too much effort!! check it out here: https://github.com/KendallP4299/Complement-Creator-for-Technical-Enchant-Renewed-

More Enchantments

Addons are external datapacks that can add more enchantments when using Technical Enchant+. You can even create your own! Find more information and available addons by visiting this site

CORE MECHANICS in this datapack

When you first enter the world you can throw a Book and Quill
on top of an enchanting table to get a GUIDE BOOK

Enchanting Mechanic

- Throw a book on top of the enchanting table, and it will give you a random custom enchantment

- Throw an item on top of the enchanting table, and will enchant it with custom and vanilla enchantments!

However, you will need an enchanting setup to start enchanting this way. To do this, you need to place down "charged bookshelves" around the enchanting table as in vanilla.

-To get a charged bookshelf, you need to have at least8 lapis in your inventory and throw a bookshelf on top of any enchanting table.

Depending on this setup you can get different enchantments:

6 charged bookshelves - low enchantments

12 charged bookshelves - average enchantments

18 charged bookshelves - strong enchantments

24 charged bookshelves - allows conversion of Pages of Power into enchanted books

30 charged bookshelves - consumes less base charge (from 3 to 7 points)

Before you start enchanting, you need to charge your enchanting table. By increasing each tier, the max capacity of the enchanting table increases by 100.

You can check how much charge is available by sneaking near the enchanting table.

In order to increase the base charge, you just need to throw some lapis on the enchanting table. For each lapis used in this manner, the enchanting table gains three charges.

Each enchantment consumes a different amount of base charge and will consume even more if the enchantment has a higher level.

Each time you upgrade your enchanting Tier, a lapis lazuli item will appear on top of the enchanting table. A max level enchanting setup looks something like this:

- If you successfully enchant an item, you will get a cool animation.

- If you don't see the particles or the glint of the charged bookshelves or the enchanting table, be sure to break the blocks and place them again.

In order to apply custom enchantments:

In order to craft a "Technical anvil", you need to throw an UNDAMAGED anvil on top of an enchanting table while having8 lapis blocks in your inventory.

Once you get a Technical anvil you can place it down and interact with it to open a UI.


This UI acts as a normal anvil, but it is the only way to add Custom Enchantments to items and books!

If the combination is valid, click on the experience bottle to confirm the action. Once this happens, you will receive the new enchanted item in your inventory.

To remove a technical anvil, just break the "slab" hitbox.

It is possible to merge two same items in order to combine their enchantments into one.

The technical anvil utilizes a formula that makes each use increase the cost of xp for the next use. However, you don't have any limitation on how many enchantments you can add.

How do I disenchant item(s) with custom enchantments?

If you use the grindstone on items with Custom Enchantments, it will only remove vanilla enchantments. If you want to remove the custom enchantments:

Just drop the item onto the grindstone and it will remove all the enchantments that you had. THIS WILL ALSO REMOVE VANILLA ENCHANTMENTS.

When you remove enchantments the new way, you gain xp based on the amount of and level of enchantments on the disenchanted tool.

Alternatively, you can use the TECHNICAL ANVIL EXTRACTING MODE:

You need to place your item with custom enchantments in the left slot and normal books in the right slot. After that you click the nether star to remove the enchantment from your item and put it into a new enchanted book. This is 100% free

Note: You can't extract custom curses.


You can change general gameplay options of the datapack. Like being able to use an enchanting setup or allow the use of the Technical Anvil. With this Menu you can also change the behaviour of certain enchantments.

Hope this Menu has settings that server owners would like to toggle

You can enable or disable every enchantment in this datapack (yes, all 52 of them) and change it's max level limit with the following MENU:

Technical Enchant+ have extra features to enhance your gameplay while playing. Extentions are separate features that have their own Menu to not only enable/disable them, but also change other features that you may be interested in.

1.- Mob Use

Most hostile mobs can use any custom enchanted gear, this depends if the mob is capable of using ranged or melee weapons; as well as wearing armor.

2.- Mob Spawning

Every few often you should see hostile mobs spawning with TE+ enchanted gear. They can't spawn wearing netherite gear though. Be prepared, some of them could result being a bit challenging to face.

3.- Chest Loot

Any vanilla structure chest has a 30% chance to have a custom enchanted book as loot! However, this book has also a 10% chance of being a curse. Important to notice that TE+ uses a different system to achieve this, and it doesn't overwrite vanilla loot-table, meaning that TE+ is complatible with any chest loot-table datapacks.

4.- Exceed vanilla enchantment level

You can basically get enchantments such as Efficiency VI or Looting IV. For this you need to combine to max level books in the Technical Anvil, and then you can use that exceeded book in your items, using yet again, the Technical Anvil. You can find the complete enchantments list in the wiki, or checking the Guide Book.

In total there is a new max enchantment level for 20 vanilla enchantments!!

5.- Villagers

You can change a default librarian into an "Advanced Enchanter" by placing down a charged bookshelf below it's workstation. After that you will be able to trade custom enchantments and curses with it and maybe some exclusive items!

