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Origins Superhero Overhaul

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Vexxen0725's Avatar Vexxen0725
Level 52 : Grandmaster Engineer
Guide For Origins Superhero Overhaul


Welcome to Origins Superhero Overhaul by Vexxen. My discord name is Vexxen#0725, and my discord is here. My planet Minecraft is here. Origins Superhero Overhaul replaces origins with randomly chosen superpowers. But you can choose the theme of the superpower, for example attacking, or defense. There are many superpowers to choose from. 40 to be exact. There are 4 grades of superpowers. Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. When a power is one of a kind, it goes up a grade. When a power is one of a kind, it will have the same chance of its true grade, but only one person can get it, and once they have it, no one can get it again till they lose it. They lose it if they don't log in for one month.

The chances of getting each rarity are 50% for common, 30% for uncommon, 20% for rare. You can reroll with an orb. You can get a orb sometimes in end city loot, but it's very rare. The Crafting Master superpower also allows for you to craft orbs with blaze powder.

There are many new and interesting items that can be crafted by the crafting master. But there are a few interesting items that can be crafted by anyone. Specifically, netherite horse armor, and power crystals.

Power Crystals can absorb specific powers when held, and the power is used. When they absorb a power, they can be placed on the ground and will absorb blaze powerder thrown near them. When absorbed, it will activate the power. Some powers require a stack of blaze powder to activate, and some use the blaze powder like fuel.

In the same vein, blaze powder can absorb specific powers when held, and the power is used. They will become power powder when they absorb the power, and different powers do different things. Other players can use power powder to recreate the ability in the powder, and use a powder up.

Anyway, enjoy. This data pack is best used on servers, but works fine in single player. It's made for 1.19+, fabric. Don't use this pack if you don't have good hardware. Incompatible with most datapacks. The mods needed to run this pack are:

The mods that improve this datapack:
  • Gravity API: For the spider and reverse gravity superpowers
  • Chunk loader: An item that can only be crafted by the crafting master.

Datapack Version of pack: github.com/Vexxen1/Origins-Superhero-Overhaul-Datapack

Guide For Origins Superhero Overhaul
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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07/09/2023 10:20 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4675043G's Avatar
was playing this with a security mod added and you cant craft any of the recipes unless you have craft master. how do i fix this