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Required Resource Pack
Endernice61 avatar Endernice61
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
This datapack adds new items:
Levitation shovel (Comes with levitation enchantment)
Sickles: Attacks faster, but deals less damage.
Hammer: Slow attack, lots of damage and pushes enemies.
Position swapper: Swaps your position with the targeted mob.
Invibility totem: Makes the holder invisible(totem is invisible from third person)
Hook: When used, the target loses the item their holding and drops it on the attacker.
Crossbow with bayonette: Crossbow with a blade on it.
Razor wire: Slows and damages enemies.
Bear trap: Works like a bear trap. Press crouch to pickup.

Levitation (Comes with Levitation shovel): When you hit a mob, the mob is launched in the air.
Freezing (Comes with Ice Boots): Same as frost walker, but it also turns lava into obsidian.
Summon wolves: Summons wolves to attack for you when you attack another mob. The amount of wolves summoned is equal to the level, but level 2 is the only level right now. The wolves live for 5 seconds and the enchantment has a 10 second cooldown.

Armor mods:
Energy shield: Provides absorption. Drop on smithing table with armor to apply.

Obtaining (As shown in the images):
Hammer: 6 iron(or cobblestone, depending on hammer type) + stick.
Levitation shovel: 2 End rods + Phantom membrane.
Crossbow with bayonette: Crossbow + Iron sword
Sickles: 2 iron + stick.
Hook: 3 iron + stick.
Brewing Table: Blaze powder + Smithing table
Potion tipped item: drop a lingering potion and the desired item on top of the brewing table.
Position swapper: 3 blaze powder + 3 ender pearls + 2 chorus fruit + ender eye.
Bear trap: 2 iron + iron pressure plate
Razor wire: 3 iron bars
Ice boots: Dropped by an Ice golem.
Invisibility totem: Dragon breath + totem + golden_carrot + fermented spider eye.
Night vision goggles: Can be dropped by skeleton miners.
Energy shield upgrade: 4 iron + 4 prismarine crystals + heart of the sea. Combines with armor when dropped on smithing table.
Summon wolves: With More Villager Trades installed, trade with the librarian until level 6. To apply use the anvil trader.

Summoning the Ice golem: 4 blue ice with a carved pumpkin on top (has to be standing, not upside-down or laying on the ground).

If you want bear traps to work on players, enter "/scoreboard players set bear_traps_work_on_player value 1"

Feedback is wanted for tipped items; there are many potion effects. Other feedback is also appreciated.

The datapack should announce when it has been enabled. 
"Datapack has been enabled. "
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

14 Update Logs

Update #14 : by Endernice61 09/04/2021 7:20:00 pmSep 4th, 2021

7/6/2021: Fixed hook for 1.17.
8/13/2021: You can no longer apply multiple shields to one item.
9/4/2021: Improved performance (removed @e)

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01/14/2022 1:29 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
CoccoSword avatar
This is SO underrated.
01/14/2022 1:32 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
CoccoSword avatar
Deserves more diamonds.
10/24/2021 3:30 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
Epic_DudeBro avatar
Hello i cant download the texture pack
10/24/2021 11:14 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Endernice61 avatar
Have you tried closing and reopening pmc?
08/12/2021 3:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
the_good_potato avatar
i can report a bug and its that there is no limit for how many energy shield updates you can put on a piece of armor
08/13/2021 4:41 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Endernice61 avatar
It is fixed now.
07/09/2021 2:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Avyukt_Dwivedi avatar
what does the bear trap do?
07/09/2021 1:23 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Endernice61 avatar
When a mob steps on it, the bear trap closes and hurts the mob as well as freezing them in place.
05/27/2021 9:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
daandris9009 avatar
it keeps giving me the items. is this a version problem? I'm on version 1.16.5
05/27/2021 1:32 pmhistory
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Endernice61 avatar
Do you have other datapacks installed? Does it only happen with items you already crafted?
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