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Souls - Modify Vanilla Death Mechanics

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RDRapidHyperion's Avatar RDRapidHyperion
Level 35 : Artisan Enchanter
This data pack is meant to change the vanilla death mechanics to provide a more hardcore-like experience without being fully hardcore.

You can acquire souls by killing any type of mob. When you die, you will need to pay souls to respawn. The cost starts at 4, but will go up the more you die. If you die and can't pay any more souls, it's game over and you'll be put into spectator mode. Your soul cost will also go up when an entire day passes.

There are 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. All the difficulties change how much the soul cost will increase.

You can use /function souls:config to configurate souls settings.

Use /trigger souls.checkStats to check the soul cost, how many souls you have, and the difficulty level.
Use /trigger souls.togglNotif to toggle showing the notifications when a day passes.

This data pack is multiplayer compatible. The soul cost only applies to a singular player and not all players. The soul cost also only increases by time while the player is on the server. If the player is offline, the soul cost won't increase.

The base data pack is for 1.17+. The alternate download link also contains a version of the data pack for 1.13-1.16.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.20

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Gubs II
06/18/2022 12:12 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Goblin
Gubs II's Avatar
06/17/2022 1:12 pm
Level 1 : New System
Reneid_YT's Avatar
Hello, can you please add a function to transfer and reset showers?
06/17/2022 11:36 am
He/Him • Level 26 : Expert Theorist Mage
Skwerps's Avatar
Maybe you can use the souls as a currency?
06/17/2022 12:51 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
OnlyHouska's Avatar
This is very cool mechanic! I never thought about making something like this. I'll definitely use it on my survival.
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