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Player Head Textures - [Obtain any player head in survival!]

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Frektip avatar Frektip
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Minecraft player heads are really cool!

Unfortunatelly they can only be obtained with complex commands in creative. Have you ever wanted to get ANY player head in vanilla survival?

Well, this datapack will solve that problem. Be shure to check the video tutorial above or read carefully the steps to use this datapack.

Useful commands

- /reload -----> See the message for useful operators commands

- /function skulls:uninstall -----> To remove safely the datapack from your world


The steps aren't too complicated, but specific in order for work correctly.

Steps to get any player head!
1.- Getting a player head

By default you need to put leather and a spider eye in the crafting table (any shape) to get a blank player head.

Note: If you try to use the player head (steve) from the creative inventory, it's not going to work.

Player Head Textures - [Obtain any player head in survival!] Minecraft Data Pack

You can change the recipe by using the config Menu in the reload message. You can set it to Hard, Normal (default) or Easy

Player Head Textures - [Obtain any player head in survival!] Minecraft Data Pack


Player Head Textures - [Obtain any player head in survival!] Minecraft Data Pack

2.- Set up

- Place an armor stand on top of a loom and then place the blank player head you've created.
- Now this armor stand will check for a book and quill to change it's head texture.

3.- Book and Quill code

This step is crucial, so read carefully.

Get the player head command
- You are going to a page with custom player heads, like this one
- Then choose the head that you want and scroll down until you find the "Value" command:

Paste the CODE
- Now paste that code into a book and quill in minecraft.
- Don't sign the book, just keep it as that

4.- Apply the texture

- With the book and quill with the code, throw it to the armor stand.
- A particle and a sound will show up and the blank player head texture will be changed.
- Notice that by default you will preserve the book and quill unless you change the configuration.

Head Managerο»Ώ
The head manager is an operator Item that behaves as a database to store all the heads that you want! You can get it by doing "/reload" ( or "/loot give @s loot skulls:head_manager").

When you place it down you can add the player heads by dragging it to the green slot. You can add as many heads as you want to the database and it will get updated dynamically.

Each head in the database has a unique ID, you can click on the soul torch to search by adding/removing the ID number and look up for the player head that you want!

IMPORT/EXPORT the database

To export the current database you can use once again the message at "/reload" or type the command "/loot give @s loot skulls:head_importer".

You will get an item that will contain all the saved database and it will get imported into your world as soon as you sneak. In case you want to use it in other worlds (with the datapack installed) you need to save that "Importer item" into one of your saved hotbars.

LicenseAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
What you can doShare — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

"All as long as you give me my respective credits"

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.20

6 Update Logs

V1.3.1 : by Frektip 07/01/2023 9:52:25 pmJul 1st

Updated the pack for 1.20

This is really important because the Head Manager was broken for this new minecraft version

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05/25/2023 12:28 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Princess
apeachie avatar
are you able to take the heads off the armor stand?
05/25/2023 5:12 pmhistory
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
of course, the armor stand only allow you to convert any player head
03/30/2023 11:48 pm
Level 25 : Expert Cowboy
thecloudkingdom avatar
i'd like to use this in a oneblock world, but for some reason my inventory keeps filling with the default white heads. this isnt a problem ive had with this pack before, what am i doing wrong? playing on 1.19.3
03/31/2023 7:15 pmhistory
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
maybe you have something that is unlocking all recipes?

I should work fine in 1.19.3
03/31/2023 10:06 pm
Level 25 : Expert Cowboy
thecloudkingdom avatar
i think the issue with the white heads filling my inventory was an issue with the oneblock datapack i was using, since loading all the other datapacks including this one into a singleplayer world stopped that issue. however, the datapack still seems broken in singleplayer? even only using it by itself, dropping the code book onto the armor stand with the default head on it does not do anything. i've used this datapack in the past so i know which code to copy from minecraft-heads and not to save the book, but it just wont work for me now
04/01/2023 12:38 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
that's a interesting bug, will try out if I can replicate it but I maybe you can join the discord for a moment to discuss your problem
10/29/2022 12:34 am
Level 1 : New Collective
CheesyEnby avatar
I'm curious, why the loom? The mechanic behind it is already "complex" in that it needs a book and quill alongside a very specific code.
10/29/2022 8:18 pmhistory
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
I could choose other block, it is mainly to reduce lag. The book and quill part is the only way to allow you to obtain a player head (there isn't another great method sadly)
08/22/2022 11:53 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
DrowningDevil avatar
I'm using this datapack on a 1.18.2 forge server and every time i connect I get a blank player head - which would kind of defeat the purpose of having to craft it. do you know what could be the reason/issue for it?

Edit: I tested around - none of the recipes work, they only ever yield a knowledge book. Above mentioned issue does not appear when crafting is disabled.
08/25/2022 10:14 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Enchanter
Frektip avatar
weird maybe do you have a mod that affects vanilla recipes somehow. In the video I mention that "unlock all recipes" datapacks break this datapack. That could also be the case if a mod changes the repices.

Also, there is a setting in the config that would disable the blank player head recipes, you can toggle that option to off and see if the game is still giving random blank player heads
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