By default this type of villager won't be able to have discounts, it will have some limited trades and tey can't restock speacial item trades. However you can change all of that with the Extensions Config menu


Polished LapisMain currency to trade with an Advanced Enchanter
Page of PowerSimilar to enchanted books but can be stacked and changed later into a normal enchanting book by thorwing it into a Tier 4 enchanting Set-up
Isolated CoreA rare item used to remove custom and vanilla curses using the Technical Anvil Extracting Mode
Blessed OrbPunch a mob with this orb to convert it into an Enhcanted One

All enchantments and curses can be obtained through the enchanting table setup. You have more information about the rates in the enchanting table as well as loot-table chest in the follwing table:

This is general information about the enchantments, you can get more details through the GUIDE BOOK
(use the config MENU to enable/disable enchantments!)


Poison Aspect: Poisons the mob upon hitting it.
Xp boost:
When you kill mobs, you get more experience orbs.
Attack Speed:
Increases the attack speed of your weapon.
Marine Grace: You have a chance to spin a mob that you hit.
Waterjet: If you hit a mob or a player, it will be sent up through the air (doesn't work inside water).


Anti-Explosion: Creeper and tnt will not explode when you are near them with this enchantment.
Bloody Blade:
The more you kill, the stronger you get. It will reset if you don't kill for a while.
Poison Aspect: Poisons the mob upon hitting it.
Life Steal:
Drains health of the target and gives it to the player.
Xp boost: When you kill mobs, you get more experience orbs.
Attack Speed:
Increases the attack speed of your weapon.
Last Stand: The lower hp you are, the stronger you get.


Haste: Gives you the haste effect.
Auto Smelt:
With the axe, you can get charcoal when you mine logs, wood, stripped logs, and stripped wood.
With the axe, you can mine a 3x3 area of any type of wood or nether wood.
Striker: Each time you do a critical hit, you will have a chance to trigger a row of lightning bolts to your target.
Timber: Cut down an entire tree or nether tree (leaves and wart included).
Transmission: Every time you hit a mob, it will have a small change to be randomly teleported.
Xp boost: When you kill mobs, you get more experience orbs.


Haste: Gives you the haste effect.
Auto Smelt:
With the shovel, you can get terracotta or glass when you mine the correct block.
With the shovel, you can mine a 3x3 area any type of dirt, clay or sand.
Big path:
If you use a shovel to create a path block, it will generate a 3x3 path on the ground.


Haste: Gives you the haste effect.
Auto Smelt:
With the pickaxe, you can get ingots from ores, and many other blocks that can be smelted.
With the pickaxe, you can mine a 3x3 area any type of stone.
Vein miner: Mines instantly a connected vein of ores.


Replant: If you break any crop with this hoe (wheat, carrot, potato, beetroot or nether wart), it will plant it for you.
Grand Tilling: If you use a hoe to till the land, it will create a 3x3 area of farmland.
Harvesting +: Every 3 minutes you get random nature items, it varies depending on the dimension you're in.
Scyther: Allows you to cut a 3x3 surface of any hoe related blocks and vegetation-
Soul Reaper: While holding this hoe in the offhand, mobs around you will receive damage.


Anti-Explosion: Creeper and TNT will not explode when you are near them with this enchantment.
Accuracy Shot:
Arrows are not affected by gravity.
Arrows explode when hit a mob or the ground.
When the arrow hit a mob or the ground, it creates cobwebs around a mob and pulls it down to the ground.


Sniper: The furthest the arrow travels, the more damage will deal (more than a Power V arrow).
Accuracy Shot:
Arrows are not affected by gravity.
Shock Fangs:
Arrows generate evoker fangs and apply the blindness effect when hit a mob or the ground.
Fireball Wave:
Arrows generate a ring of fireballs when hit a mob or the ground.


Time breaker: Will stunt mobs around you. For this to trigger you need to crouch for 4 seconds without leaving the floor.
Bright vision:
Gives night vision to the player.
Magnet: Attract all items within 7 block radius around you.
Anti-Explosion: Creeper and TNT will not explode when you are near them with this enchantment.


Auto-feed: Feeds you every 3 minutes.

Anti-venom: Protects you against negative effects.
Life+: Give the player extra hearts while wearing it.
Flaming Skin: Creates a fire aura when taking too accumulating damage constantly.


Swim+: Gives the player the dolphin grace effect.
Makes the player jump higher.
Last life:
When your HP is low, Last Life heals you with 5 minutes of cooldown.
Recovery: If you take too much damage, you can regenerate faster.


Agility: Give the player more speed while wearing it.
Lava walker:
Allows the player to walk on lava.
Sky walk:
If there are 5 air blocks down you, you'll start to fly and if you press the "Sneak" key you go down.
Dasher: If you sprint for 5 seconds straight, you generate a trail that will damage nearby mobs.


Reduces the knockback that you receive. You can almost ignore knockback with a full netherite armor while holding this shield.
Hardness+: Gives you extra armor toughness.
Peaks: Each time you block an attack from a mob, that mob will receive a bit of damage.
Turtle Stiffness: If you block an attack while crouching, you summon turtle shells that will protect you from nearby enemies and any projectiles for 10 seconds.


