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Spirit's Clouds Datapack - For Flyncraft's Above the Clouds datapack contest

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SpiritTheMan avatar SpiritTheMan
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
Thank you, Flynecraft for hosting this datapack contest!
More details here Above The Clouds - Datapack Contest (EXPANDED DEADLINE) (100 Subs Special [2/3]) (planetminecraft.com)

To summon in cloud structures, you must place a beacon, surround it in water, put a lightning rod on it, and drop a white wool on the rod.
This will summon a random set of cloud structures for you to explore! (didn't have time to make naturally spawning structures)
In the cloud structures is loot, special spawners, and enemies called Sky Dwellers.

Sky Dweller are a race of fleshy cloud elemental resembling sheep. Whenever they are hit, they release a blast of elemental power.
Sky Dwellers drop mutton, wool, and Cloud Puffs.
Cloud Puffs are a food item that gives levitation for 3sec and slow falling for 6sec.
Sky Swimmers are a ambience mob that does nothing.

The Thunderous one is a Sky Dweller legendary for power and dominance. To summon, through 5 cobbled deepslate, 20 raw mutton, 10 Cloud Puffs,
copper block, and one totem of undying on a diamond block surrounded by gray wool.
The Thunderous one has five attacks-
Summon Lightning
Summon Thunderling minions
Release an excessive amount of elemental power
Summon Thunder Charges that fire at the player to summon lightning
Self-Charge to heal
The Thunderous One drops 3 items
Cooked Mutton
Thunderous Core
The Thunderous Core can be used to effect any mobs you hit with withe and slowness, as well as charge creepers you hit. It also gives speed and haste for the duration of the cores effect. When the core stops working, you will take damage, so use it carefully.

Weather Alter-
The Thunderous Core also has one more use, drop it on the ground with seven glass blocks and a copper block together to make a Weather Alter, capable of altering the weather. When placed on white wool, it will make the weather clear always. (Unless Thunderous One is active) When on light gray wool, it will always be rainy. When on gray wool, it will always be thunder.

Extra Features-
When lightning strikes dyed wool (not gray or light gray) it will make it white. When lightning strikes white wool, it will turn it light gray. When lighting strikes light gray wool, it will turn gray. When lightning strikes gray wool, it will turn to deepslate. (Lightning wool turning radius is roughly five blocks) Lightning will also give wither and slowness to any mob within five blocks of it.

This took forever, so please

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19 Snapshot

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05/05/2022 3:21 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Bear
Silabear avatar
The buildings look really nice, <3
05/04/2022 7:58 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice System
_wither232 avatar
sickkkk, i like this. u deserve a heart+diamond+sub
05/04/2022 10:18 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
SpiritTheMan avatar
Thank u!
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