Multicolor (shears): Every time you shear a sheep, you have a random chance to get any wool color. (See more details on the Guide).

Armored (elytra): You get extra armor points, but less than diamond gear. (See how you can obtain it on the Guide).

Splatter (fishing rod): Equip this fishing rod in your offhand to shoot a powerful beam that ignores armor. However this will damage your rod. (See more details in the Guide).

Horse Armor: You can apply some of these custom enchantments to any horse armor, including frost walker! See it here:

some enchantments have levels, like the vanilla ones (I, II, III, etc.) try to discover out yourself ;)

- You can't disenchant items with these curses:

Curse of Fragile (everything):
Your item will take more durability damage.

Curse of Sensitive (armor, elytra and shield): Each time you get hit, you will have a chance to explode. This is cumulative per armor piece, so you may trigger a big explosion.

In case this curse is on a shield, each time the shield loose durability it will have a small chance to trigger a explosion.

Curse of Slippery (tools and weapons): Each time your item loose durability, your item will have a chance to be dropped. When this happens a sound will play to let you know.

Curse of Fear (weapons): While holding this weapon you get scared if there are hostile mobs in a 25 block radious. The more mobs are the weaker you get (less attack damage, attack speed and movement speed). Stonger mobs will scare you more.

Curse of Exhaustion (tools): Each time you use this tool, it has a random chance to make you feel really tired for 5 seconds. During this state you won't be able to mine any blocks, move correctly or jump.


If you want to update the datapack for the most recent version make sure you:

1: Use the "/function #enchantplus: uninstall" command

2: Remove the older version from your world datapak's folder

3: Drag the new version of Technical Enchant+ to your minecraft world

4: If you do it correctly, then type "/reload" on your world and then the datapack should be updated.

[​By doing this you can conserve your enchantments but you should get a fresh Guide Book]

Datapack showcase!!

Important: These videos were not made by me, hope you give them a try ;] (some of them are a bit outdated)
If you want to share your video contact me to add it to this page


I think that's all,

Thank you everyone for the amazing support and love you have given to this project, I'm amazed that we have reached over 100k views!

I'm not that good with datapack creation but because I want to make this datapack work with recent minecraft versions, I encourage myself to do it and share it with the community since I know that the original creator hasn't updated his amazing datapack for a while.

Hope you enjoy it! and make other people know that Technical Enchant+ is now truly updated for minecraft 1.17 and beyond :D


(Datapack code)
- Original datapack created by Hardel
- Splatus for custom bow system
- Aeldrion for her rng system
- PauseKawa for his custom UI system
- Blue Commander for the base for a custom anvil system
- Stoupy51 for an amazing job helping me to improve the code

(Resource Pack)
- Jaro for creating all the textures
- 龍吾トルティーヤ for translating to Japanese
- SuetinLoL for translating to Spanish
- Jeffrey131313 翻译成中文 for translating to Chinese
- MeiaQuatru for translating to Portuguese
- RayKo for translating to Thai
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.20

53 Update Logs

V7.3.2b - Compatible for 1.20! : by Frektip 07/01/2023 10:08:41 pmJul 1st

- Added an option to enable/disable obtaining custom enchanted book through fishing
- Make torch flower seed and the pitcher pod to be compatible with replant
- Sniffers won't get affected by soul reaper (if the option is enabled)
- Bamboo planks and blocks are affected by Timber and Chopping enchantments

- Make the datapack in general be compatible for 1.20 thanks to Viability

All complements and addons should work fine with this version but if you find any bugs let me know

Next time I can hopefully bring new content for you guys :)

*Keep enchanting*

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08/25/2023 12:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Crimson_Klng avatar
can u make the magnet enchant only work with tools and so it dosnt constantly tp item to apart from that i love it
08/13/2023 5:53 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
dopamine_larcenist avatar
Putting items in the technical anvil's slots then changing modes deletes the items
08/13/2023 1:45 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
RagedJoan08 avatar
Coloco las estanterias y todo pero el datapack no anda simplemente no ocurre nada, ya lo desinstale y reinstale pero no pasa nada, solo sirve si estoy en creativo.
08/11/2023 10:30 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Collective
JsabasakaPA avatar
Can you play without texture pack?
08/11/2023 9:26 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
yes but you won't have translation support and the Technical Anvil UI textures
07/28/2023 11:20 am
Level 1 : New Miner
d1ew avatar
Ive set up a tier 1 enchant table and charged it with lapis but nothing happens when i throw stuff on it. I have levels
07/28/2023 11:26 amhistory
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
Did you increment the base charge of the enchanting table?
07/28/2023 12:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
d1ew avatar
increment? not sure what you mean, i just threw lapis on it until it was at 100
07/09/2023 4:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Rapt0r111 avatar
Hi, can you add an enchantment that dropped items will be teleported to inventory?
07/09/2023 4:31 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
Magnet kind of do that already :)
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